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44 Yoga Tattoos with Meaning For Yogis

Yoga is not just an activity but also a lifestyle. If you are proud to be a yogi, these yoga tattoos will honor your identity.

Focus, balance, and strength are the three most incredible changes yoga brings me. For some people, yoga calms them down and helps them find peace in chaos. For others, yoga improves both flexibility and postures.

With every breathe you take and every movement you make, you connect your body with your mind. And in yoga, you tune in with yourself. It’s the best time to listen to what your body has to tell you.

That explains why yoga tattoos hold such a special place for many people. They are not just a reminder to stay persistent with the practice. They also symbolize the pursuit of mindfulness and inner peace.

Whether you are a yogi or not, these tattoo ideas are for you if you love yoga. Be it a small, simple lotus or a warrior pose tattoo; you will find inspiration to wear your yogi pride on the skin.

Disclaimer: This tattoo collection is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Inspiring yoga tattoos with meaning

Small Om yoga symbol tattoo

Small om yoga symbol tattoo by @vanngucci


Most yoga classes begin and end with three Oms. The vibration of chanting Om helps yogis to relax and be more grounded. But the Om symbol has a deeper meaning than a relaxing sound.

According to a yoga expert, the curves of the symbol represent the waking state, dreams, and deep sleep, three states of mind we go through each day. In other theories, they also refer to the past, the present, and the future.

The Om tattoo is for you if you want a unique, intricate design that reminds you to live in the present and to find peace of mind.

Mandala lotus back tattoo

Mandala lotus back tattoo by @hellebore.noire


If you are familiar with the yoga culture, the mandalas will not be strange to you. They are on yoga tattoos and yoga mats, blocks, and other props. But what is the meaning behind the intricate pattern?

In mandalas, each shape has its own meaning. For example, a square represents stability; a circle symbolizes wholeness, and a star means spirituality. Together, they create harmony between the self and the world, the mind and the body.

If you are looking for meaningful and stunning yoga tattoos, the mandala is for you. And you can also design a new pattern to make your ink personal.

Black and grey king dancer pose yoga tattoo

King dancer pose yoga tattoo by @graffittoo


It requires both flexibility and strength to do a king dancer pose. It’s one of the advanced yoga poses. It opens the chest and hip flexor, helping us restore balance in life.

A black and grey king dancer pose yoga tattoo says a lot about the pursuit of the wearer. And it shows the determination to achieve a higher level of body mobility and strength.

Hamsa hand forearm tattoo

Hamsa hand forearm tattoo by

Hamsa, or the Hand of Fatima, is a palm with an eye in the middle. In eastern culture, the eye is regarded as evil. And the palm seals its evil energy and protect the wearer.

It makes sense for yogis to get Hamsa hand tattoos as yoga itself is a way to bring inner peace. If you believe in the power of the symbol, a Hamsa tattoo will reinforce your faith in your yoga and spiritual practice.

Intricate lotus position tattoo

Intricate lotus position tattoo for yogis by @fedornozdrin


Padmasana, also known as the lotus position, is one of the basic poses in yoga. Sitting cross-legged allows the hip to loosen up and be grounded during yoga practice. But it’s the symbolism that makes the pose one of the most popular yoga tattoo imageries.

Before a lotus flower blooms, it grows in the mud underwater. And as it blooms, it emerges above the surface and finds the light.

It’s similar to yoga practices that bring clarity to our body and soul. And that’s why a lotus position often represents spiritual awakening.

Floral forearm hollow back pose tattoo

Forearm hollow back pose thigh tattoo by

Flowers represent life, beauty, and energy. This floral pattern tattoo shows us how to corporate flowers with the passion for yoga.

Matching yoga tattoos for best friends

Matching yoga tattoos for best friends by @zaredesigns


Without the sun, the moon will not shine. Without Yin, there will not be Yang. If you and your best friend complement each other, these cute matching yoga tattoos are for you.

Cute yoga tattoo for dog lovers

Cute yoga tattoo for dog lovers by @eslstudent


What’s better than practicing yoga? To practice with your pal. And if you do everything with your dog, this simple outline tattoo may resonate with you.

