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300+ Dreamy Zodiac Tattoos For Each Sign

A collection of zodiac tattoos for each sign. From small to bold, from minimalist to intricate, if you are proud to be your sign, you’ll find your next ink in this post.

Zodiac tattoos are not for everyone, just like astrology. You are either a believer or a skeptic. If you are into horoscope and astrology, getting a zodiac tattoo may be a good idea for you.

Tattooing is a big commitment. You want something that will be permanently meaningful. Our sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign together reveal most of our personality traits. Sometimes our sign answers so many questions we have about ourselves. Since our sign doesn’t change over time, if you are looking for a timeless tattoo, zodiac tattoos are a great fit.

We’ve gathered a list of zodiac tattoos for each sign. From bold to small, from minimalist to intricate, you will find the one that speaks to you.

Stunning Zodiac Tattoo Ideas For Aries

As the first of the twelve signs, Aries represents motivation, energy, and strength. That’s why you will see lots of bold designs in Aries tattoos.

Common Aries tattoo elements:

  • The Ram
  • Aries glyph and constellation
  • The curved horn (of the Ram)
  • The fire symbol
  • Honeysucker (Aries birth flower)
  • Mars/Mars symbol

If you are one of the fiery souls, check out these unique tattoo ideas for Aries.

Aries zodiac tattoo ideas

Down-to-earth gorgeous Taurus tattoos

Taurus is known to be an earthy sign. Taurians are usually calm and cautious on the outside and wild on the inside. With Venus being its ruling planet, the Taurus zodiac sign explores the world through food, music, art, etc. But don’t get fooled by their harmless look. Deep down, they are just like their zodiac symbol – the bull. And you don’t want to be the one who messes with them.

Common Taurus elements

  • The Bull
  • Taurus glyph/constellation
  • Rose (Taurus birth flower)
  • The Earth
  • Venus (Taurus ruling planet)

If you vibe with the Taurus energy, check out these low-key but gorgeous Taurus tattoo ideas.

Taurus zodiac tattoo ideas

Unique and creative Gemini Tattoos

Gemini is everything but boring. The Twins are always on the go. They talk fast, think fast, and act fast. Good luck trying to tie them to one place.

Gemini also has a bad rap about being two-faced. But not all Gemini does that intentionally. They are two souls trapped in one body. And it’s beyond their control to stay consistent. A blessing or a curse?

Common Gemini tattoo elements

  • The Twins
  • Gemini glyph/constellation
  • Lavender (Gemini birth flower)
  • The Air element
  • Mercury (Gemini ruling planet)

If you are one of the restless Gemini, these non-boring Gemini tattoos may relate to you.

Gemini zodiac tattoo ideas

Zodiac Tattoo Ideas For Cancer

Cancerians are also called the moonchild for a reason. The Cancer sign inherited strong feminine energy from the moon. Thus most Cancerians are sensitive, highly compassionate, and the “mom friend” in a group. They are so good at putting themselves in others’ shoes that a lot of the time, they care too much.

Common Cancer tattoo elements

  • The Crab
  • Cancer glyph/constellation
  • Delphinium (Cancer birth flower)
  • The Water element
  • The moon (Cancer ruling planet)

If you are a moonchild or feel a strong connection with the sign, take a look at these beautiful Cancer tattoos.

Cancer zodiac tattoo ideas

Fiery Leo Zodiac Tattoos

Leo, represented by the Lion, is a force to reckon with. They are motivated, charismatic, and fun to be around. And they enjoy being in the center of the spotlight. That’s why many Leos are born leaders.

Leo tattoos are just as fiery as the sign. Contrasting colors, thick lines, and creative designs, Leo tattoos are everything but low-key.

Common Leo tattoo elements

  • The Lion
  • Leo glyph/constellation
  • Sunflower (Leo birth flower)
  • The Fire element
  • The Sun (Leo ruling planet)

If you are a proud lion, these Leo tattoo ideas will show the world who you really are.

Leo zodiac tattoo ideas

Virgo Tattoos That Will Impress Everyone

Virgo gets criticized a lot for being the “perfectionist.” Virgins value details and structures so much a tiny bit of error will piss them off. That’s getting a tattoo is hard for the sign. They expect their tattoos to be meaningful, appealing, and timeless.

