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52 Unique Rainbow Tattoos with Meaning

The rainbow is a beautiful symbol of new beginnings and diversity. And these rainbow tattoos will represent your pride and authentic self.

Rainbow tattoos have so many different meanings. They can represent a fresh start and hope. Or for the LGBTQ community, rainbow tattoos are a proud statement.

Regardless of the meanings, rainbows are naturally a good element to tattoo. They can be big or small. And the combination of different colors makes them stand out on the skin.

Rainbow tattoos have taken so many different shapes of forms. Tattooists worldwide have been exploring possibilities to make them unique and relatable. So here is a collection of rainbow tattoos that are gorgeous in their own way.

If rainbows represent you as a person, you will love these tattoo ideas. But first, let’s look at the meaning and why are people getting them.

What is a rainbow tattoo?

A rainbow tattoo refers to a tattoo design with a rainbow on it. A rainbow, as in nature, is a spectrum of colors of visible light. It usually has 6 colors in the shape of an arc – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. But some other versions may have 8 or 12 colors.

It’s worth noting that rainbow tattoos don’t always have to be only about rainbows. It can be any symbol in rainbow colors. Or the rainbow can be the background or one of the elements in the design. So there’s a lot of room to be creative.

Why do people get rainbow tattoos?

Rainbow tattoos have been around for a long time. And they appear to be more on the feminine side. But as the rainbow flag becomes a symbol of the LGBTQ community, its popularity has grown significantly. Now, you can see people wearing these multi-color tats everywhere for several reasons.

  • Rainbow tattoos are beautiful.

Nothing beats a tattoo with stunning colors. And rainbow tattoos are eyecatching and stunning. The colors of a rainbow are engineered by nature that transit smoothly.

  • They are meaningful.

A rainbow usually shows up after the rain when water and sunlight meet in the air. That’s why rainbow tattoos often represent hope, faith, and a fresh start. For those who seek meaning and beauty in one tat, the rainbow is a good fit.

  • The pride symbol

The different colors of a rainbow represent diversity. And the notion was first popularized by American artist Gilbert Baker and has been a symbol of gay pride ever since.

If you love to have colorful ink, take a look at the following rainbow tattoos. And you may find something that inspires you.

Disclaimer: This tattoo collection is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Unique rainbow tattoos with meaning

Memorial dog tattoo

Memorial dog tattoo by @eden_tattoo


Rainbow bridge is often used in memorial tattoos for pets. It’s believed that the rainbow bridge connects the world and heaven. And by crossing it, our pals are in a better world.

Tattooist Eden combines the concept with sunflower in the tattoo, which represents the best wishes of the dog’s owner. Though the story behind this tattoo is heartbreaking, it helps the owner find closure.

Moon and stars rainbow dot tattoo

Moon and stars rainbow dot tattoo by @thedayafter_tat2


Rainbow tattoos aren’t always in arcs. This small minimalist dot tattoo is perfect for minimalists who want to low-key express their pride.

Rainbow heart pride tattoo

Rainbow heart pride tattoo by @tattooist_sigak


Paint stroke tattoos are perfect for art lovers. This small tat consists of two strokes in the shape of a heart. The colors are so vibrant that you can’t miss it.

Conceptional rainbow pool

Conceptional rainbow pool by @sofi.stattoo


When rainbow colors are paired with black and grey, they stand out even more. This above the ankle tattoo not only plays with the color contrast. Putting a ladder between the two blocks also creates a three-dimensional space on the skin.

Rainbow emojis

Rainbow emojis by @tattooist_chunsang


The colors of a rainbow represent diversity. And they can also symbolize different moods. These small emojis can be a mental health tattoo that remind to honor your feelings, whether they are good or bad.

Matching rainbow strokes for best friends

Matching rainbow strokes for best friends by @tattoo_a_piece


These two matching paint stroke tattoos might seem arbitrary. However, as best friend tattoos, it’s the bond between the two individuals that makes these matching ink meaningful.

Black and white rainbow arm tattoo

Black and white rainbow arm tattoo by

Planes and the earth are often seen in travel tattoos. With a rainbow representing hope and a new beginning, this small tattoo symbolizes the wearer’s passion for exploring the world.

Hand drawn rainbow tattoo on elbow

Hand drawn rainbow tattoo on elbow by

Less than perfect is a new form of perfection. At first sight, this elbow tattoo might look like a doodle. But the scribbly lines make it ideal for a carefree soul, which is really the essence of the design.

Adorable rainbow tattoo for cat lovers

Adorable rainbow tattoo for cat lovers by @seon_tattoo


Each cat is one of its kind. Such a cute cat tattoo not only shows the owner’s aesthetics. It also expresses the pride of being a cat owner.

Cute UFO tattoo

Cute UFO tattoo by @sey8n


Have you ever imagined what life is like out of this planet? If so, this small UFO tattoo may represent your curiosity and imagination.

Rainbow bridge tattoo

Rainbow bridge tattoo by @sey8n


This is another rainbow bridge tattoo with an actual bridge in it. The bridge, however, can represent the way to one’s next destination. In addition, the design is sleek, making it perfect for both men and women.

Rainbow butterfly

Rainbow butterfly by @tattooist_j.l_mini


Butterflies often symbolize beauty and the pursuit of freedom. When a butterfly takes on rainbow colors, it does not only look more stunning. It is also a statement of authenticity.