Mono-lined abstract cobra pose yoga tattoo

Abstract cobra yoga tattoo by @wavyornot


You don’t need a lot to begin practicing yoga. A mat is all you need. And you don’t need a complicated design to represent your love for yoga. Two lines will be enough.

This simple abstract outline tattoo resembles the body in a cobra pose. If you are a minimalist, consider similar designs.

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Abstract butterfly tattoo for yogis

Abstract butterfly tattoo by @cagridurmaz


Butterfly tattoos have been around for a long time, and their popularity never dies. Typically, the butterfly represents freedom and beauty. But in this tattoo, they symbolize emotions. And yoga elaborates the thoughts that cloud our minds and sets our souls free.

Cute yoga avocado forearm tattoo

Cute yoga avocado forearm tattoo by @by_vas


Yogis are not monks. And this tattoo expresses the wearer’s belief in the balance of life. The avocado in this tattoo is in a split position, holding a glass of wine and water in both hands. It tells us that you can live a healthy life and still have fun.

Black and grey lotus yoga tattoo

black and grey lotus yoga forearm tattoo by @cktattooz


A tattoo says a lot about a person’s belief. This black and grey wrist tattoo is one of them. The girl is practicing yoga on top of a lotus and glowing from inside out. For the tattoo owner, yoga cleanses her energy and helps her to glow up.

Small Yin and Yang nape tattoo

Yin Yang nape small yoga tattoo by @luanadorea


You may have heard of Yin Yoga and Yang Yoga if you are a yogi. Yin yoga refers to a slow practice that focuses on endurance and deep relief in the muscles. And Yang yoga, on the other hand, is more active and challenges both flexibility and strength.

In tattoos, Yin and Yang are often presented as a half-black, half-white circle, also known as the Tai Chi diagram.

The black represents Yin, the feminine energy. And the white stands for Yang, the masculine energy.

Together, Yin and Yang create a balance between movement and stillness, which is one of the purposes of yoga practice. A Yin Yang tattoo may be for you if the balance is something you value.

Ustrasana (Camel pose) yoga tattoo

Ustrasana _ Camel pose yoga tattoo by @misspokestattoo


Bending back and touching the ankles with both hands, that’s the camel pose in yoga. It tests both the flexibility and the core strength.

And at the same time, it opens up our hearts and channels the energy from Nature. A beautiful and feminine yoga tattoo like this one praises the power of yoga and compliments the body.

Unalome symbol tattoo

Unalome symbol tattoo on the back by @pelinnsimsek


The Unalome symbol looks like a knot at the end of a string from afar. But it has a deep meaning behind the intertwined spirals.

It represents a life journey. The twists and turns symbolize the ups and downs in life. Because of its spiritual meaning in Buddhism, it is often seen together with lotus in tattoos. Together, they show us that there’s peace and purity despite struggles.

Shoulder stand yoga pose tattoo

Shoulder stand yoga pose tattoo by @cagridurmaz


It takes a lot of core and upper body strength to do a shoulder stand. And if you are an advanced yoga practitioner, a simple outline tattoo like this one will represent your passion and strength.

Seven chakras tattoos on the back of neck

Seven chakras tattoos on the neck by @pelinnsimsek


Chakra means wheels in Sanskrit. There are seven major chakras in a human body: crown, third-eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root chakra; each represents an energy point.

It’s believed that when energy flows fluently between chakras, a person will be healthy, joyful, and energetic. And yoga is said to be able to remove the blockage of chakras.

And because most chakra tattoos consist of seven symbols in alignment, they are perfect for spine tattoos, sleeve tattoos, and nape tattoos just like this one.

Minimalist lotus position sleeve tattoo

Minimalist lotus position sleeve tattoo by @taktak.tania


Less is more. A small and discreet tattoo like this one outlines the silhouette of a lotus position. It might not be eye-catching like a full coverage sleeve tattoo. But it works perfectly to express the wearer’s love for yoga.

Mudra hand and lotus arm tattoo

Mudra hand and lotus arm tattoo by @lisa.von_.tattoos


Lotus and the Unalome are both important symbols in the yoga culture. This tattoo starts from one hand and flows through these symbols, and finally ends on the other hand. It resembles the energy flowing through our bodies, making it perfect for yogis.