Common Virgo tattoo elements

  • The Virgin
  • Virgo glyph/constellation
  • Morning glory (Virgo birth flower)
  • The Earth element
  • Mercury (Virgo ruling planet)

If you are looking for a Virgo tattoo that would stand the test of time, look no further. Check out these stunning Virgo tattoos that may speak your mind.

Virgo zodiac tattoo ideas

Elegant Zodiac Tattoos For Libra

Libra is the peacekeeper in the crowd. Those who are born under the sign thrive in a harmonious environment. Like the symbol of the sign, the scale, Libras always cautiously weighs the good and bad. That’s why it may take them forever to pick a tattoo for themselves.

Common Libra tattoo elements

  • The scale
  • Libra glyph/constellation
  • Roses (Libra birth flower)
  • The Air element
  • Venus (Venus ruling planet)

If you are a Libra and can’t decide what to ink, this list of Libra tattoos may give you some ideas.

Libra zodiac tattoo ideas

Scorpio Zodiac Tattoo Ideas

Mysterious, dangerous, and deadly attractive, Scorpios are born to be mavericks. They keep their circles small, and only a lucky few get to know their real personality. Like the symbol of the sign, scorpion, Scorpios will sting the people who cross their lines.

Common Scorpio tattoo elements

  • Scorpion
  • Scorpio glyph/constellation
  • Chrysanthemum (Scorpio birth flower)
  • The Water element
  • Pluto and Mars (Scorpio ruling planet)

If you are a Scorpion, these tattoo ideas will complement your Scorpio pride.

Scorpio zodiac tattoo ideas

Inkspirations For The Sagittarius Sign

If I were trapped on a deserted island with one person only, I would pick a Sagittarius. They are fun, full of energy, and always optimistic, everything you need to survive the life of Robinson Crusoe.

The only problem? Keeping up with them. Sagittarius talk quick, think quick and move quick. Before you notice, they might already be on the boat sailing home.

Common Sagittarius tattoo elements

  • Archer
  • Bow and arrow
  • Sagittarius glyph/constellation
  • Carnation (Sagittarius birth flower)
  • The Fire element
  • Jupiter (Sagittarius ruling planet)

If you are part of the Sagittarius gang, these zodiac tattoos can be your next ink.

Sagittarius zodiac tattoo ideas

Zodiac Tattoo Ideas For Capricorn

As an Earth sign, Capricorn is known to be practical. They believe that anything is achievable if they put in the effort. This philosophy turns them into workaholics. Good luck trying to convince Capricorns to take a break. True, they are dead serious. But they are also someone you want to be with during an apocalypse: resourceful, smart, and loyal. The tougher the situation, the stronger they get.

Common Capricorn tattoo elements

  • Sea-goat or the Horn
  • Capricorn glyph/constellation
  • Pansy (Capricorn birth flower)
  • The Earth element
  • Saturn (Capricorn ruling planet)

Click here to check out the full list of Capricorn tattoo ideas.

Capricorn zodiac tattoo ideas

Best Aquarius Tattoos

Aquarians dare to be different. They have a unique taste in music, art, and tattoos. Call them rebellious; Aquarians will not trade authenticity for approval. And every Aquarian is a different individual. Some may prefer small and minimalist tattoos that they can hide anytime they want. And some may prefer a bold design that captures everyone’s attention.

Common Aquarius tattoo elements

  • The Water Bearer
  • Aquarius glyph/constellation
  • Orchid (Aquarius birth flower)
  • The Air element
  • Uranus and Saturn (Aquarius ruling planet)

Click here to check out the full list of Aquarius tattoo ideas.

Aquarius zodiac tattoo ideas

Zodiac Tattoo Ideas For Pisces

Pisces, contrary to Aries, is the last sign of the zodiac cycle. It is considered to be the bridge between our world and the other world. That’s why Pisces can be natural psychics and healers.

Common Pisces tattoo elements

  • The Fish
  • Pisces glyph/constellation
  • Water lily (Pisces birth flower)
  • The Water element
  • Neptune (Pisces ruling planet)

Click here to check out the full list of Pisces tattoo ideas.

Pisces zodiac tattoo ideas

If you’ve dug a little deeper into astrology, you’ll know that you also have a Moon Sign and a Rising sign. So no, we are not categorized into 12 genres with identical personalities. 

New to astrology? Watch this video down below to get some basic ideas.

If you are interested in knowing more about your Sun sign, Rising sign and moon sign, here’s a free tool to create your own natal chart. Or you can get your astrology reading here

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