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40 Empowering Self-love Tattoos And Meaning

A list of self-love tattoos to boost self-esteem, cut negative self-talk and accept yourself whole-heartedly

Love is a timeless theme for tattoos. We make a romantic love permanent with matching tattoos. But love does not always involve two people. The most precious love can be the one with ourselves.

So here is a list of inspiring and meaningful self-love tattoos. They will either change the way you think about yourself, inspire you to accept yourself, or encourage you to prioritize your needs. Let these tattoos guide you to begin or continue your self-love journey.

Disclaimer: This tattoo collection is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Inspiring self-love tattoos and meaning

Self-love club

Self love club a quote tattoo by @sydney_fineline_tattoo


Self-love club tattoos are more than an Instagram trend or a slogan. It’s a reminder to stay committed to yourself and that you are worthy of good things.

The movement started when a French artist posted her tattoo on Instagram in 2016.  It later became a trend that advocates self-love and self-care. The pass to join the club? Respect yourself, love your flaws and forgive your past.

Give yourself a hug

Self love reminder tattoo by @tattooist_sigak


Are you?

A reminder tattoo on the ribcage by @fecanes


Focusing on yourself

A mantra to never forget inspiring quote tattoo by @jankydoodlez


We all have let judgments and critics get inside of our heads. You may be afraid that your ideas sound foolish or your achievements would irritate people.

The truth is, you can’t control what others think of you. At the end of the day, your actions will take off the labels that were put on you. And this simple quote tattoo may inspire you to stop being too self-aware and to start doing what’s best for you.

Put yourself first

Put yourself first _self love tattoo by @viandebleue


A tattoo that will inspire you to search within

You need more from yourself _ self love tattoo by @viandebleue


My body, my art

My body, my art - a body positive tattoo by @buenoink


You matter

A deep tattoo to put yourself first by @alvarmena


Proud of myself

Proud of myself arm tattoo by @nolseytattoo


Give yourself a hug

Self love tattoo by @_harrymckenzie


Because you deserve the love and attention from yourself.

See the beauty in you

Self love tattoo by @pokeeeeeeeoh


Dress up to please yourself, not someone else. Know that however you look, you are always enough.

It’s ok to be different

Self love tattoo by @nein666_tattoo


Beauty doesn’t have a universal standard. You don’t come from a cookie cutter. And it’s ok to be special.

A small heart tattoo to put yourself first

Self love tattoo by @erinblaney_tattoo


You are enough

You are enough tattoo by @_harrymckenzie


Find the magic in you

Believe your magic a sailor moon tattoo by

Love your body

Self love tattoos by @imgonnahurtyoubaby


Cut them off

An inspiring tattoo to cut off toxic people _ a self love tattoo by @esco_zcc


A self-care routine, a new look, or a new passion is great. But self-love is not just about adding things to your life. It’s also about removing those that no longer serve you. It can be breaking up with a toxic lover, cutting off fake friends, or leaving a toxic work environment. It’s not easy. But I hope this small, simple tattoo will give you the courage you need.

Do what makes you happy

Do what makes you happy a simple yet deep tattoo by

And do it over and over again.

Don’t forget to breathe

Breathe an intricate fantasy tattoo by @pt78tattoo


Too often, we rush to solve to figure it all out. And we struggle to breathe under the pressure we put on our shoulders. This blackwork tattoo reminds us of the magic of calmness: take a deep breath, look inward. The answers you need may be within you.

Love your as you are – a body positive tattoo

Love your flaws a meaningful tattoo by @tiinarairai_tattoo


Be so authentic that others dare to be themselves, too.

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Be your own safe corner

Safe corner tattoo by @nancydestroyer


A diamond wrist tattoo

You are the diamond stunning tattoo by @tattooist_sigak


Diamonds are just rocks until their beauty is discovered. If you nourish yourself with love and attention, you will find the qualities you may never see in yourself, too. Let this stunning self-love tattoo take you on a self-exploratory journey to your inner beauty.

Find your zen

Find your zen - a calming arm tattoo by @cagridurmaz


Je m’aime – I love myself

I love myself  - a simple French quote tattoo by @denizinks


Give yourself a hug

Embrace the authentic you self love tattoo by @xoxotattoo


Because you deserve the love and care you give to others.

Pause your thoughts

Pause your thoughts overthinker tattoo by @log_tattoo


Sometimes we let our worries and anxiety cloud our minds. Self-doubts and denial may also put our brain in a downward spiral. And if you need a stop sign, this tattoo could be it.

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Live in the moment

Live in the moment meaningful illustration tattoo by @nancydestroyer


Be patient

Be patient with yourself a deep self love tattoo by @nancydestroyer


You don’t need to figure everything out in a day, week, or even in a month. Baby steps are also progress.

Love your body

Found home in this body a quote tattoo to love yourself and your body by @jana.soltysova


Scars are proof you’re stronger than what tried to kill you.

A quote tattoo to stop apologizing

A tattoo to stop apologizing by @chinatown_stropky


Say no to people that ask you to sacrifice your time for their personal needs. And don’t feel guilty about it. You are not responsible for making everyone happy. And a healthy boundary and self-respect will make others respect you more.

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She believe she could so she did

She believe she could so she did a poem tattoo by @tttypoholic


Be happy please

Be happy please a funny calf tattoo by

Sometimes you are one decision away from a happier you. Give it a try. Spoil yourself and stop feeling guilty about it. Amazing things happen when you love yourself from the heart.

Not everything deserves your time

Say no to what no longer serves you an inspiring tattoo by @tttypoholic


You can do anything, but not everything. One thing at a time.

Sunshine on a rainy day

Sunshine on a rainy day a positive tattoo to cheer you up by @rgb_tattoo


When you focus on the good, the good gets better.

Trust your brain. Follow your heart.

Trust your brain follow your heart a meaningful tattoo by @ghinkos


Soak your worries away

Soak your worries away self love tattoo by @ervi_kiss


Love yourself unconditionally

Self love is the best love tattoo by @tttypoholic


You are loved

You are loved a self love quote tattoo by

Bad days put our mental health to the test. A breakup, a failed job interview may make your question your worth. In times of doubt, this positive affirmation quote is something to never forget.

Stop chasing perfection

Progress not perfection a deep self love tattoo by @ghinkos


Focus on progress, not perfection.

Validate your emotions

Embrace your emotion a creative mental health tattoo by @ervi_kiss


Just because you are emotional doesn’t mean you are weak. There is a certain strength behind the tears.

Which of these self-love tattoos resonates with you?

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