One leg king pigeon pose tattoo

One leg king pigeon pose tattoo by @_kemp_ink


Snakes are sometimes seen as evil in tattoos. But in this one, the snake intertwines with the woman’s body. The curves compliment each other, creating a feminine and elegant piece of ink.

Realism lotus symbol back tattoo

Realism lotus symbol back tattoo by @eshavarpe


Lotus makes beautiful tattoos on its own. It’s often portrayed as delicate and soft. That’s why adding a geometric background will help create visual contrast. The curves and straight lines may look different. But embedded in this tattoo, both of these elements stand out.

Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) yoga tattoo

sarvangasana _shoulder stand yoga tattoo by @kylodarren_inksmith


Yoga tattoos are not just poses and symbols. It can be fun, too. For example, in this small arm tattoo, the sloth is holding onto the girl’s leg. Not only does it make the tattoo instantly cuter, but the sloth also shows the wearer’s laidback attitude.

Channelling energy

Meditation tattoo by @ptakay


The earth, the mind, and the human body can all be seen as energy systems. Energies flow both inside and in between the systems. This tattoo depicts the exact mechanism.

If yoga helps you channel energy makes you feel energetic and grounded, this type of tattoo will honor your practice.

Lily and Unalome spine tattoo

Lily and unalome spine tattoo by @ruang_arati


Lilies, and other kinds of flower tattoos, are loved by a lot of people. Typically, they represent purity and beauty.

This tattoo, however, is a Christian-themed tattoo. The lily symbolizes Mary, the mother of Jesus. And it shows us how to corporate one’s religious belief into a tattoo, making it both meaningful and personal.

Minimalist lotus position one-word tattoo

Lotus position one word tattoo by @dominika.skrodzka


What would it be if you had to summarize yoga in one word? To me, the answer is “breathe.”

Yoga focuses a lot on breathing. You have to use different breathing patterns in various types of yoga. But your mantra may be a different word. Whichever word it is, adding it to a simple lotus position tattoo will make it more personal.

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Lotus ankel bracelet tattoo

Lotus ankle tattoo by @blackpoisontattoos


It might not be common to wear an ankle bracelet in yoga practice. But how about an ankle bracelet tattoo? With the small lotus flower, it becomes the perfect accessory for yogis.

Hamsa hand with Om symbol

Hamsa hand with om symbol tattoo by @ladvtattoos


One good thing about the Hamsa hand is its diversity. You can change the design within or outside the hand imagery to fit your style, like this one. The blue Om inside the palm strengthens this tattoo’s symbolism and visual appeal.

Intricate Buddha and mandala yoga tattoo

Intricate Buddha and mandala yoga tattoo by @kttattoo


Yoga was born from Buddhism and Hinduism. And many of the Buddhist beliefs are shared by yogis around the world.

That’s why Buddha is often seen in yoga tattoos. If you resonate with the Buddhist life philosophy, getting a tattoo like this will publicly express your beliefs.

Halasana (plow pose) yoga tattoo

Halasana_ plow pose yoga tattoo by @bradhostiletattoo


In a Halasana pose, you raise your legs over your head and reach as far as possible. It stretches the entire back and hamstrings.

A small plow pose tattoo like this one will remind you always to relax both your body and mind.

Gomukhasana (cow face) pose tattoo

Gomukhasana_ cow face pose tattoo by @pokeeeeeeeoh


Unlike symbols or Sanskrit letters, yoga pose tattoos are plain and simple, just like this one. They require no explanation, but they show the world your pride as a yogi.

Elbow stand tattoo

Elbow stand tattoo by @hatemartini


Yoga is rejuvenating. This tattoo combines a yogi in elbow stand pose with intertwining vines to demonstrate the amazing benefits of yoga. The vines are growing upward, symbolizing the liveness yoga brings.

Eye in a star tattoo

Eye in a star tattoo by @sukza__art


Eyes have different meanings in tattoos. In yoga tattoos, an eye often represents the vision and a gateway to the soul.

Adding a star-like mandala around the eye not only makes the tattoo unique. It also fits into the wearer’s feminine and elaborate style of choice.

