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48 Unconventional Wolf Tattoos for Men and Women

Wolves symbolize loyalty, family, strength, and freedom. If you resonate with wolves, these creative and beautiful wolf tattoos are for you.

People love wolves for a reason. They have existed for a long time. But they seem distant because they live in the wild. That’s why they are often seen in mythologies and folklore and are considered to be mysterious and divine.

One of the most famous wolf figures are the dire wolves in the Game of Thrones, each with a unique personality. But they basically sum up how we perceive wolves: loyal, protective, intelligent, and powerful.

So if you love wolves, or if the wolf is your spirit animal, wolf tattoos can be a good idea for you. Of course, wolves might be fearsome creatures. But with creativity, you can tweak it into various styles: feminine, small, elegant, or fun.

So if you are looking for untraditional wolf tattoos to represent you as a person, this collection is for you.

The meaning of wolf tattoos

Wolves have different symbolisms across cultures. And below are some of the common meanings of wolf tattoos.

  • Protection and loyalty: wolves are incredibly loyal to their pack. They protect each other against predators in the wild.
  • Family and teamwork: most wolves live in packs. By hunting and living together, they maximize their chances in the wild.
  • Freedom and wildness: wolves are untamable. It’s rare for wolves to be trained or controlled against their will. They belong to nature.
  • Instincts and intelligence: to survive in the wild, wolves need strategies in hunting and instincts to guide them to prey.
  • Power: wolves are no doubt fierce and strong. They can hunt down animals twice their sizes.

If you relate to the symbolism of wolf tattoos, scroll on to discover creative wolf tattoo ideas.

Disclaimer: This tattoo collection of wolf tattoos is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Creative wolf tattoos with meaning

She wolf upper arm tattoo

She wolf upper arm tattoo by

What’s unique about this tattoo is the overlapping imagery of a girl and a howling wolf. It indicates that the two might actually be one person – a girl that has a wild wolf living inside her body. This tattoo about strength will remind you to always keep your inner fire burning and never lose your passion.

Golden moon and wolf tattoo

Golden moon and wolf tattoo by @jiro_painter


Styles are tattooists’ signatures. Tattooist Jiro is so good at incorporating gold into tattoos that it becomes “his thing.”

Take this wolf tattoo, for example. The gold is dripping from the moon all the way to the wolf. The fluidity adds motion to the static design. And the color, in contrast to the black wolf, highlights the entire tattoo.

Stunning realism wolf back tattoo

Stunning realism wolf back tattoo by

Wolves are not always running and howling. This realistic wolf portrait shows the calm side of the wolf. By surrounding it with flowers, the tattooist gives the tattoo feminine energy.

Realism howling wolf tattoo

Realism howling wolf tattoo by @tattooist_pen


Girly wolf tattoo

Wolf inner arm tattoo by

This realistic wolf tattoo on the arm captures the beast’s softer and calmer side. In addition, the tattooist enhances its femininity by adding flowers as decoration and making it a perfect arm tattoo for women.

Owl and wolf arm tattoo

Owl and wolf arm tattoo by @by_vas


Wolves and owls are both considered to be intelligent and intuitive. If you relate to them both, this tattoo shows how seamlessly you can incorporate the two.

Wolf of flame tattoo

Wolf of flame tattoo by @uzotattoo


People love wolves for different reasons. Some admire their looks, while others are in awe of their agility and power. This wolf tattoo makes the wolf even more powerful by adding flames. It no longer looks like a wolf but the guardian of nature.

God of the night feminine wolf tattoo

God of the night feminine wolf tattoo by @crizsuconic


Lone wolf tattoo on the chest

Lone wolf tattoo on the chest by @tattooist_doy


This simple wolf tattoo on the chest captures the wolf’s fierceness. At first sight, the shading might feel a little hard. But it complements the tattoo’s overall simplicity.

Blue wolf bicep tattoo by @tattooist.inno


Wolf pack back tattoo

Wolf pack back tattoo by @masa__island


Wolves live and hunt in packs. And that’s why wolf tattoos also symbolize family, community, and teamwork. This wolf pack tattoos on the shoulder are not just visually impactful. It is also perfect for those who relate to its symbolism.

