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30 Awesome Scorpio Gifts That Every Scorpion Will Want

Scorpio are hard to impress. So here is a list of unique gifts for Scorpio men and women that will give them all the feels.

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Scorpios are the easiest and most difficult people to shop for. On the one hand, they have a wide range of interests and hobbies. If you are close to them, it’s not difficult to get a hint on what they love.

On the other hand, Scorpio are selective. They have seen too much. Not so many gifts or people can impress them.

Before you panic, here’s a collection of Scorpio gifts for both men and women. Be it your boyfriend’s birthday, or your BFF’s housewarming, you’ll find something for the coolest human beings on the planet.

Table of content

  • Unique Scorpio gifts
  • Creative gifts for Scorpio women
  • Cool gifts for Scorpio men

Unique Scorpio gifts

Basic Scorpio facts mug

Basic Scorpio facts mug

Scorpio is probably the most misunderstood sign. People think that Scorpios are cold and distant. But deep down, they are passionate people with no intention to explain themselves. Sounds like your Scorpio friend? This mug will speak for them.

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Blanket that glows in the dark

Gifts for Scorpio _ A glow in the dark blanket

Scorpio may look tough and independent from afar. But they secretly want to be spoiled. Whether it’s a horror movie night or when mood swings hit on 2 am, this blanket will provide extra warmth and comfort.

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Wall art to fit their minimalist aesthetics

Gifts for Scorpio _ Abstract Scorpio art

Scorpio are artsy people. This minimalist print is a perfect housewarming gift for them.
Simple lines, abstract shapes, no crazy stuff. But the art has a quiet strength that matches the sign’s resilience.

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Our song

Gifts for Scorpio _ customizable Sportify song frame

Congrats if your Significant Other is a Scorpio. The sign is loyal and committed. And they deserve the best love in the world. Choose a song that resonates with you. Turn it into permanent memory.

Bonus: the frame comes with a code. Whenever your sweetheart scans it, the song will be played on Spotify. This is a romantic Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift to let them feel your love.

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Zen dog sculptures that calm Scorpio down

Gifts for Scorpio _ Dog sculpture

If you think Scorpio people are calm and collected, well, you have never seen them for real. They can be feisty, angry, and excited at the same time.

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Scorpio are deep feelers and their emotions spiral too quickly. When things are getting out of control, these cute zen sculptures will calm their overreactive nerves and restore their inner peace.

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Monthly mysteries to solve

Gifts for Scorpio _ Finders Seekers

Scorpios are born with 200% of curiosity. They are Sherlock Holmes by nature. That’s why they are drawn to true crimes, myths, and supernatural power.

This monthly game night subscription feeds their desire to explore. Now they will have something else to do rather than a Netflix marathon.

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Glow-in-the-dark constellation art

Gifts for Scorpio _ Glow in the Dark zodiac art

Most Scorpio are proud night owls. When the sun sets, the best part of a day begins.

This star decor subtly shows off their identity. And it glows in the dark so your Scorpio can stargaze from the comfort of their home.

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Medical illustrations that fit their strange addiction

Gifts for Scorpio _ medical illustrations

Scorpio love to be different. And this educational medical book is something that you won’t see on a regular bookshelf. One of the reviews described the illustrations as “disgustingly beautiful.”

Give it as a birthday gift, and it will stick with your Scorpio friend for the years to come.

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Scorpio stickers to decorate their journal

Gifts for Scorpio _ Scorpio stickers

These Scorpio quotes stickers are savage and brutally honest. As a stuffer or give it with a journal, they will definitely make your Scorpio friends feel attacked.

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Temporary tattoo for Scorpio

Gifts for Scorpio _ Scorpio Temporary Tattoo

Is your BFF taking forever to decide on her Scorpio tattoo? This set of temporary tattoos may be what they need.

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Golden ring to showcase the Scorpio pride

Gifts for Scorpio Zodiac Rings

“If you liked it you should have put a ring on it.” You can’t go wrong with what Queen Be told us.

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Morbid collections only Scorpio will want

Gifts for Scorpio _ Mobid curiosity book

Not all Scorpio are serial killers. But who knows, they might secretly wish to be.

Instead of getting them a collection of skulls, why not impress them with a photo book of morbid items? Your gift will definitely stand out in their memory lane.

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Creative gifts for Scorpio women

Scorpio women can be a lot of things. Some of them are passionate like fire, some are cold as ice. But one thing I know for sure is that they are the cool girls that stand out in a crowd.

They dress up in their own fashion, not caring much about how others perceive them. And their aesthetics are one-of-a-kind.

Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of black, red and neon in their house. They need a lot of shades to match their ever-changing mood.

You need to go the extra mile to impress a female Scorpio. So here is a list of sweet and sassy gifts for Scorpio women that will make them tick.

A sassy cosmetic bag

Gifts for Scorpio women _ A sassy cosmetic bag 1

This cosmic bag is the best response to those who love to talk about someone’s look. It’s also a sweet reminder to never let haters drag us down.

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Necklace to wear the best wishes everywhere

Gifts for Scorpio women _ A necklace that carries your wishes 1

If you ever fear your birthday greetings get lost in their messages, this necklace is the solution. Write down your wishes for your Scorpio friends, put them in the pendant, and give the necklace as a gift.

Scorpios are low-key sentimental. A hearty message may bring them to tears.

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Neon sign that matches Scorpio’s sassy vibes

Gifts for Scorpio women _ a badass neon sign 1

If there’s an award for the most badass sign, Scorpio will likely be the winner. And this neon sign makes a good trophy for them.

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Necklace to rock on

Gifts for Scorpio women _ A necklace that rocks 1

Scorpio women wear their attitude on their sleeves. And this necklace will make a perfect addition to their cool-girl style.

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A devilish phone case

Gifts for Scorpio women _ Devil Horn Case 1

Because Scorpio girls are not to mess with.

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Gorgeous shades of red on the lips

Gifts for Scorpio women _ lipstick 1

Red is one of Scorpio’s lucky colors. It represents passion, love, and temptation. A lipstick in popping red will complement the beauty of your Scorpio.

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A gag gift for your single Scorpio friend

Gifts for Scorpio women _ grow a boyfriend 1

This fun toy is not necessarily boyfriend material. It doesn’t grow to become a six-pack man. But it keeps you company whenever you need it. Base on that, it is still better than a lot of guys out there.

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Leather boots for Scorpio girls

Gifts for Scorpio women _ Lether boots 1

Attraction comes in different forms and shapes. And femininity is not the only one. In a world where all girls wear heels, Scorpio are those who wear boots. They are not scared to be different.

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A mug for your Scorpio BFF

Gifts for Scorpio women _ mug 1

Best friends are partner-in-crime. This mug will be the oath for your friendship.

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Organic soy candle that is perfect reminder

Gifts for Scorpio women _ Organic Soy Candle 1

We all doubt ourselves every now and then. And sometimes insecurity hits Scorpio hard. This candle is the best gift to cheer them up and put a smile on their faces.

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Cool gifts for Scorpio men

People have divided options on Scorpio men. You either love them to death or hate them to the core. Either way, they don’t seem to care a bit.

They will not stop being the extreme, seductive, or passive-aggressive selves. And these gifts praise their courage to be authentic.

Steampunk mechanical scorpion

Gifts for Scorpio men _ A Steampunk mechanical Scorpion

Scorpion decor with a retrofuturistic twist, this gift will make his coworkers stare.

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Retro Bluetooth speaker to make him smile

Gifts for Scorpio men _ retro bluetooth speaker

Scorpio believe in sad song therapy. This little gadget will bring them good vibes while looping their playlists. And who knows? Maybe it will make their bad days better.

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Sunglasses to block the sun and eye contacts

Gifts for Scorpio men _ sunglasses

So no one knows how annoyed they are.

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Real Scorpion for guys who worship their zodiac sign

Gifts for Scorpio men _ Scorpion decor

When you are a Scorpio, you have a reason for all the crazy stuff you’ve done. And this Scorpion decorative specimen serves as a proud statement for being the most extreme sign.

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Turntable that brings him back to good old times

Gifts for Scorpio men _ A classic turntable

Most Scorpio have a unique taste in music. Don’t be surprised when they show you their immense record collection. Sounds like someone you know? This turntable is the gift that fits their passion for music.

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VR headset to never feel bored again

Gifts for Scorpio men _ VR headset

Scorpio are thrill-seekers. And they are always ready to try new gadgets or embrace a new trend. The VR set takes care of both of their needs. Now even when they are trapped at home, they will never be bored again.

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Urban legends because yes, Scorpio believe in them

Gifts for Scorpio men _ Urban legends

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Grilling spice set for home cooks who love to experiment

Gifts for Scorpio men _ Grilling Spice Set

Scorpio are not the cooks that stick to the script. They will go above and beyond to create a master-level dish. This set of spices deserves a spot in their kitchen.

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Which of these Scorpio gifts is your favorite?

If you are a Scorpio, what’s the best gift you’ve ever received? Share in the comment below.