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45 Delicious Food Tattoos That Will Make You Hungry

A collection of food tattoos so real that they may make you drool

No food is bad food. In a world where cravings are often demonized, It’s uncommon and bold to announce your love for food. We label snacks and sugary treats as “bad food.” And indulging in your favorite cupcake is called a “guilty pleasure.”

For most of us, food is more than fuel. It carries different tastes, colors, and inspirations. The passion for food bonds people together and builds communities. Any food is great as long as we pay attention to portion and balance. It’s time to stop beating yourself up about what you eat and actually enjoy the food we love.

Eating is not the only way to celebrate our love for food. We talk about food, we learn how to cook them. And yes, we make it permanent on our skin. If you are a foodie, these delicious food tattoos that will make you drool.

Disclaimer: This tattoo collection is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Mouth-watering food tattoos to savor anytime

Berry cupcake tattoo on the elbow

Berry cupcake tattoo on the elbow by @harry_color - Mouth-watering Food Tattoos That Will Make You Hungry


Cupcakes are so popular for a reason. They are visually appealing. You can customize the topping to your taste. And the small portion makes a cupcake guilt-free. What is your favorite cupcake?

Coca Cola tattoo on the back of the arm

Coca cola tattoo by

These cute coke bottle tattoos are perfect for those who are looking for small, dainty ink. I recently interviewed the tattooist who created this piece, Soosoo. And she shared more about her work with tips to choose and take care of a tattoo. Check out the interview here to learn more.

Diet coke tattoo for the sugar-free babes

Diet coke tattoo by @tattoo.pencil


Your empanadas are served

Empanadas tattoo by @catherine_alice


Who doesn’t love empanadas loaded with tender meat with crispy wraps?

Who wants some Spaghetti?

Spaghetti and fork tattoo by @john_boy_tattoo


A dainty sunny-side-up egg tattoo

Fried egg tattoo by @siyeon_tattoo


Shin spicy ramen tattoo for noodle lovers

Instant ramen tattoo by Mouth-watering Food Tattoos That Will Make You Hungry

Smooth and chewy noodles with a spicy kick, Shin ramen is addictive. This food tattoo captures the essence of it. The details in the noodles and the choice of colors make it realistic and tasty. If you love ramen, this tattoo will make you drool.

Homer and donut – super cute matching tattoos for couples

Matching donut tattoo by

If you love your Significant Other as much as Homer loves donuts, this couple tattoo will honor your relationship.

A bowl of satisfaction – pork ramen tattoo

Ramen tattoo by

A glass of wine tattoo for when you need to chill

Wine tattoo by @shibatattoo


A tiny realism dragon fruit

Tiny dragon fruit tattoo by

Creative banana tattoo

Snacks banana tattoo by @newtattoo_studio


A cute salmon sushi tattoo

Tuna sushi tattoo by @mafupoke


White rabbit candy tattoo that brings you back to childhood

White rabbit candy tattoo by @newtattoo_17


White rabbit candy is an iconic treat in China. Most kids in the 80s and 90s grow up eating this creamy goodness. It’s the time when carbs are healthy, and sugar is not evil. If you miss the good old times, this candy tattoo may resonate with you.

A bowl of white rice tattoo on the inner arm

A bowl of rice tattoo by @tata13.recycle


Pretzel reindeer brownie tattoo for Christmas

Pretzel reindeer brownie tattoo for Christmas by @harry_color - Mouth-watering Food Tattoos That Will Make You Hungry


A Japanese rice ball tattoo

A Japanese rice ball tattoo by @rikomisao


Your favorite meal on the skin

A yummy tattoo by

Beer and noodle to savor every night

Bear and noodle tattoo by @lulu_tattoo


The besties

Best friends by @pokeeeeeeeoh


A pissed-off burger tattoo

Burger tattoo by @bongkee


Small cake tattoos to satisfy your cravings

Cake tattoo by Mouth-watering Food Tattoos That Will Make You Hungry

Canned fish tattoo that will never expire

Canned fish tattoo by @merolbart


A realistic burger tattoo on the wrist

Burger wrist tattoo by @maryyy_tattoo


An arm tattoo for cheese lovers

Cheese tattoo by @izabro


Mars chocolate bar tattoo

Chocolate bar inner arm tattoo by @eggsy_tattoo


Anyone want some fruit punch?

Fruit punch tattoo by @tattoo.pencil


Spoon and fork tattoo for foodies

Fork and spoon tattoo for foodies by @oindrilabala


A mouth-watering donut cupcake tattoo on the sleeve

Donut cupcake tattoo by @harry_color- Mouth-watering Food Tattoos That Will Make You Hungry


When in doubt, coffee

Donut and coffee tattoo by @emiliyaotattoo


A cookie tattoo that is crispy even on the skin

Cookie tattoo by @lacrypteink


A small coconut wrist tattoo

Coconut tattoo by @tattoo.pencil


A skating vegan hotdog

Hotdog tattoo by @frances.pokes


A small ice cream tattoo on the wrist

Icecream wrist tattoo by @koritattoos


Strawberry jello pudding that is as sweet as you are

Jelly pudding tattoo by @harry_color


Matching avocado tattoos for best friends and couples

Matching avocado tattoo for friends by @mrs.fox_tattoo


Oasis soda pop tattoo

Oasis tattoo by

A slice of macaroni and cheese pizza for foodies

Pizza tattoo by @hansantattoo- Mouth-watering Food Tattoos That Will Make You Hungry


A peachy shoulder tattoo

Peach shoulder tattoo by @xiso_ink


Takoyaki tattoo on the arm

Takoyaki tattoo by @newtattoo_17


You may not know Takoyaki, but you have definitely heard of Japanese octopus balls. It’s a popular snack made with flour batter and filled with minced octopus. Topped with Takoyaki sauce and mayo, these goodies are irresistible.

An arm tattoo for sushi lovers

Sushi tattoo by

Strawberry cheesecake tattoo for dessert lovers

Strawberry cake tattoo by @carmensdarkgallery


A sleek ramen tattoo on the inner arm

Ramen tattoo on the arm by @newtattoo_17


Anyone want some pizza?

Pizza tattoo by @ziv_tattooer


Will you get a food tattoo?

Is it a good tattoo idea, or is it too much? Share your thoughts in the comment!