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27 Super Fun Printable Donut Coloring Pages

There’s no problem a donut can’t solve. These printable donut coloring pages will bring you joy and spark creativity.

We all love donuts, don’t we? Whether it’s the glaze, the sprinkles, or the soft, doughy texture, donuts are a treat that can brighten anyone’s day. But did you know donuts can also be a source of creativity and relaxation?

I am not talking about making donuts or baking them. If you don’t know, donut coloring pages are all the rage these days, and they’re not just for kids. Adults are getting in on the fun too. Coloring is a great way to unwind, destress, and tap into their creative side. So if you are a donut fan, why not immerse yourself in this soothing, joyful experience of coloring your favorite treat?

There are so many benefits of coloring. It takes your mind off stressful day-to-day. It helps you to feel grounded and focused again. And it’s certainly a great group activity for friends, families, or parties. And if you are hangry and craving donuts, this post is for you.

Below, you’ll find a collection of donut coloring pages for both adults and kids. From simple to complex, you will find a printable sheet that suits your level or aesthetics. Then, click on the free printable donut image, and download the high-resolution file in the new window. Enjoy!

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Free printable donut coloring pages

Easy donut coloring pages for kids and beginners

Coloring pages can be as complicated as they can be. Mandala coloring pages are a good example.

But if you have just started coloring, you may want something easier to warm up. So here is a list of fun and simple coloring pages featuring donuts, fun sayings about donuts, and more. Click on the ones you want to color, print them out, and start today!

Donut worry

Donut worry  - simple donut coloring page

Be a warrior, not a worrier. This fun donut coloring page with a quote reminds you to stress less about what’s beyond your control. If a donut can’t solve your worries, make it two!

DONUT disturb

DONUT disturb funny donut saying coloring page

We all have times when we want to be left alone. So if today is one of those bad days, fill this page with mesmerizing colors and stick it to your door. It will surely get your message across in a light-hearted way.

Can’t buy happiness

Simple funny donut saying coloring page

Donuts can brighten up a bad day. So if you need something to cheer you up and bring you joy, this coloring page is for you.

Donut lose your sprinkles

Donut lose your sprinkles cute donut coloring page

What’s a donut without its sprinkles? The rainbow-colored tasty sprinkles are not just decorations. They add flavor and festive vibes to donuts.

And for you, your sprinkles are everything that makes you shine: your bubbly personality, kindness, qualities, and passion. This donut coloring page is a reminder to embrace your shiny spots.

One donut at a time

One donut at a time fun simple coloring page

Whether you’re a seasoned coloring enthusiast or just looking for a fun and relaxing activity, this donut coloring page will satisfy your creative cravings and inspire you to tackle whatever challenges come your way.

Cute donut coloring page

Cute donut coloring page

We all love donuts, right? And what’s better than a donut that looks delicious and comes with a super cute and inspiring message? This coloring page is perfect for all levels. And it will be a cute reminder always to keep our positive vibes up and to spread kindness like sprinkles.

Fun and simple donut coloring page

Keep calm fun and simple donut coloring page

There’s nothing you can’t do when you have donuts.

Make donuts great again

Make donuts great again funny coloring page

What’s better than taking a bite of your favorite treat? Giving it a new look with your creativity. With plenty of space to color, this page offers endless possibilities for color combinations.

You are awesome

You are awesome fun donut coloring page

Because you already are.

Good vibes sponsored by donuts

Good vibes donut coloring page for adults

Eat more hole food

Eat more hole food funny donut coloring page

Donut stop – simple donut coloring page

Donut stop simple donut coloring page

Whatever you are passionate about, whether it’s running marathons, dancing, or creating art, don’t stop halfway. This cute and simple donut coloring page will motivate you to go for it till the end.

Donut party coloring page

Donut party coloring page

Simple donut coloring page for kids and beginners

Simple donut coloring page for kids and beginners

Triple donut coloring page

Triple donut coloring page

Creative donut coloring pages for adults

Just like donuts, coloring pages are for everyone, kids and adults. However, if the beginner-level coloring sheets are too easy, challenge your skills and creativity with the following collection.

These donut coloring pages are more realistic and detailed. You may drool, and you may get hungry. But you will definitely not get bored.

Delicious donut pile

Delicious donut pile coloring page

Donut balloons coloring page

Donut balloons coloring page

Greyscale donut sketch coloring page

Greyscale donut sketch coloring page

Donut time

Donut time coloring page for adults

Donut encyclopedia

Donut encyclopedia coloring page

What is your favorite type of donut? Is it honey-glazed or chocolate? This coloring page shows a large collection of donuts you may or may not have seen. So buckle up for the sweet sensation.

Christmas donut tree coloring page

Christmas donut tree coloring page

What’s a Christmas without donuts? This coloring page is everyone’s childhood dream – a Christmas tree with donuts hanging all around it. If you are hosting a Christmas party for the family, this page will add fun to it.

Intricate donut coloring page

Intricate donut coloring page

Donut frenzy

Donut frenzy coloring page for adults

Baby dragon eating a donut

Baby dragon eating a donut coloring page

Just like ice creams, donuts are another irresistible treat. This dragon coloring page captures the joy of indulging in the sweetness. With the crisp lines and simple design, everyone can add their own colorful twist to this delectable scene.

Donut city

Donut city creative coloring page

Have you ever imagined living in a city where everyone eats donuts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? That’s heaven. If you love buildings, cityscapes, and donuts, this page is tailor-made.

Intricate donut party coloring page

Intricate donut party coloring page for adults

How to use these donut coloring pages

You can color these donut sheets in two ways, digitally and physically.

To color these pages on a digital device, download the image by clicking on it. A full-resolution letter-size file will open up in a new tab. Save it to your phone or computer. Then import it to your digital device like an iPad. You will also need coloring software like Procreate to color the sheet.

To color these donuts in the traditional way, click on the image you want to color and download the file. Then, print it out and use the coloring tool of your choice (colored pencils, crayons, or markers).

You may want to start with lighter colors and gradually transition to darker colors. You can also print multiple copies of the same page to experiment with different color combinations.

Which of these donut coloring pages is your favorite?

Don’t forget to share your work with us! Send us your finished product, and you may get featured on this post and our Pinterest! Happy coloring!