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32 Thanksgiving Coloring Pages For Kids And Adults

From turkeys and pumpkins to fall leaves, these free Thanksgiving coloring pages will gobble up the fun and blessings of the season.

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Turkey. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means it’s the season of celebration and gatherings! But Thanksgiving is more than just a day to indulge in the fall goodies and have a good ol’ gobble time with loved ones. It’s a time to reflect on our blessings, express gratitude, and of course, embrace the spirit of togetherness.

Amidst all the pumpkin carving and pie devouring, why not tap into your creativity and add colors to the table? You’ll not only infuse your holiday with bursts of inspiration but also create joyful memories that will make your heart flutter like a flock of turkeys in fall.

And coloring isn’t just for the little ones—it’s a treat for all ages. Whether you’re knee-high to a pumpkin or have grown wiser with time, the benefits of coloring are too good to pass up! It’s a therapeutic vacation for the mind, allowing you to unwind, destress, and let your imagination run wild.

So here is a collection of Thanksgiving coloring pages for both kids and adults and colorists with different skill levels. From delicious pie and turkey coloring sheets to fall leaves and pumpkins, there’s something for everyone. To start coloring, simply click on the image of your choice and download the full-size, high-resolution JPG file in a new tab. You can then print it out or import it to your digital device. So get your coloring supplies ready and enjoy your relaxing me-time.

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Fun and free Thanksgiving coloring pages

Simple Thanksgiving coloring pages for kids

Kids love Thanksgiving because it’s a time filled with delicious food, family gatherings, and exciting traditions. And what better way to celebrate than through the joy of coloring? The following Thanksgiving coloring pages offer a creative outlet for children to express themselves while embracing the holiday spirit.

Happy Thanksgiving coloring page

Happy Thanksgiving coloring page

Time to kick off your Thanksgiving coloring fiesta with a Happy Thanksgiving printable! This printable perfectly sets the tone for a day filled with gratitude, creativity, and festive fun.

Give Thanks Thanksgiving coloring page

Give thanks Thanksgiving coloring page

Thanksgiving is the day to express gratitude. And this give thanks coloring page is the perfect way to celebrate the spirit of thankfulness.

As you fill in this delightful coloring page with vibrant colors, let your heart overflow with gratitude for the moments, people, and experiences that bring joy and meaning to your life.

Be blessed

Be blessed coloring page

Sometimes we take things for granted because we forget to count our blessings. This coloring page with the gratitude quote “Be blessed” is the perfect reminder to pause, reflect, and appreciate the abundance of goodness in our lives.

Family gathering in the backyard

Festive family gathering Thanksgiving coloring page

Holidays are not just about food and drink. It’s always the people that make a special occasion meaningful. This coloring page captures the essence of Thanksgiving by featuring families gathered in the backyard, enjoying their Thanksgiving feast. The laughter, the shared stories, and the warmth of connection all remind us of the true meaning of the holiday.

Happy Scarecrow

Happy Scarecrow Thanksgiving coloring page

For those who grew up in the countryside, scarecrows may bring back nostalgic memories of autumn fields, crisp air, and the simple joys of rural life. This cheerful scarecrow coloring page is not just a tribute to the country but also the wisdom of generations living there.

Cream pie for Thanksgiving

Cream pie for Thanksgiving

Who can say no to pies? Indulge your creative cravings with this delectable cream pie coloring page!

Cute pies Thanksgiving coloring page

Cute pies Thanksgiving coloring page

Why choose one pie when you can have all? This cute Thanksgiving coloring page is truly a paradise for pie lovers. With so many different types of pies to color, this page is truly a feast for the eyes and the imagination.

Here’s a colored version to give you some ideas, or you can add any colors to create your own pie party.

Cute pies Thanksgiving coloring page colored

Simple pumpkin pie coloring page

Pumpkin pie coloring page

Pumpkin pies are a staple of fall and Thanksgiving. This pumpkin pie page gives you the power to bring this fall dessert to life with your imagination and creativity.

Leaf coloring page with a dark background

Simple leaves coloring page for kids

The black background of this leaf coloring page allows the intricate details to truly shine, creating a striking contrast to the colors you fill in.

Fall leaves

Fall leaves Thanksgiving coloring page

As a fall quote goes, “You’re never too old to play in the leaves,” this design captures the beauty of fallen leaves and provides a canvas for your creativity to flow. You can fill it with different hues of orange and yellow. Or, if you are up for the game, experiment with creative palettes like the following.

Fall leaves Thanksgiving coloring page colored

Beautiful leaf coloring page

Simple leaf coloring page

The charm of a leaf extends beyond its simple shape. With the veins of the leaf clearly illustrated, this coloring page allows you to appreciate the beauty of nature in a whole new way.

Fallen leaf

Simple leaf coloring page for kids

Intricate Thanksgiving coloring pages for adults

Holidays can be a whirlwind of stress, with endless to-do lists and a constant frenzy of activities. So why not take a break from the madness and indulge in the therapeutic art of coloring? The following Thanksgiving coloring pages for adults feature a wide range of themes and styles and will melt your stress away.

Harvest time

Harvest coloring page

Fall is the time of harvest. This corn cob coloring page celebrates this abundant season and invites you to immerse yourself in the vibrant colors and textures of autumn.

