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Creativity in Recreating – Tattooist Soosoo Interview

Movie tattoos are not just replication. In the interview with tattooist Soosoo, she shares her ideas on tattoos and how to pick the right one.

What is a good tattoo? For some people, a good tattoo represents their attitude. That’s why they get tattoos of a quote or their spirit animal. For others, a good tattoo reminds them of a person, a place, or a memory. That’s why sometimes we see photos turned into ink and matching tat between siblings, couples, parents, and children.

The work of South Korean tattooist Soosoo falls into the second category. She makes movie and anime tattoos relatable and personal. Her tattoos are not the exact replicas of a scene in the movies or TV shows. Instead, she injects her style into the design and makes them unique.

With over 50k followers on Instagram, tattooist Soosoo continues to charm us with her sophisticated micro-realism tattoos. I am very honored to have a chance to interview her and hear her views on tattoos, art, and life in general. So if you are interested in the beautiful, intricate tattoos and the woman behind them, scroll on for this tattooist Soosoo interview.

Creativity in recreation

In becoming a tattoo artist

Based in South Korea, tattooist Soosoo specializes in tattoos in vivid colors. She is especially good at adding textures to tattoos, similar to pencil drawings. If you only see a closeup of her tattoos, you might confuse them with actual pictures.

“I always loved drawing since I was a kid,” Soosoo said, “that’s why the transition from painter to tattooist seems so natural.” It’s hard to imagine that she only got to know tattoos four years ago.

“My friend got a tattoo. And it was my first time seeing a tattoo. I thought it was so cool, and it made me want to learn to do the same thing.” So she did, learning how to tattoo and then beginning to take bookings.

Just because Soosoo loves drawing doesn’t mean it’s easy to pick up tattooing. “Handling machines and needles is the most important thing,” Soosoo added. “Tattooist is a job of responsibility. You have to deliver because your work will stay on someone’s skin for a lifetime.”

But she turned the pressure into motivation. And it keeps her going with her practice to become a better tattooist each day.

“I always want to be more confident. And I found that the more faith I have in my work, the better it becomes. And to me, confidence comes from consistent practice.”

Remaking movie scenes on skin

Soosoo shared her ideas for a good tattoo in the interview. “A good tattoo should remind one of the memories even when they don’t have a specific meaning. They represent the client’s aesthetics and personality.”

That’s why some people are getting movie tattoos or anime tattoos, not necessarily because they are emotionally connected to a scene or a character. Sometimes it’s because the scene triggers a memory, a good time shared with someone you care about, or a meaningful day.

“While many people come to me for movie tattoos. But I don’t want to tattoo them exactly how they are. I want to recreate the scene in different colors and add new tones to them. That’s a balancing act – to be creative without losing the original charm.”

Soosoo loves to draw inspiration from movies and animations. She is a big fan of MadMax. “You can feel how rusty and dry the wind is even through the screen. And the styling of characters and the music are both on point.”

The movie inspired her to create a lot of tattoos of the props and scenes. She had also done a signature MadMax car tattoo that is eye-catching and iconic.

“However, the one that meant the most to me is Blue Is The Warmest Color.” Soosoo created the tattoo at the very beginning of her career. “I was so happy the client picked this design. It marked the start of my career.”

Blue is the warmest color by
Blue Is The Warmest Color

Tips for choosing and taking care of your tattoos

Soosoo never sets a limit for her design. She has experimented with natural elements like waves, plants, and personal topics like families and love. But because she has done many cover-up tattoos, she knows what kind of tattoos people would more likely regret later.

“Many of the cover-up tattoos I’ve done are on portrait tattoos of a friend or a lover. It takes a lot of consideration to get someone else’s face tattooed on your body. And while tattoos don’t change, people do.”

Therefore, if you don’t know which design you like or are getting your first tattoo, you may want to avoid portraits. Instead, Soosoo suggested, “start with a small one, like a goldfish. It doesn’t have to have a specific meaning. As long as it appeals to you visually, it’s a good tattoo.”

Soosoo also shared a few dos and don’ts for keeping a tattoo vibrant. “It depends largely on the application of the tattoo and the placement. For example, if the tattoo is exposed to the sun, the colors will fade more easily. Moisturization and hygiene also help the lines and colors to stay vivid.”

Life as an artist – tattooist Soosoo interview

As a growing tattooist, Soosoo has a lot of potential to realize. So she is practicing illustrations and tattooing at the same time. “My goal is to be a multi-media artist. But first, I aim at being an accomplished tattoo artist and bringing my creativity to life.”

When Soosoo is not tattooing, she is either drawing or taking photos. “Recently, I received a film camera as a gift on my birthday, so I always carry it around and try to take pictures of precious moments.”

Want to know more about Soosoo’s works? Check out her Instagram profile. If you have questions for Soosoo, leave a comment down below!