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32 Behind The Ear Tattoos That Are Low-key Gorgeous

These cute behind the ear tattoos will grab everyone’s attention the moment you sweep your hair behind. Hidden or shown, it’s all up to you.

Behind the ear tattoos are only for the courageous. I don’t mean to talk you out if you are planning to get one. But the ear back skin is so thin that you might experience a certain level of pain.

Since the placement is discreet and uncommon, more and more people are jumping on the boat despite the pain. With a tattoo behind the ear, you can show it or hide it any time you want. It’s perfect for those who want to stay low-key at work or school.

Just because behind the ear tattoos are usually small doesn’t mean they are boring. Here are some of the best ear back tattoos that are unique, stunning, and fit the area perfectly.

Disclaimer: This tattoo collection is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Stunning behind-the-ear tattoos

Black lightning on the back of the ear

Strike like lightning ear tattoo by @anqiixxwuu


Because lightning strikes are quick and powerful, a lightning bolt tattoo often symbolizes destruction and power. In Greek mythology, the lightning bolt is the weapon of Zeus.

In modern times, however, the symbol is not necessarily negative. Since a lightning icon appears when we charge our digital devices, some view it as a symbol of energy.

Those who wear a lightning tattoo are either a badass or someone with a 200% battery life.

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Behind the ear snowflake

Snowflake tattoo behind the ear by @arona_tattoo


At a glance, snowflakes are fragile and temporary. Beautiful as they are, they melt once they touch the ground. However, we often underestimate the power of a single snowflake.

“Every avalanche begins with the movement of a single snowflake.” Thus the unique hexagon can be a representation of personal power and influence.

Knot earring

Traditional knot behind the ear tattoo by @tattooist_sion


The tattooist incorporates eastern knots and tassel to make this oriental tattoo look like an earring. If you want a permanent decoration to celebrate your root, this cute tattoo may inspire you.

Cute high heels tattoo behind the ear

HIgh heels tattoo with an attitude by @tattsforbrats


Elegant and discreet, this high heel tattoo is both cute and seductive.

Whale tattoo

A whale tattoo behind the ear by @mijeongtattoo


We all have our spirit animals. And whales are among the popular ones.

As one of the longest-living and most enormous creatures on the planet, whales have the power of dominance. But most of the time, they stay underwater, swimming at their own pace.

Their strength is soft and quiet, and it brings calmness even when waves are roaring.

Scorpion tattoo

A Scorpion tattoo for the Scorpio zodiac sign by @tattoosillustrate


Scorpion is a deadly creature. No doubt that those with scorpion tattoos are not to mess with.

It’s also the symbol of the Scorpio zodiac sign, which is intense and secretive. If you are born under the Scorpio sign, you may find yourself drawn to these dangerous yet captivating Scorpio tattoos.

Blooming flowers

Flowers behind the ear tattoo by @tilda_tattoo


A small floral note behind the ear

Behind the ear music note tattoo by @e.ple_tattoo


Abstract “future” symbol

An abstract character tattoo that stands for the future by

Do you have a word that resonates with you? The artist takes one-word tattoos to the next level.

He deconstructs the word “future” and transforms it into a single letter symbol. It’s also tiny and minimalist, making it perfect for the area.

Small question mark

Question mark behind the ear by @tattooist_soma


The question mark is not a typical tattoo idea, naturally making you wonder about the wearer’s intention. And in that sense, a question mark tattoo like this one behind the ear can be a representation of curiosity. It also shows that the wearer is unafraid to question and challenge social norms.

Black moon

A mysterious black moon tattoo by @maddiemorrill_art


Moon tattoos in general, represent feminine energy. But they come in different shapes and forms. Like the one in this tattoo, a crescent moon can be either a waxing moon or a waning moon.

It symbolizes the pass of time and life cycle. The black color adds a layer of rareness to the tattoo. Though small and simple, this tattoo is not to forget.

Gradient snake tattoo

A gradient snake tattoo behind the ear for cool girls by

It’s not a good thing to call someone a snake. But a snake tattoo, however, has different meanings across cultures.