Minimalist rainbow dinosaur

Minimalist rainbow dinosaur by @sunforyoursoul


Dinosaur tattoos are often dark, like black, grey, and brown. This one, however, is outlined in rainbow colors. As a result, it captures the viewers’ attention and, at the same time, keeps the design sleek and simple.

Realism rainbow paint stroke waist tattoo

Realism rainbow paint stroke waist tattoo by @tattoo_a_piece


The waist is not a placement that is exposed often. You can consider bold designs for waist tattoos, like the rainbow paint strokes that stretch vertically.

Rainbow film roll

Rainbow film roll by @zzizziboy


If you are a Gen Z, you probably have never seen a camera film roll. This small colorful tattoo really brings the viewers back to the good old days.

Small rainbow lines ear tattoo

Small rainbow lines ear tattoo by @sey8n


Small rainbow on the waist

Small rainbow on the waist by @tattooist_silo



Fearless by @pureum_tattoo


One-word tattoos can be empowering because of how precise they are. The letters of the word Fearless are in rainbow colors, which makes the message even stronger.

Gorgeous rainbow fern

Gorgeous rainbow fern by

Ferns have different symbolisms across cultures. In New Zealand, silver ferns stand for strength and endurance, and they are the symbol of its national sports teams.

In Japan, the fern represents hope and family. So depending on where you are, the plant may mean different things to you. And adding rainbow colors is a good way to twist it to your aesthetics.

Happy one-word tattoo

Happy one-word tattoo by

Happiness is a choice. A small word tattoo like this one will remind you to always choose happiness and see the bright side.

Small rainbow blanket

Small rainbow blanket by @sey8n


Cute rainbow over the cloud

Cute rainbow over the cloud tattoo by

Over The Rainbow is a song we all know. And this small cute tattoo rings its melody by your ear, making it perfect for music lovers.

Rainbow paint tattoo

Rainbow paint tattoo by @deartattoohk


Rainbow tulip tattoo

Rainbow tulip tattoo by @hsin_ta2


Just like the flower, most tulip tattoos symbolize perfect love – the love that happens once in a lifetime. If you connect with this beautiful flower emotionally, this tulip flower tattoo may be perfect for you.

Wildflowers with rainbow petals

Wildflowers with rainbow petals by @jooyoung_flower


Rainbow flower

Rainbow flower by @elizabeth.tattooer


Small rainbow cherries

Small rainbow cherries by

Rainbow slinky walking spring

Rainbow slinky walking spring tattoo by @i_do_tattoo


Tattoos either express or remind. This one is the latter. The rainbow slinky is perfect for those who have played with them in their childhood. It will be a reminder to maintain innocence and fun as an adult.

Rainbow flower elbow tattoo

Rainbow flower elbow tattoo by @berivanis.tatts


Sometimes tattoos cheer you up on bad days. This simple positivity tattoo with a smiley face is one of them.

Rainbow hearts

Rainbow hearts by @u_oooops


Rainbow gemstone tattoo

Rainbow gemstone tattoo by

Rainbow heartbeats

Rainbow heartbeats by

The EGC is often seen in nurse tattoos. When there are waves, the heart is still beating. It symbolizes life. And the vibrant colors make it stand out from the ordinary.

Rainbow hearts

Rainbow hearts by

Tiny rainbow

Tiny rainbow by @tattooist_coca


Small dots in rainbow colors

Small dots in rainbow colors behind the ear by @amandahowtattoo


Behind-the-ear tattoos are perfect for those who want a discreet placement, like these rainbow dots. They are so small that they fit perfectly into the small area. Yet the vibrant colors make them noticeable when shown.

Rainbow infinity symbol

Rainbow infinity symbol by @havilavienna


The infinity symbol resembles a figure 8 lying down. It’s a mathematical symbol that represents infinity. In tattoos, it means endless possibilities. This rainbow infinity tattoo shows how life is abundant and full of opportunities.

Rainbow lightning bolts

Rainbow lightning bolts by @omiza___


Rainbow line armband tattoo

Rainbow line armband tattoo by @tattooist_mate


Rainbow lines wrist tattoo

Rainbow lines wrist tattoo by @naleak_tattoo


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No Face Spirited Away tattoo

No Face Spirited Away tattoo by @inkflow_akiwong


No-Face is a character in Spirited Away. The tattooist brings the character closer to us by putting him in a daily setting. Adding the rainbow is a clever move because it makes the tattoo pop out on the skin.

Shooting star behind the ear

Shooting star behind the ear by @sey8n


Rainbow river ankle tattoo

Rainbow river ankle tattoo by @ahmatattoo


Rainbow line on the ear

Rainbow line on the ear by @ssashi9


Rainbow triangles wrist tattoo

Rainbow triangles wrist tattoo by @keenetattoo


Rainbow diamond shoulder tattoo

Rainbow diamond shoulder tattoo by @tattoo_bora


Small bear brush tattoo

Small bear brush tattoo by @tattoo_ciaociao


Rainbow piano

Rainbow piano by @zzizziboy


Small rainbow on the inner arm

Small rainbow on the inner arm by @tattooist_cheeze


Small rainbow sun tattoo

Small rainbow sun tattoo by @fundasakarya_tattooer


Tiny rainbow finger tattoo

Tiny rainbow finger tattoo by @tattooist_dante


Watercolor circle tattoo

Watercolor circle tattoo by

Rainbow bubbles shoulder tattoo

Rainbow bubbles shoulder tattoo for women by @saegeemtattoo


Which of these rainbow tattoos is your favorite?

Leave a comment down below and share your thoughts!