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9 Feel-good Self-care Ideas For Taurus

A list of self-care ideas for Taurus to nurture their body and mind

Taurus are diligent, practical, and down-to-earth. They focus on what’s at hand and keep achieving what they want. 

But the Bulls may find it hard to pin themselves on a self-care routine. There’s a reason behind everything Taurus do. They exercise to stay fit. They have tea to stay alert. But how about doing something for pure joy? Hmm, not so much.

So if you are a Taurean, know that your body and mind work as a whole. And self-care is how you treat them well. You can never lose investing in your happiness and holistic health. And here is a list of self-care ideas for Taurus to pamper yourself.

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Self-care ideas for Taurus

Redecorate the house

Or your room, or a spot of your place. 

Taurus value stability and ownership. If there’s something to invest their time in, it better be something of their own. And decoration fuels the creative side of Taureans. Not to mention Taureans are qualified budget keepers. You know how to make your place look comfy and stylish without spending big bucks.


Taurus are not a big fan of overflowing information. Endless Instagram updates, latest news, and new viral trends can be overwhelming for Taurus. Taking a break from your phone can help to restore your inner peace. So when you are back, you are back on track.


Taurus is a sensual sign. You love to spoil your tastebuds. If you have a free day to hop on a wine tour, go for it. If not, set up a small tasting event at your place and indulge in the perfect hyggle.


Hiking - Self-care ideas for Taurus

Taurus is an earth sign. Being in nature is always a soothing experience. 

No time for hiking? Take a walk in the park or by the lake instead. A day in sunlight and breeze will be a great self-care idea for Taurus.


The urge for stability sometimes handcuffs Taureans to the sofa. Moving around and sweating all over the place may not be your thing. But the love of music will activate the Bulls.

If you don’t want to be a gym regular, no pressure. Find yourself a beat or a choreography and get the blood pumping. 

Get crafty

Get crafty - Self-care ideas for Taurus

Taurus is a practical and creative sign. And crafting feeds both sides. Getting hands-on helps you to stay grounded. Wood-working, DIY, drawing can all fall in this category. 

A kind reminder: enjoy the process, enjoy the fun and don’t let your perfectionist side steal the joy.


Gardening - Self-care ideas for Taurus

Tune in with Mother Nature in your backyard. Getting your hands in the soil will help release the tension from your day-to-day. If you are living in an apartment, find a spot to grow some indoor plants. Good vibes will flow in with green.


If you are a Taurus, you may already have a favorite scent or…scents. Smell is a big incentive for the sign. You relate scents to experiences so well that vanilla may remind you of a romance getaway.

And aromatherapy is totally doable even on a weeknight. Before bed, light up a scented candle or diffuse essential oil in the air. Dim the light. And enjoy a quiet, soothing moment for daily reflection.

Treat day

Treat day - Self-care ideas for Taurus

Many Taureans I know, myself included, are always on some diet. We earth signs are good at suppressing our needs. But flexibility is what makes a diet sustainable. 

It shouldn’t be cheating to enjoy the food you love. Treat yourself every once in a while, and overtime, build a healthy relationship with food.

Your turn

If you are a Taurus, what’s your go-to self-care activity? Leave a comment down below!

9 feel-good self-care ideas for Taurus - What makes Taurus joyful? How to take care of the body and mind of a Bull? Here is a list of self-care activities for Taureans

Which of these self-care ideas for Taurus is your favorite?

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