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Tattooist Intat Interview-Yin and Yang in Tattooing

Personal style is everything for a tattooist. In this interview, tattooist Intat talks about his tattooing philosophy and how to get a tattoo you won’t regret.

Some tattoos are meant to be beautiful, while others express an idea or make a statement. However, some tattoo artists aim higher than that. They have formed a cohesive style of ink, and every piece of work invites you to their world.

South Korean tattooist Intat is one of them. His unique approach to blackwork and fine line tattoos lure people into his fantasy universe.

Dragons illustrated in detail, snakes intertwined with each other, and elements in folklores and legends are all pillars of his style.

If you are a fan of black work and fantasy tattoos, Intat’s work will inspire you. In this tattooist Intat interview, he talks about his inspiration and style. Keep scrolling to know more about his work.

Tattooist Intat interview

The start of the career

Just like many artists, Intat’s tattooing career starts with a passion for art. He started painting at the age of 4. And art has always been part of his life.

But tattooing as an art form didn’t come as an obvious path to Intat. Instead, it was a beautiful coincidence.

“One day, I came across a fine line tattoo and instantly became obsessed. The details and complex structure had me hooked, and I couldn’t stop thinking about the tattoo. It was then I took a leap of faith.”

He quit the art university and started learning tattoos in 2012. And his unique tattoo style built over the years has made him an emerging tattoo artist in South Korea.

Finding the voice in Yin and Yang

Knowing how to tattoo is one thing. But it takes creativity and a distinctive personal style to stand out from the crowd.

That’s why a tattooist needs all the inspiration to create something new and creative. And it’s no exception for Intat.

“I am inspired by a lot of things. From novels, movies, and TV dramas to cartoons, animations, and games from different cultures, they are all valuable sources of inspiration.”

With years of practice and developing his personal aesthetics, Intat has found the style and elements that best represent him.

“I am always interested in eastern astrology and its constellations. Yin and Yang is an essential concept in astrology as it represents the harmony of life.”

Many think Yin and Yang tattoos are a traditional black and white circle. But Intat interprets the idea in different ways.

“For me, Yin and Yang is not just a symbol or a pattern. It’s a way of putting contrasting elements together to create a balance. It can be the combination of black and white, or it can be light and shadow.”

In his work, Intat thinks of the black ink as Yin, and the natural skin tone as Yang. “That’s why I love blackwork – it reflects my Yin yang tattoo philosophy.”

Snakes, dragons, and fine line

Every tattooist has specific motifs and patterns they specialize in. For Intat, it’s dragons and snakes. As part of the eastern zodiac signs, both creatures hold a special place in his heart.

“I became fascinated by dragons since childhood. Back then, I’ve seen these mythical creatures in movies, cartoons, and novels. Their gorgeous look and immense power attracted my attention.”

It’s not easy to create something as sophisticated as dragon tattoos and snake tattoos. But it’s the challenge that gives Intat a great sense of accomplishment.

Among all his work, the most memorable and probably one of the most viral tattoos is the Yin and Yang snakes.

It depicts a black snake and a white snake intertwining, forming a yin and yang symbol. It’s the perfect interpretation of fine line tattoos and Intat’s tattoo philosophy.

Yin and Yang snake tattoo by @tattooer_intat

But the way to finding his style was not always smooth. He had struggled both in improving his tattooing skills and combating social bias.

“As detailed and intricate as they can be, fine line tattoos are not loved by everyone. Thin lines blur more easily than solid, thick black lines. And it takes high-level skills and good aftercare to keep a fine line tattoo vibrant.”

That’s why Intat had waited for a long time before taking his first reservation. “I don’t accept any clients before I am technically ready.” And before that, he had been practicing on friends and tattooists in the same workshop. Nevertheless, the wait has proven to be worth it.

How to get a tattoo that you won’t regret

One of the things people worry about the most is getting something they will regret later. Creating a tattoo that stands the test of time requires joint efforts from the tattoo receiver and the tattooist.

“A good tattoo should be meaningful to the owner. It doesn’t matter how others look at it. The owner has to relate to the tattoo.” Tattooist Intat suggested.

One way to find a meaningful tattoo is to dig deep into your personal experience and think about what represents you or your life journey. For example, if you are moving to another country or getting out of a broken relationship, a new beginning tattoo may be for you.

On top of that, communication with tattooists is essential, as it allows you to see if they are qualified and understand what you want.

“To me, a strong sense of responsibility is essential to a good tattooist. A tattoo lasts for a lifetime. And for the receiver, it’s a huge decision. So a good tattooist makes sure that the client’s expectation is met. And they value the sanitary of their work station and have detailed guidance in the aftercare.”

Venturing into the nature

Scroll through Intat’s Instagram profile, and you will find most of his work in black and grey. But he’s not limited to blackwork.

“I strive to achieve balance in each tattoo I create. Black and white seem to be the obvious choice. But I am also up for new challenges. I’ve always wanted to add Korean folklore elements to my tattoos. As soon as I am technically ready, I will put out new designs. “

As a rising star in the Korean tattoo industry, Intat has been invited to workshops around the world. But because of the short time frame, he stayed in each country, many people failed to reserve a spot.

“I always feel guilty about it. And for that reason, I will stay in Korea and focus on my work currently.”

Intat also loves drawing cartoons. In his words, if he’s not a tattooist, he would be a cartoonist right now. But of course, there will be dragons in his cartoon, too.

Tattooist Intat
Tattooist Intat

If you want to know more about tattooist Intat, check out Intat’s Instagram profile. Or leave a comment down below to ask him a question.