Feminine Om symbol forearm tattoo

Feminine Om symbol wrist tattoo by @svet.dyak


The symbol in this forearm tattoo means Om in Sanskrit, the sacred language of Hinduism. But unlike the Om tattoos we’ve seen in this article, the symbol is drawn in gradient black. This way, it looks like it’s handwritten in ink, making it more personal and holy.

Uttanasana (forward fold) pose yoga tattoo

Forward Fold_ Uttanasana pose yoga tattoo by @hey.julieanne


Usually, a yogi is portrayed as wearing sports bra and yoga pants in yoga tattoos. This tattoo, however, shows that you can practice yoga in any outfit anywhere. It’s the perfect reminder that yoga is not just an activity but a lifestyle.

Abstract minimalist yoga tattoo

Abstract minimalist yoga tattoo by @handpoke_by_ninie


Ankle or above the ankle is considered an ideal placement option for those who want a discreet tattoo. It doesn’t draw much attention when a simple outline tattoo is inked on the ankle. But still, it shows the pride of a yogi in a low-key way.

Abstract tree pose symbol tattoo on the back

Abstract tree pose symbol tattoo on the back by @theinkshop_ltd


Vrikshasana or Tree Pose refers to bending one leg and placing the foot onto the inside of the other leg. It tests one’s balance and strength. And it helps yogis to feel grounded.

Instead of drawing the pose, this tattoo uses a resembling symbol. This way, it’s not too literal or specific, and it keeps people guessing the meaning behind it.

Upward facing dog yoga pose tattoo

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana_ upward facing dog yoga pose tattoo by @bradhostiletattoo


The upward-facing dog is probably one of the most common yoga poses. But, as easy as it seems, it requires a certain level of core and upper body strength to do it correctly.

A tattoo like this one will help the wearer to keep in mind that even the most basic movement takes time and practice.

Yoga pose collection tattoos on the ribcage

Yoga pose collection tattoos by

Having a set of poses inked on the skin is another level of yoga tattoos. Something like this ribcage tattoo belongs to those who see yoga as a lifelong pursuit.

Whimsical flower in the hand yoga tattoo

Whimsical flower yoga tattoo by @kemp_ink


In Buddism, the Buddha is sometimes depicted as sitting on a lotus with a flower in his hand. The gesture is known as the Flower Sermon, a wordless way the Buddha teaches his life philosophies.

Thus in a tattoo, the hand holding a flower can be seen as a symbol of wisdom and truth.

Vrksasana (tree pose) yoga tattoo

Vrksasana_Tree pose yoga tattoo by @kylodarren_inksmith


At first glance, this tattoo seems to be about a dancer. But observe closely, the girl is stepping on land in a yin-yang pattern. It suggests that she is gaining energy from the ground beneath her and the sky above her. And that’s the magic power of yoga – to connect the body with the world around us.

Yoga poses tattoos

Yoga poses tattoo by @daisydoestattoos


Through simple silhouette tattoos, the wear shows us her devotion to yoga. These five yoga poses are the absolute basics – the Warrior 1 and 2, the downward and upward facing dog, and the Boat pose.

And it makes sense for yoga beginners to get a similar tattoo as an encouragement to keep going on the yoga journey.

Inverted staff pose yoga tattoo

Inverted staff pose yoga tattoo by @tugceksz


Many people see tattoos as a way to express their beliefs and passion. And this one is no exception.

In the colors of the Universe, the human body shows how yoga connects us with great Nature. And the small cat on the bottom is a fun final touch to add a bit of personality.

Yoga dog

Yoga dog tattoo by @deck_ward


Simple tattoo for yoga lovers

Yogis tattoo by @won_tattooer


From afar, this fine line tattoo looks like a drawing. But when you look a bit closer, the four girls in the tattoo are not just practicing yoga. Also, they are supporting each other.

It sends a message that a strong support network will help us go further, whether in yoga or other areas of life. It’s the meaning behind the design that makes it unique.

Which of these yoga tattoos is your favorite?

Or do you wear a yoga tattoo? What’s the meaning behind it? Share in the comment!