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32 Sad Tattoos To Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

If you are having a bad day, these sad tattoos will remind you that you are not alone, and it’s ok to cry.

Sadness is not something we often talk about. When something is bothering us, the first reaction is to put on a happy face. No one wants to be called crybaby or whiny.

The reality is, no one can escape sadness. We all go through struggles and losses. Emotions are what make us human. Trying to hide them does not magically heal the pain. On the contrary, the pressure to be happy might put a toll on our mental health, making us feel sad about feeling sad. Ironic, right?

Self-expression is a great way to understand the source of our sadness and to digest it. Journaling, drawing, or talking with friends are all different forms of self-expression.

Tattoo is no different. Sad tattoos are not necessarily for pessimists only. They can be a reminder to honor your feelings. If you are feeling down or having a bad day, these unique sad tattoos will remind you that you are not the only one.

Disclaimer: This tattoo collection is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Sad tattoos that will make you cry and think

Dancing in my own storm

Dancing in my own storm sad tattoo by @somestattoo


Has anyone said that you are in your own head? Not being understood hurts. And the loneliness can make you feel sad and scared. If that’s what you are going through, this sad tattoo may be relatable to you.

The broken chain

Heartbroken tattoo by @__shiroyami__


It’s difficult to cut your ties with someone that you still love. This tattoo reminds us that people change, and nothing is unbreakable. But your job to pick yourself up.

A small sad cloud

A small sad cloud by @keenetattoo


It’s ok to feel sad. But remember, emotions are like clouds. They may block the sun for a while. But they will always float away.

Broken heart

Broken heart small meaningful tattoo by

It may sound counterintuitive. But sad tattoos are not always saddening. They can be a symbol of closure or a reminder to cherish the present. This small broken heart is the first case. A tiny tattoo like this can help the wearer move on from a breakup or heal from a loss.

The drowning girl

the drowning girl sad tattoo by

Small lonely match man

Small lonely match man by @keenetattoo


A burning match represents light and hope. But this match man tattoo gives a different feeling. He stands alone, burning himself to warm others. But sadly, no one is around.

It’s ok to be sad

Not sad quote tattoo by @bittahxboy


Sadness almost feels like a taboo. That’s why owning your emotions is courageous. This tattoo might be simple. But the message behind it is awakening.

A tattoo that will make you feel better

A tattoo to cheer up by @litchiink


Not everyone moves through sad times with a tattoo on the chest. But this quote tattoo proves that being honest about how you feel can make you feel better.

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A tattoo about depression

sad tattoo by @pokeeeeeeeoh


Wish you were here

Wish you were here small sad tattoo by

Christopher McCandless, the man who wandered into the wild and died there, wrote in his notebook that “happiness is only real when shared.” Without a loved one by our sides, the joy is dull. And this sad quote tattoo is a reminder to keep our loved ones close and to cherish them.

Why am I like this

A sad tattoo about anxiety and depression by @traphouse_tattoos_hamburg



Healing mental health tattoo by @nein666_tattoo


As a human, you are vulnerable, whether you admit it or not. A loss, a conversation, or a comment can hit us hard. Acknowledging your feelings is you permitting yourself to heal. You have tremendous healing power. But you can’t heal pretending not to be hurt.

Choke by tears

Choke by tears by @tttypoholic


Feeling sad is not always a bad thing. Your tears may be what it needs to nurture a growing heart.

A small sad emoji tattoo that is better than a thousand words

Mood minimalist sad tattoo by @chiz_tattoo


Sorrow comes in different shades. And we interpret the word “sad” differently: moody, lost, anxious, lonely, etc. What’s the underlying emotion behind your feelings? Identifying the root cause of sadness helps to heal.


Blocked a breakup tattoo by @youthless_


The breakup is not the most challenging part to get through. It’s when you realized you become strangers again.

A sarcastic and sad quote tattoo

A sad love yourself tattoo by @demondance


Sometimes abandonment takes a toll on our mental health. This tattoo radically expresses the same feeling. The truth is, it’s not anyone’s job to love you. But it’s your responsibility to love yourself. When you own that responsibility and stop caring about others, that’s when you feel free.

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Torn apart

Hurt by love tattoo by @demondance


The more we love, the more hurtful it is when it ends. But is it better than never falling in love at all?

Give out my heart

Give out my heart by @dobrazonatattoo


Avoid deep connections and staying out of love is a convenient way to protect our feelings. But without giving our heart, we might never taste the sweetness of love.

A tattoo that overthinkers can relate to

What stress looks like a sad but true tattoo by @eche_ttt


There are ways to make things worse when you are feeling sad. And self-blaming is one of them. This cute black tattoo serves as a reminder that we can be our own enemy.

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One-word tattoo that says it all

Love is what makes you sad a one word tattoo by @flavio_filippi


All alone

A tattoo that understands how it is to be lonely by @kazisvet


If you feel lonely, know that millions out there feel the same way you do. You are not the only one.

Crying blood

Tears tattoo by @labaratta_tattoo


Game over

Life is struggle by @lipnetattoo


“Life is a game, and it’s over.” There are two ways to interpret the tattoo. You can read it as “life is over.” Or you can focus on the “life is a game” part of it.

Sometimes positivity starts with lightheartedness. Stop taking things so seriously, start experimenting, and maybe you will find happiness again.

A sad tattoo when you pretend to be happy

Sad face happy face tattoo by @lipnetattoo


“I am fine” doesn’t magically cure you. It’s ok to drop your happy face and embrace how you feel.


Moody tattoo by

A gentle reminder

okay to cry tattoo by @nein666_tattoo


Run away

When all you need is to run away a sad tattoo by @nein666_tattoo


Feeling stuck and need a breather? It’s ok to take some time off. Go on a spontaneous road trip or explore new places. The world is so much bigger than our day-to-day. And you may come back with a fresh perspective and new vibes.

A black comic tattoo

Crybaby comic tattoo by @ramonatattoo



Sad emoji tattoo by @syctattoo


We can’t control how we feel, just like we can’t control gravity. Give yourself permission to feel sad and the time to bounce back.

A cute yet sad food pun tattoo

Udon know me food pun tattoo by @wiki_mouse_tattoo


You can’t control how other people see you. But you can decide how you react to judgments and critics.

A minimalist tattoo for crybabies

Cry me a river a sad tattoo by @yhelloboy



Fragile tattoo by @youthless


Which of these sad tattoos relate to you?

What’s the story behind your tattoo? Leave a comment down below and share your thoughts.