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6 Principals To Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Time to talk about the place where we spend most of our time: the BEDROOM.

With 1/3 of our time sleeping, bedroom is closely connected to its owner from the Feng Shui perspective. That’s why creating good vibes in our bedrooms is a must for enhancing overall “Chi” of the entire house.

And also because bedroom stands for marriage or intimate relationships, enhancing the Feng Shui in the bedroom will also cultivate a stronger and healthier relationship.

That’s why we have rounded up this bedroom Feng Shui guide with doable tips that may help to bring more positivity and harmony into your house.

Bedroom Fengshui #1: the location

Feng Shui is all about the balance of Yin and Yang, namely the “darkness” and “brightness” in plain English. Sleeping is a crucial component of Yin. Thus it requires more tranquility and stableness than the Yang parts of our home. 

So if you are currently moving into a new place, consider arranging the bedrooms in the back of the house where the activities are minimal.

But being the “darker” side of the house doesn’t mean you have to keep your bedroom dark. Instead, natural light should be able to shed into the room to bring freshness and enhance the energy level. 

If there’s not enough light in your room, try to use curtains that are light-colored like pink or pearl. It will supplement the lack of natural light. 

The color of the curtains in the picture down below just falls into the right place:

How to feng shui your bedroom for marriage and health -

image from Interior Insider

In ancient Chinese Feng Shui theory, kitchens contain rage and disturbance. So if possible, the bedroom should not be near the kitchen or it may bring anger to you or your relationship.

Bedroom Fengshui #2: the bed

In Feng Shui, the quality of beds largely decides the overall energy level of the bedroom. 

Should I invest more in bed and linen? Yes and no.

Luxurious bed products and decor don’t always bring good vibes to the bedroom. So what should we do to spruce up our bedroom?

Here are 3 tips you can make your bed more Feng-Shui-appropriate.

Tip#1: Go natural

Choosing bedding and bed frames made with natural materials is a good start like wooden bed frames, organic latex mattresses, and natural fiber linen.

Products like these can not only support our health but also bring negative airflow to the minimum.

best bedroom feng shui practice -

image from avenue lifestyle

Tip#2: bed placement

One very important element in Feng Shui is positioning. Because beds are the center of the room in Feng Shui, it should be accessible from both sides of the bed, especially for couples. In this way, the Chi of the room and your relationship will be kept in balance. 

Also, beds should not be placed parallel to the bedroom door. If you are into nightstands, putting a pair on each side of the bed to create the perfect balance.

Tip#3: Keep Electronics Away

It’s easier said than done. But here’s why you should give it a try.

Electronic devices generate radiations. Though small, waves and radiations coming from our phones and all other appliances combined can disturb the natural energy flows of the room.

It’s better to put your phone or laptop away from your bed, at least during sleep. If you need your phone as an alarm, consider replacing it with a quartz clock with an alarm function.

Quartz is a natural stabilizer. It strengthens love and compassion in our home. And compared to a phone, it can keep the disturbance of Chi to the minimum.

Bedroom Fengshui #3: Choose the right colors

In Feng Shui, each corner of the house corresponds with a certain color and element. Decorating your bedroom according to its location would be a good idea to boost the energy flow.

How to feng shui your bedroom for marriage and health -

image from feng shui nexus

But if your bedroom is in the north corner of your house and black is too much for you, it’s always a good idea to use a neutral color or anything close to white. It’s the most harmonious color palette that will keep you calm and grounded.

Bedroom Fengshui #4: Keep the air flowing

In Chinese, Chi means “airflow”. The circulation of air plays a major part in creating good bedroom Feng Shui.

The air should always be flowing freely inside the room. The natural flow of fresh air helps to wash away negative energies. That’s why we should have windows in our bedroom for our holistic wellbeing.

So what to do if our bedroom doesn’t have any window?

In this way, try keeping the door open in the day time to maximize the airflow. You can also invest in an air-conditioner with a purifying function to refresh the aura of the room.

Bedroom Fengshui #5: Sparks and Romance

The bedroom represents intimate relationships and romance. In Feng Shui, pink is usually associated with love and passion. 

In order to spice things up in the bedroom, try to decorate your room with small pink objects like small strawberry-flavored candles or rose quartz decor.

If you are putting crystals in your bedroom, it’s important to go small. A big chunk of natural crystals can create a strong vibration that may affect our sleeping quality.

Another thing that helps to ignite the fire between you and your spouse is the light. 

Warm color of lighting will help positivity and passion into the relationship. In this case, a Himalayan salt lamp is a great choice. It can not only light up the mood but also improves sleeping quality and the overall energy level.

Bedroom Fengshui #6: Decorate wisely

If you love to decorate your room with wall art or wall decor, pay attention to these principles:

  • Choose wall arts that are positive or represent how you want your life to be
  • Avoid those that are dark or too abstract

Here’s an example of wall art done right:

How to elevate the vibes for marriage and help following these 6 basic bedroom feng shui tips -

image from Aspyn Ovard

The wall arts add a touch of nature to the bedroom while maintaining a perfect balance. No crazy colors, just simple and natural illustrations.

  • Avoid the big pieces

Bedrooms are relatively small compared to living rooms or dining rooms. Any big pieces with intense color might take away your energy.

  • Avoid large pieces of human portrait or photography

You will want you and your spouse to be the only energy center in the room. A large frame of portrait distracts the energy from flowing to you.

So here are all the basic steps to feng shui your bedroom. Things may vary from house to house. Try to take small steps, improvise and to feel the difference of the vibration.

Brenda Sumler

Thursday 20th of January 2022

Can I put a picture of the beach , 5' by 3' on the side wall in the bedroom?


Wednesday 20th of October 2021

Should I have a mirror in my bedroom facing my bed?

Wednesday 20th of October 2021

Not really. The mirror will reflect energies towards where it faces. It's better to face the mirror towards the door or another direction.


Sunday 17th of January 2021

Hello I want to know about my bed and bedroom what colour sheets should I put on my bed. The head of my bed is pointing west and when I lay down in bed my feet face east. Please tell me what colour sheets for my bed.

erin houle

Wednesday 16th of September 2020

thank your for all this. I recently acquired a rather giant wall hanging mirror that I only have wall space in my SE bed facing bedroom. Also, my room is a large rectangle room with vaulting ceilings that are lined with dark wood beams. I am struggling placement. Any recommendations?

thanks, Erin


Tuesday 4th of August 2020

Interesting useful informations