Wolf full hand tattoo

Wolf full hand tattoo by @tattooist_zeto


Having a big tattoo on visible placements like the hand takes courage. But every tiny detail of this hand tattoo is portrayed in perfection. And the tattoo proves to be worth the risk.

Minimalist wolf outline tattoo

Minimalist wolf outline tattoo by @yoomie.s


Cute and funny wolves tattoo

Cute and funny wolves tattoo by @tattooist_reve


Doge emojis have been trending on the internet for a long time. And you may have seen the photo of a Shiba Inu biting another. But how about wolves? If you have never seen the cute side of wolves, this tattoo will make you smile.

Wolf and mandala forearm tattoo

Wolf and mandala forearm tattoo by @ohmytattoo


In Sanskrit, mandala means circle. It symbolizes balance and eternity. Adding mandalas to a wolf tattoo makes it more elegant and meaningful.

Intricate wolf rib and back tattoo

Intricate wolf rib and back tattoo by @anne.de_.angelis


It takes creativity and good planning to fill such a large space in the right position. However, this tattoo not only showcases the tattooist’s skills but also tells a story.

The wolf is stepping on the branches, trying to climb up with a red line in its mouth. It could be heading to the sky for an unknown mission. And the red thread would keep him safe.

Do not touch me

Do not touch me wolf bicep tattoo by @pratstattoo


Sometimes a tattoo tells a story. This realistic yet funny bicep tattoo reminds us that wolves are not to mess with. Think twice before you try to pet one.

Playing with fire tattoo

Playing with fire tattoo by

Yin Yang wolf tattoo

Yin Yang wolf tattoo by @seb_inker


Yin and yang is a significant Taoism symbol. The dark swirl represents feminine energy, while the white swirl symbolizes masculinity. Together, they create balance and the foundation to thrive.

Howling wolf and moon rectangle tattoo

Howling wolf and moon rectangle tattoo by @thommesen_ink


A lone wolf howls, and you know his pack is around. This wolf forearm tattoo has so many details. It’s not too fierce or girly, making it a great tattoo idea for men and women.

Two sides of wolf

Two sides of wolf tattoo by @w_inkstudio


Wolves are just like cats, untamable and unpredictable. This small wolf tattoo shows both sides of the wolf – irritated and calm. It makes the animal even more attractive.

Girl with a wolf spirit

Girl with a wolf spirit tattoo by

She might be elegant and calm. But inside of her lives a wolf that can not be controlled. So if you are a wild soul, this wolf tattoo for women may be for you.

Wolf and moth tattoo

Wolf and moth tattoo by @alexlloydtattoo


At first sight, this may look like a moth tattoo with complicated patterns. But look closer, and you will find the two howling wolves on both wings in perfect symmetry.

Blackwork abstract wolf tattoo

Blackwork abstract wolf tattoo by @alexmini_tattoos


This black wolf is not something you will see in most wolf tattoos. Instead, it looks as if it comes from oriental mythology, and it is here to reclaim its sovereignty.

Fierce wolf hand tattoo

Fierce wolf hand tattoo by

There is not much space to tattoo on the hand. Covering the hand with something as intricate as this wolf tattoo requires careful planning and execution. With that said, the results are worth it.

Circles and howling wolf

Circles and howling wolf tattoo by @tattoo_srem


If you love wolves, but a single wolf tattoo seems too simple, try adding shapes and lines to the background. For example, this forearm tattoo incorporates circles, lines, and diamond shapes in the backdrop. It’s complex enough to draw attention but not so complicated that it steals the spotlight.

Cute wolf upper arm tattoo

Cute wolf upper arm tattoo by @fides_tattoo


Instead of howling or staring straight at you, this wolf is scratching on the floor like a puppy. The creativity in choosing such a unique posture makes the tattoo cute and fun.

Eye of the wolf tattoo

Eye of the wolf tattoo by @quidam.s.den


The eye is the window of the soul. This realism wolf eye tattoo captures the fire inside of the animal. And for those who don’t want an intricate wolf on their skin, this eye tattoo can be a better idea.

Wolf and ornaments tattoo

Wolf and ornaments tattoo by

Rainbow color wolf outline tattoo

Rainbow color wolf outline tattoo by @moni_lien_pham


An outline tattoo can be both simple and beautiful. And this rainbow color wolf is proof.

