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23 Awesome Taurus Gifts To Surprise and Spoil The Zodiac Sign

Taurus are not hard to please. But to impress the zodiac sign, you have to be thoughtful and creative. And these Taurus gifts will make the Bull feel loved.

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Being friends with Taurus, you got to know they don’t talk about everything, their needs in particular. If they want a pair of sunglasses for their new looks, they will buy it for themselves before you ever have a chance to.

Taurus people could leave no hints about what they like or too many that you can’t decide what they really want. To get Taurus a gift, you have some homework to do.

So what are the best gifts for Taurus?

First, as an earth sign, Taurus is practical and down-to-earth. That means they are less likely to be impressed by statement gifts. If you are hunting for a last-minute gift, a flower bouquet might not be such a good idea as a gift card.

Secondly, Taurus is all about the senses. With Venus as its ruling planet, Taurus people are naturally drawn to the fine things in life. Scented candles of their favorite smell, treats to spoil their tastebuds, or visually comforting art that fits their aesthetics, the possibilities are endless.

Finally, they need something different. Taureans have a bad rap of being stubborn. They stick to the same menu, the same routine that may bore them out. That’s why it’s ok to bring something new to the table. Be it a new type of wine or a trip to a new city, a gift that opens the door to adventures will surprise the sign.

Came up with anything yet? If not, here is a list of thoughtful and unique Taurus gifts to spoil the sign.

Unique Taurus gifts that they can’t forget

Taurus constellation ring

Taurus constellation ring - Gift ideas to spoil the Taurus sign

Unlike Scorpio, Taurus might not be into something that screams “I’m Taurus”. And this ring is perfect for those who are low-key proud of their sign.

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Taurus art print for the homebodies

Taurus Print best gifts for Taurus sign

If you ask a Taurus what to do at home when you are bored, they will come up with a never-ending list. The sign is the master of staying in. And this art perfectly captures the vibe.

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A silk mask to upgrade their sleeping quality

Silk Sleep Mask- Gift ideas to spoil the Taurus sign

Spoil Taurus with something that will make sleeping luxurious.

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Taurus journal to get their thoughts on paper

Taurus journal best gifts for Taurus sign

Get it on Anthropologie

A customized portrait to melt their hearts

Personalized cute portrait- Gift ideas to spoil the Taurus sign

You don’t need big bucks to win a Taurus’s heart. Beyond physical pleasure, the sign is down for thoughtful and unique gifts. What’s a better option than a one-of-a-kind, personalized portrait? Print it out and put it on a wall; this gift will be a conversation piece.

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A mug that will always keep their coffee warm

Temperature control mug - Practical gifts that Taurus actually want

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Low-key gorgeous zodiac necklace

zodiac necklace best gifts for Taurus sign

Get it on Etsy

Mushroom log kit

Mushroom Log Kit- creative gift ideas to spoil the Taurus sign

Being an earth sign, Taureans thrive in nature. This home mushroom growing kit brings the smell of wood and earth to home. And your Taurus can now enjoy the mushrooms they grow with a sense of accomplishment.

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A set of pencil that will make Taurus feel attacked

Taurus pencil best gifts for Taurus sign

Write each letter with sass! This set of pencils know the Taurus people better than themselves. With one unique Taurus quote on each pencil, this inexpensive gift will tease them like no one else did.

Get a set on Macy’s

Taurus candle to soothe their nerves

taurus candle - creative gift ideas to spoil the Taurus sign

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Constellation blanket to make their nook even comfier

Constellation blanket - Practical gifts that Taurus actually want

If your Taurus is a homebody, this blanket is the gift he will actually use. Whether it’s a Netflix marathon or a good read at night, now he has something to keep him warm.

Get it on Amazon

Pillow for Taurus women

Pillow for Taurus women best gifts for Taurus sign

Taurus girls are a whole package, and I don’t blame you if you fall for them.

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A neutral-metallic eyeshadow palette

metallic eyeshadow pallette best gifts for Taurus sign

It can be scary to buy cosmetics as a gift. But you can’t go wrong with this 16-color eyeshadow palette. Taurus is a low-key sign. And the colors that enhance their natural glow are ideal for them.

That’s why you may see a lot of neutral colors on Taurus celebrities. And the metallic gives an extra shine they need to stand out from the crowd. Nothing crazy and beginner-friendly, this palette will be a practical Taurus gift for her.

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A mindfulness kit

Mindfulness Kit best gifts for Taurus sign

You never know how Taureans are experiencing beneath their almost emotionless exterior. Their mind can be on a roller-coaster, and yet they still look calm and collected. They might not tell, but they will need this calming mindfulness kit to maintain their sanity.

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A course for Taurus home cooks

Gordon Ramsey cooking class - creative gift ideas to spoil the Taurus sign

Yes, now your Taurus BFF gets to learn from world-class chefs without being yelled at. Time to elevate home cooking to a restaurant level.

Check all courses on Master Class

Apron to speak their mind

A baker apron  - Practical gifts that Taurus actually want

Food and cooking are probably the best ways to distract Taurus from everyday chaos. This apron serves as a “do not disturb” sign so your Taurus can indulge a quiet, messy baking therapy.

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Slippers to make staying home stylish and comfy

Dearfoams slippers- creative gift ideas to spoil the Taurus sign

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Uplifting adult coloring pages

Coloring pages best gifts for Taurus sign

Ruled by Venus, Taurus have a heightened desire for art. For Taurus that are not skilled painters, a coloring book is the best place to start creating.

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Brownies for greater purposes

Practical gifts that Taurus actually want

If there’s anything that will turn a bad day around for Taurus, it must be chocolate. A box of sweet treats is the perfect Taurus gift. But it is more than that.

The company behind the brownie box provides work opportunities for those who are less likely to get a job. Now their indulgence can also do good for others.

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Monthly wine subscription

monthly wine subscription best gifts for Taurus sign

Taurus enjoys the finer things in life. And for many of them, wine brings pleasure and comfort. But they can be reluctant to try new things. 6 bottles of new wine will tease their tastebuds. And who knows, they may find their new favorite.

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Multi-purpose non-sticky pan

Always pan- creative gift ideas to spoil the Taurus sign

Not all Taurus love cooking, but none of them like cleaning up the mess. Consider it problem solved with a non-sticky multi-purpose pan.

Frying, sauté, steaming, your Taurus can do almost everything with one pan. Plus, it’s super easy to clean and comes in different colors. You will find one that fits into your Bull’s aesthetic.

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Desktop garden to bring nature to the home

A desktop garden best gifts for Taurus sign

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Linen robe that will bring hygge to weekend

Linen robe  - Practical gifts that Taurus actually want

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Which of these Taurus gifts is your favorite?

If you are a Taurean, what’s the best gift you’ve received? Share in the comment!