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25 Small Personal Achievements To Be Proud Of

You are worthy and strong. Here is a list of personal achievements to stop questioning and start giving yourself the credits you deserve.

How to be happy about your achievements? That’s an odd question to ask. Aren’t we supposed to feel good about our accomplishments? 

Not likely. For a long time, I struggled to give myself credits. When I had a promotion, I thought I got lucky. It’s programmed to me to shy away from compliments because I don’t think I deserve them. But I forgot the extra work and hours I put in that made a difference.

It’s not difficult to feel good and be proud of yourself. But it’s not easy to notice and reminder yourself of your personal achievements. 

They can be as small as giving out your seat to a disabled or saving your first $100. These small wins might seem nothing to sneeze at. But together, they help build a strong foundation of happiness and confidence. 

If you are questioning your worth or needing a boost of positivity, here is a list of personal achievements to be proud of. You have more than enough reasons to be proud of yourself. You just need to look closely and identify them.

Small wins: personal achievements to be proud of

Being healthy

Health is what we value and ignore at the same time. Walking, breathing, sleeping, and other basic activities might seem like the bare minimums. But without a functioning heart, lung, and body, we’ll not be able to do so. Our health is something we should not take for granted. Give yourself credit for taking care of your health.

Regular exercises


Waking up early

wake up early

Morning is the beginning of a new day. It sets the tone for hours to come. A little extra time in the morning prepare us better for the day.

Not an early riser? These morning inspiration quotes may come in handy.

Making time for self-care

Getting closer to your fitness goal

May it be losing some extra pounds or gaining muscle. If you work hard towards your goals, even when you are not there yet, it’s worth celebrating.

Quitting a bad habit such as smoking, drinking, etc

Going to the gym or working out

I remember how it was like to go to the gym for the first time in my life. I knew nobody, and the equipment was all strange to me. It was scary. If you made it through the first time, you deserve a round of applause for the determination.

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Learning a new language

Completing a course/degree/certificate

finish a course

Education is probably the surest way to improve yourself. But it also requires energy and perseverance.

According to research, nearly a third of freshmen drop out in the first year of college in the US. Online learning platforms like EdX and Coursera have a course completion rate of 15% or less

Making it to graduation is a lot of work. And it’s a huge accomplishment to stick to a program and make it to the end.

Passing a test/exam/certification

Creating art

create art

You never know how much potential you have if you never explore your creative side. Be it drawing, writing a poem, or a song, you become a creator when you take the first step.

Encouraging a friend

Encouraging a friend

Sometimes simple words of encouragement can change someone’s day.

Leaving a toxic relationship

Knowing what’s not good for you and taking action require immense mental strength. Many people go back and forth because they can’t let go or fear being alone. 

If you are one of the few who manage to walk out of a slump, know that it’s a huge step forward towards a better life.

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Taking good care of a pet

Helping a stranger

acts of kindness

No act of kindness is small. Your smile, your words of affirmation may all brighten up someone’s life.

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Guarding your boundary

Knowing how to say no is key to take control of your life. If you feel reluctant to do so or fear being disliked, here are some tips to protect your boundaries.

Dating again after a breakup

Raising a child

raising a child

Don’t undermine your achievements when you are a stay-at-home mom or dad. Taking care of a kid is a lot of work! And you deserve a round of applause as a parent.

A successful job hunt

Nailing an interview

nailing a job interview

We all know how daunting an interview can be. If you survive that, give yourself some credits!

Getting the first paycheck

I still remember the thrill when I got my first paycheck as an intern. It’s not much. But it boosted my confidence incredibly. That was the time I started to believe I could make a living by myself.

How did you feel when you got your first paycheck? Tell me in the comments!

Providing for your family

providing for family

Getting a promotion

Changing your career path

making a change in career

Becoming debt-free

Paying off debts is a huge personal achievement. It’s a milestone towards financial freedom. Don’t worry if you are not there yet. Start saving and investing smartly. Work your way up step by step, and you’ll get there.

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What makes you proud of yourself?

It’s your turn. Think about what you’ve accomplished that makes you proud. No matter how small, if they are meaningful to you, write them down. 

When you question your worth, go back and review all your personal achievements. They are perfect reminders that you are strong, capable, and worthy.

A list of personal achievements to celebrate