Wolf landscape tattoo

Wolf landscape tattoo by @torocsikartroom


Wolves are untamed animals. That’s why they become a symbol of wild nature. This landscape tattoo takes this concept to the next level by putting these two elements together. The transition is not smooth. But it’s the roughness that gives the tattoo a unique personality.

Blue flowers and wolf tattoo

Blue flowers and wolf tattoo by @bium_tattoo


This collarbone tattoo captures a wolf lying on the ground, chilled and relaxed. The blue flowers around it highlight the tattoo and celebrate its beauty.

Symbolic wolf calf tattoo

Symbolic wolf calf tattoo by

Wolves have been worshipped since ancient times. And this totem-style wolf tattoo will bring you back to the era.

Floral wolf spine tattoo

Floral wolf spine tattoo by @baronarttattoo


It can be tricky to tattoo a wolf on the spine as you can’t stretch it lengthwise. A better idea will be to add decorations like flowers, leaves, and arrows, just like this tattoo here.

Tiny lone wolf arm tattoo

Tiny lone wolf arm tattoo by @choiyun_tattoo


A small black wolf tattoo without any detail could be dull. But the tattooist colors the wolf in gradient black and makes the wolf more realistic.

Sketch style wolf tattoo

Sketch style wolf tattoo by @nandotattooer


Wolf howling to the moon might not be the most creative tattoo idea. But what makes this arm tattoo special is the contrast. You have a wolf in sketch lines on the left side with its face lighted up by the moonlight. On the right side, the wolf is covered in darkness. The contrast in colors will draw the attention of the viewers.

Wolf and moon phase back tattoo

Wolf and moon phase back tattoo by @baronarttattoo


The Moon phase represents fertility and changes. So if you want a feminine wolf tattoo, try adding lunar elements to it like this back tattoo here.

Mountains and lone wolf

Mountains and lone wolf tattoo by @masa__island


The tattooist executes the details so well that it makes you feel like the wolf is walking straight toward you. Behind it are clouds and mountains, possibly the kingdom guarded by the wolf.

Intricate wolf back tattoo

Intricate wolf back tattoo by @masa__island


What a stunning back piece. Besides the visual impact, what differentiates this tattoo is that it depicts a dead wolf. The flowers blooming around its body indicates that death is not the ending. Instead, it can be the beginning of new life.

Metallic wolf mask tattoo

Metallic wolf mask tattoo by @sherifftattooink


Cute ignorant style wolf tattoo

Cute ignorant style wolf tattoo by @sophiancholettattoo


This somewhat cartoonish wolf is one of a kind. Instead of tattooing a detailed, fearsome wolf, the wearer chooses something more fun and light-hearted.

Geometric wolf and landscape tattoo

Geometric wolf and landscape tattoo by @tattoos_by_kaku


Tiny small abstract wolf

Tiny small abstract wolf tattoo by @andersontorres


Not everyone wants a giant wolf with lots of details on their bodies. This small wolf provides another possibility for minimalists.

Adorable baby wolf

Adorable baby wolf tattoo by @kieranlowetattoo


If a wolf is too fierce for you, how about a cute wolf cub?

Conceptional wolf forearm tattoo

Conceptional wolf forearm tattoo by @devillabeatrix


In the tattoo, the man walks towards the mountains, leaving wolf footprints on the ground. The wolf is half-real and half mechanic. It makes you realize how small human beings are. And what will happen if we are controlled by robots we created one day?

Sketch style wolf and mountain back tattoo

Sketch style wolf and mountain back tattoo by @maykonramalho


Sometimes tattooists deliberately leave the sketch lines on a tattoo to make it look like an artwork. This wolf tattoo on the back is a good example. On top of that, the emerald eyes of the wolf make the otherwise monotone tattoo pop out even more.

Funny Egyptian wolf tattoo

Funny Egyptian wolf tattoo by @margarettattoo


In ancient Egypt, wolves were gods, notably Wepwawet and Anubis. They were depicted as a hybrid of the human body and the head of a wolf or jackal.

This funny wolf tattoo above the ankle resembles Anubis, the god of the dead. But the eye popping out on the other side gives a sense of humor to the design, thus better suits the wearer’s personality.

Wolf and arrow spine tattoo

Wolf and arrow spine tattoo by @binhoo_tattoo


Which of these wolf tattoos is your favorite?

Leave a comment down below and share your thoughts!