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17 Soulful and Healthy Morning Routines To Start Your Day Strong

Tired of dreaded morning hassles? Time to power up your day with these uplifting healthy morning routines.

6:00 am, your alarm rang. As you reached out to hit the snooze button, you quickly searched through your mind: why the HELL do I need to get up so early? What was I thinking last night?

Getting up at 6” is one of the most popular New Year resolutions as well as a regular on self-help articles. But what should you do in the morning to make your whole day better?

if you have the same question in mind, here are 17 morning habits to nourish your body and mind.

17 Healthy Morning Routines To Start The Day Strong

1. Get up at a fixed time.

Get up at a fixed time - healthy morning habits to start your day strong -

And don’t hit the SNOOZE button. Mark it as the first step towards a highly efficient day.

2. Keep your eyes off the screens

Put down your phone - 17 ways to start the day right  -

Reaching out to the phone is possibly the first thing to do in the morning. You get hooked by Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit and suddenly your morning me-time runs out. 

3. Make wholesome breakfast for yourself

Feed your body with the proper fuel to feel good from inside out. Try to sneak in more protein, healthy fat and fiber to your meal to boost your metabolism. Keep your carbs intake low so your blood pressure will stay at a stable level.

4. Drink a cup of warm green tea

Green tea is a strong energy booster. It doesn’t contain as much caffeine as coffee does, but enough to keep your spirit up for the morning.

5. Go for a morning walk or jog

Keep your energy up with these healthy morning habits --

A 10-minute walk as a morning routine will bring more energy to the rest of your day. By warming up your body and mind, you will be less likely to procrastinate for the more important items on your list. 

6. Make a to-do list for today

Schedule your day with a to-do list - morning routine ideas to start the day strong -

You may have a ton of things to tackle today. Instead of relying on your mind and will power, pull them out and list them on paper. Once it’s visual, it becomes easier to prioritize each and single one of them. And you’ll feel less stressed too. 

7. Take a shower

The best morning routine to start your day fresh and strong. 

Take a warm shower - mind-nourishing morning routine ideas -

8. Play with your pet

Play with your pets - mind-nourishing morning routine ideas -

Walking your dog or petting your cat in the morning can do wonders. Not only will this short session increase physical activity, but it’s also a healing process for both you and your fluffy buddy.

9. Meditate

Meditation has been proven by science to effetely reduce stress and strengthen one’s focus.


If you are dealing with deadlines and projects, practicing meditation for 5 to 10 minutes in the morning can be a game changer. And here’s how to make meditation a habit.

10. Go to the gym

Go to the gym - active morning ideas to start the day off strong Play with your pets - mind-nourishing morning routine ideas -

If you have a membership of a 24-hour gym, try to go in the early morning. Not only will the gym be less crowded, a morning workout will also bring a great sense of fulfillment.

11. Practice daily affirmation

Practice daily affirmations in the morning - 17 healthy morning routine ideas for body and soul Play with your pets - mind-nourishing morning routine ideas -

Start your day confidently with daily affirmations. Here is a list of positive affirmations to get you started. Choose one and stick to your mirror. Repeat 3 times to activate your mind receptor to fully take in the affirmation.

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12. Read a book

Feed your brain with a good read - 17 ways to start the day strong Play with your pets - mind-nourishing morning routine ideas -

Do you have a reading list that you keep postponing? Utilize the extra morning time for a good read to learn something new.

13. Listen to podcast

The good thing about podcasts is that you can subscribe and play it even before you get out of bed. So while you’re dressing up, doing makeup or showering, you’ll be absorbing knowledge at the same time. 

listen to an inspiring podcast - morning habits that transform your day Play with your pets - mind-nourishing morning routine ideas -

14. Send a morning text message to someone you love

It can be your friend, your partner or a family member. Show them how much you care with a warm morning greeting.

Send a morning greeting to someone you love Play with your pets - mind-nourishing morning routine ideas -

15. Listen to music

Create your own pump-up playlist to start the morning with energizing rhythms.

16. A short yoga session

You may not have time for an entire yoga session in the morning. So here’s a 5-minute on-bed yoga to stretch and warm up your body.

17. Pick your daily outfit

17 ways to start your day strong in the morning Play with your pets - mind-nourishing morning routine ideas -

Look good, feel good. Now you are ready to get your day going!

So here are the healthy morning routines to warm up your body and soul. We hope that you are ready to start your day strong.

Are you a morning person? Tell us about your morning routine in the comment!