Thanksgiving dinner coloring page

Thanksgiving dinner coloring page

Thanksgiving is not complete without a bountiful dinner with families. This free Thanksgiving coloring page features all the goodies of this special day: turkey, pie, seasonal produce, and wine. It’s a delightful celebration of the flavors and traditions that make Thanksgiving memorable.

Autumn vibes

Autumn vibes - Thanksgiving coloring page

One of the places where you can feel fall vibes in full blossom is the farmer’s market, bustling with vibrant colors, fresh produce, and lively farm stands like the one above. As you bring it to life with your coloring tools, you will be fully immersed in the joyful harvest while your creativity flourishes.

Cute cat and pumpkin

Cute cat and pumpkin

Animals bring joy and liveliness to any special day, infusing it with their playful presence. This delightful cat coloring page is no exception, adding charm and cheerfulness to your coloring experience.

Cute girl with flowers

Cute girl with flowers Thanksgiving coloring page

This captivating coloring page will not only bring a smile to your face but also test your coloring skills. Featuring a girl holding a large bouquet, it invites you to embark on a coloring journey that delightfully combines creativity and technique.

Fall fairy

Fall fairy Thanksgiving coloring page

If you love coloring fairies and flowers, you can’t miss this one. This cute baby fairy is here to take you on a magical journey to the charm of the fall season.

Mandala pumpkin Thanksgiving coloring page for adults

Mandala pumpkin Thanksgiving coloring page for adults

Pumpkins are not just a staple of Halloween; they also scream Thanksgiving. This intricate pumpkin coloring page is the best way to calm your nerves during the busy holiday season and is also a great addition to your art collection.

Mandala pumpkin

Mandala pumpkin Thanksgiving coloring page

Pumpkin house

Mysterious pumpkin house Thanksgiving coloring page

Have you ever wondered where all the mythical characters like fairies and witches live? Well, this may be the answer. This cute pumpkin house sits in the depths of the forest, luring the brave to uncover its magical secrets.

Disney Princesses Thanksgiving party

Disney princesses Thanksgiving coloring page

Thanksgiving charms not only food enthusiasts but also princesses. It seems that even royal hearts can’t resist the allure of apple pies and the delightful flavors they bring. This cute princess coloring page beautifully portrays their love for this seasonal treat.

Thanksgiving princess

Thanksgiving princess coloring page

Thanksgiving feast

Thanksgiving feast with turkey coloring page

If you ask anyone about the best moment in Thanksgiving, many will say that it’s having that big dinner with families. Despite not depicting any family members, this coloring page beautifully captures the incredible festive vibe through its detailed portrayal of the feast, bringing us all to the night of memories.

Turkey coloring pages to gobble up the fun

Gobble up the fun and unleash your creativity on the following turkey-tastic coloring pages! Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just are passionate about colors, these turkey coloring pages will leave you feeling plucked with joy.

Easy Thanksgiving turkey coloring page

Easy Thanksgiving turkey coloring page

Turkey is the absolute highlight of Thanksgiving. This coloring page zooms in on the star of the show—the turkey itself—leaving out the details and the scene. Its simplicity of design makes it a perfect warm-up exercise for advancing colorists.

Thanksgiving turkey coloring page

Thanksgiving turkey coloring page

Cute turkey Thanksgiving coloring page for kids

Cute turkey Thanksgiving coloring page for kids

What do turkeys have on their Thanksgiving dinner? With this creative coloring sheet, you can write your own version of the story with your colored pencils.

Turkey Thanksgiving coloring page

Turkey Thanksgiving coloring page for adults

Ready for some mandala coloring pages in a Thanksgiving style? Then this unique turkey coloring page is a must-try. Print out multiple copies, have a coloring contest at your Thanksgiving party, and see who comes up with the most innovative palette!

Turkey family

Turkey family coloring page

Thanksgiving turkey coloring page

Thanksgiving turkey coloring page for adults

Turkey and pumpkin

Turkey and pumpkin coloring page

While Halloween’s iconic symbols are witches, ghosts, and haunted houses, Thanksgiving has turkey and pumpkin. This coloring page beautifully combines these beloved elements, bringing together the spirit of gratitude and the flavors of the season. Below is a vibrant final work, but feel free to explore your own color combinations.

Turkey and pumpkin coloring page colored

Turkey coloring page

Turkey coloring page

One thing that makes turkey such a great canvas for colors is its feathers. You can either color them with a harmonious palette or go for a bold and completely contrasting color scheme.

As you can see below, similar colors are applied to the feathers, creating a gradient effect. But why not be innovative and explore different color combinations?

Turkey coloring page colored

How to download and use these coloring pages

You can color these sheets in two ways, digitally and physically.

To color these pages on a digital device, download the image by clicking on it. A full-resolution letter-size file will open up in a new tab. Save it to your phone or computer. Then import it to your digital device like an iPad. You will also need coloring software like Procreate to color the sheet.

To color these pages in the traditional way, click on the image you want to color and download the file. Then, print it out and use the coloring tool of your choice (colored pencils, crayons, or markers).

You may want to start with lighter colors and gradually transition to darker colors. You can also print multiple copies of the same page to experiment with different color combinations.

Which of these Thanksgiving coloring pages is your favorite?

Leave your thoughts in the comment, and don’t forget to share your work with us! Also, send us your finished coloring page to get featured on this post and our Pinterest! Happy coloring!