It can be a symbol of rebirth because snakes shed their skin and turn into their new selves. Sometimes it’s also viewed as a witchy tattoo because snakes represent darkness and danger.

In Japanese culture, on the contrary, the snake tattoo is considered to be a talisman. They are believed to protect the wearer from bad luck and illness.

Intricate floral moon tattoo for girls

A floral moon tattoo by @felicia_lozoya


Molecule flower tattoo

A floral molecule tattoo by @kathryne.pearl


This cute molecule tattoo is in the shape of serotonin – the happy chemicals. This unique ear-back tattoo will satisfy your geeky aesthetics and bring joy to life.

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Super cute dog tattoo behind the ear

A cute dog tattoo behind the ear by @keemee.keemee


Tiny silhouette tattoo for cat lovers

A cute tattoo for cat lovers by @bymosler


For many, cats are our dear friends. These fluffy animals can be cute, feisty, clingy, and distant at the same time. And cat tattoos are one of the many ways we express our love and awe for them. If you are a cat lover, this small fine line tattoo may be a good fit for you.

Curvy floral tattoo that blossoms behind the ear

A feminine flower tattoo by

Fist tattoo to wear your strength on the sleeve

A fist tattoo to cheer yourself up by @miko_nyctattoo


Tiny bee tattoo

A tiny bee tattoo to hide or show by @karoldiastattooist


Bees are so small, yet they are more powerful than they look.

Bees live and work in groups, and they value family and discipline. In a hive, every bee is doing its part to keep the entire organization alive.

If you believe in diligence and teamwork, a bee tattoo will be a symbol of your values.

Note tattoo for music lovers

A tiny tattoo for music lovers by @yeowool_tattooer


Pisces symbol on the back of the ear

Pisces symbol tattoo by @thedayafter_tat2


Zodiac sign glyphs are consist of lines and dots, making them perfect to ink on any size. If you are an astrology believer, let your zodiac tattoos tell the world who you really are.

Elegant rose tattoo

Rose tattoo on the ear back by @alexismfish


Shining like the stars

Shine like the stars ear tattoo by @nein666_tattoo


A door to the unknown

The door to the unknown by @dallasconte


Do you identify yourself as an adventurer? Does the unknown excite you? If so, this special doorway symbol might resonate with you.

Small dragon tattoo

The girl with a dragon tattoo by @choiyun_tattoo


Dragon tattoos are not popular only because of the movie – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Dragon is a mystic creature just like the unicorn, never seen, but people never believing in them.

Across cultures, it represents strength and a force to reckon with. Thanks to the movie and the TV series Game of Thrones, dragon tattoos are becoming one of the favorite tattoos around the world.

Tree of life tattoo

Tree of life minimalist tattoo by @tattooist_namoo


Sun and moon

Sun and moon tattoo by @munkymandee


Sun and moon are often seen in matching couple tattoos and best friend tattoos. It has a different meaning as an individual tattoo.

We all have different personalities, as demonstrated by this sun and moon tattoo. It’s a reminder to embrace authenticity and to discover multiply possibilities within ourselves.

Unique ornament tattoo

Creative ornament tattoo by

Small heart shape behind the ear

A small heart tattoo behind the ear by @_jose_g_p


Butterfly tattoo

An intricate butterfly tattoo by @tylertelles


Before a butterfly is ever able to fly, it is born as a caterpillar. A radical transformation turns it into something completely different. That’s why butterfly tattoos are often symbols of courage, change and freedom.

Ear back mermaid tattoo

A stunning mermaid tattoo behind the ear by @gelo.ink_

These mysterious creatures live in not only fantasy but also the heart of many. They were once murderers who lure sailors to the bottom of the ocean.

But just like the Disney princess Ariel, the image of mermaids is now more positive. Whether it’s on TV or the big screen, they never fail to impress us with their beauty and magic powers.

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Constellation tattoo

A Scorpio constellation tattoo by @wittybutton_tattoo


Constellations are the shapes of a group of stars, usually that of a zodiac sign. If you are proud of your sign, take a look at these zodiac tattoos to find the one that relates to you.

Which of these behind the ear tattoos is your favorite?

Leave your thoughts down below!