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27 Positivity Tattoos That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

A bit of positivity can light up the darkest times. These meaningful positivity tattoos will be the sunshine of your rainy days.

Tattoos are not just a decoration on our bodies. They can be a symbol of our identity, like zodiac sign tattoos. Some can also be a statement, a motto, or a reminder of what’s important to us.

Meaningful tattoos are empowering. There will be times when everything is off. The following positivity tattoos, either small or big, will give you the strength to bounce back, or to put a smile on your face.

Disclaimer: This tattoo collection is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Meaningful tattoos to inspire hope and positivity

No bad days

No bad days by @nein666_tattoo - Positivity Tattoos That Will Put A Smile On Your Face


We all have bad days. It could be one of those days that work piles up, leaving you no air to breathe. Or it could be when a mood swing strikes and you can’t even get out of bed.

“No bad days” may not be realistic. But we can choose how we react to difficult circumstances. Most of the time, bad days are bad moments that test our mental strength. This cute small tattoo will inspire you to stay positive when you think you can’t.

Universe in your hands

Galaxy in your hand by @sarakori


Have you ever felt like things are getting out of your control? The more you try, the less it works. The eagerness to get everything under control creates enormous pressure on our shoulders.

This small cosmic tattoo is a reminder to lose your grip a little bit. Once you let go of the urge, you welcome more flexibility and possibility in your life.

A cute tattoo for survivors

Still standing by @_harrymckenzie - Positivity Tattoos That Will Put A Smile On Your Face


“Nothing is more beautiful than a smile that has struggled through tears.” This quote from Demi Lovato is the perfect caption for this tattoo.

On the way to your dreams

Way to your dreams _positivity tattoo by @imgonnahurtyoubaby


Klotski smiley face tattoo

Keep smiling by - Positivity Tattoos That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Never stop searching for the fun of life. Never stop smiling. Happiness and positivity are contagious. And your smile could light up someone’s day.

How to be happy

How to be happy by @howboutyourdeii


This ink might look like a sad tattoo at first glance. But it carries a positive message: no one is always happy. And it’s ok not to be ok. Just like the figure in this design, most of us are not there yet. We are in the search for happiness together – you are not alone.

Say goodbye to negativity

Bye bye my blues by @tattooer_jina


Not the end

Not the end by @mrtnq_tt


Sometimes we are so drowned in our thoughts that we forget about the support we have. This simple but meaningful tattoo will be a reminder to seek help when you need to.

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Bye, problems

Throw the problems away by @sarakori - Positivity Tattoos That Will Put A Smile On Your Face


This cute illustration tattoo makes me smile. There’s a slightly reckless but positive vibe in it. If you are an overthinker, the uplifting and slightly irresponsible spirit might help you to worry less.

Happiness is a choice.

Happiness is a choice quote tattoo by @n1co_tattoo


Choose joy, choose your mental wellbeing, choose peace and most importantly, choose yourself.

Let’s dance

Lets dance tattoo by @holy_era


Keep growing – a motivational quote tattoo

Keep growing by @howboutyourdeii


The journey doesn’t end if you decide not to. This motivation quote tattoo will push you to try harder on the way to your goal.

Don’t worry

Why worry by @sarakori - Positivity Tattoos That Will Put A Smile On Your Face


Be a warrior. Not a worrier.

You are not alone

Not alone by @weepandforfeit


Whether it’s a significant other or a best friend, the right people make us feel less alone. Reminds you of anyone? This cute tattoo is a reminder never to let them go.

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It’s ok

its ok quote tattoo by  @_harrymckenzie


Faced the sun, and you’ll leave your shadows behind.

Bite the bullet

Bite the bullet by

“Bite the bullet” was first seen in the 1896 novel The Light that Failed by Rudyard Kipling. But its origin traces back to wartime even earlier. Back then, anesthetics were not available. Wounded soldiers had to bite the bullet during medical treatment so they wouldn’t bite the tongue instead.

Now the phrase “bite the bullet” means facing up challenges despite fear and difficulty. It refers to the courage to go against all odds. As a tattoo, the quote is a representation of strength and resilience. It reminds us to keep going through tough times.

Steal your worries away

Steal the worries away by @ada_romanova_tat


Positive vs negative

Positive life by @labarberiast


Life doesn’t get easier just because you wish it to be. Good days and bad days are all part of life. Real positivity is knowing that struggles exist but so does hope.

No bad news

No more bad news by @formula76 - meaningful tattoos that will bring positivity to life


This comic-style tattoo shows how media is making us more stressed than ever before. With bad news on TV and the Internet 24/7, it’s not easy to stay positive.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, remember the fact that good news doesn’t make headlines. We are thrown into a selectively edited pool of news that captures eyeballs with fear and anger.

And it’s ok too, just like in this tattoo, tear your newspaper apart, take a break, and focus on what we can change instead.

Helping hand

A helping hand by @pokeeeeeeeoh  - meaningful tattoos that will bring positivity to life


However low you feel, if you are willing to open your heart, there will be a hand to pick you up.

No tears today – an inspiring self-love tattoo

No tears today by @_harrymckenzie  - meaningful tattoos that will bring positivity to life


This simple duo-color positivity tattoo is proof that self-love is powerful. Remember the last time when you say no to the favors you don’t want to do? Or when you forgive yourself for your mistakes and learn the lesson? When you love yourself, you reclaim your life.

No amount of validation compensates for the lack of self-love. But a little bit more self-love may create a miracle in your life.

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Kickstart my heart

Kickstart my heart by @shari_tattooer


Do you best – a tattoo about self-acceptance

Did my best by @ada_romanova_tat  - meaningful tattoos that will bring positivity to life


Positivity is not about pushing yourself over the edge. It’s knowing what works and what doesn’t and making mindful choices.

If you have given your best, and it doesn’t work out the way you expected, move on. Find another way. Give yourself enough patience and room for trial and error. This small positivity tattoo is the sign we all need to drop unrealistic expectations and do what we can.

Party on

Dancing skeleton by @panna.lew  - creative tattoos to put a smile on your face


A small heart tattoo to cheer you up

Happy heart by @_harrymckenzie


Mistakes make us

Mistakes make us by @constantbageltherapy  - creative tattoos to put a smile on your face


It’s not a common thing to cross out words on tattoos. And the courage going in this ribcage tattoo well pays off.

We are not robots, and mistakes are unavoidable. We can choose to blame ourselves for what we did wrong. Or we can learn from lessons and move on. This tattoo inspires us to go for the latter, and that’s what makes this tattoo positive and meaningful.

Starve the ego, feed the soul

starve the ego by @ada_romanova_tat


Which of these positivity tattoos hits you the most?

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