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About Us

About Us

Glow and Grow From Inside Out

Who are We

Our Mindful Life Is For All Those Looking For Natural Remedies For A Healthy Lifestyle and A Better Self.

Here at Our Mindful Life, we deliver inspiring, informative and entertaining contents across all aspects of holistic health. We believe that you can live a different life if you want to. Whether you are searching for the latest health tips, relationship advices or intentional living tips, there will always be something for you here, just for you.

Our story

Being the woman behind Our Mindful Life, I started as a crystal lover who could never live without her precious stones. Because of her successful experiences of using healing crystals to help with ADHD, she decided to share her knowledges with the crowd that might be going through similar situations. She always believes that there are so many little things you can do every day that together will make a huge difference on your life.

Our Mission

We create to inspire strong minds.We gather to connect you with the best lifestyles.

Work With Us

As a fast-growing platform, we aim to inspire our audience with the best content across the net. We welcome independent bloggers, publishers or brands to corporate with us. By joint effort, we hope to provide greater value for the community while engaging you with potential audience and customers.

On, we share amazing ideas from popular blogs, social media and more with links back to the source. Following the fair use doctrine of copyright law, we hope to inspire readers informatively and aesthetically. 

We respect creativity and authorship. Have amazing ideas that you wanna share on our site? Find your work on our site that you don’t want to be featured? Or just need someone to talk to? Drop us a note at