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40 Gorgeous Tattoos Between Boobs

The sternum may be an uncommon tattoo placement. But these unique and gorgeous tattoos between boobs elevate your charism.

Like a rib tattoo or a spine tattoo, tattoos between boobs are discreet. They are not exposed underneath regular clothing. That’s why they hold a special temptation. For those who want something sexy and attractive, tattoos between boobs are an obvious choice.

But the area can be tricky to work on. First, the space between the breast is narrow, which might not be a good idea for horizontal tattoos. Second, the skin between the boobs and the sternum is relatively thin. And tattooing on these areas can be more painful than arm tattoos or back tattoos.

That’s why you will want a design that fits both the placement and your aesthetics. And we got you covered. From small to big, black to color, here is a collection of tattoos between boobs to inspire your next ink.

Disclaimer: This collection of tattoos between boobs is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Is a between-the-boobs tattoo the same as a sternum tattoo?

The sternum refers to the bone located in the center of the breast. It’s also called the breast bone. It connects the neck, the collarbone, and the costal cartilage. And all the tattoos on these areas can be called sternum tattoos.

Between-the-boobs tattoos, however, refer to those between the breast – a narrow area in the sternum. Simply put, tattoos between boobs are a type of sternum tattoos, along with chest tattoos, boob tattoos, and under boob tattoos.

The pain level of tattooing on the sternum varies by the exact placement, the tattoo design, and the technique. Overall, the skin of the sternum is thinner than the arm and the thigh. And if you are sensitive to pain, this is something to take into consideration.

Stunning tattoos between boobs

Small and simple tattoos between boobs

There is not much space between the boobs. Therefore, small, minimalist tattoos will fit better for the placement. But small doesn’t mean boring. With the right design, a tiny tattoo can be gorgeous too. Keep scrolling if you want something low-key and stunning.

Beating heart tattoo between boobs

Beating heart tattoo between boobs by @_thinkdifferent


A heart tattoo symbolizes love and passion. That’s why placing it on the sternum, close to the heart chakra, is a good idea. If you want something to represent your sentimental side, this simple tattoo may be a good fit.

Small leaves boob tattoo

Small leaves boob tattoo by @newtattoo_qiqi


Between-the-boobs tattoos don’t have to be placed right in the middle of the sternum. This simple leaf tattoo shows another placement idea – wrapping around one side of the breast. The asymmetry makes it stand out on the skin.

Black abstract butterfly tattoo

Black abstract butterfly tattoo between boobs by @palakk_m


A butterfly might not make an ideal between-the-boobs tattoo because of the shape. However, you can place it right under the boobs and add decorative elements above it.

Tiny flower sternum tattoo

Tiny flower sternum tattoo by @cagridurmaz


In general, flowers represent beauty and purity. The symbolism makes it a good object to be placed between the boobs, magnifying the beauty of a woman’s body.

Simple cross and star tattoo

Simple cross and star tattoo between boobs by

Tattoos between the breast might be more painful than areas like the back or the arm. That’s why if you are sensitive to pain, a simple and small design like this one will work better for you.

Tiny star symbol

Tiny star symbol tattoo between boob by @mayoanj


It’s always a good idea to start small, especially when you don’t know what to get as your first tattoo. So try to opt for something simple and timeless like a star symbol. It might not carry a deep meaning. But it will still be a beautiful piece of jewelry for the body.

Reversed rose tattoo between boobs

Reversed rose tattoo between boobs by

Rose tattoos are not uncommon. This small tattoo shows how you can create something unique by placing an imagery upside down. And because the rose stem is narrow enough, the design fits effortlessly between the breast.


Breathe one-word tattoo by @tattooist_doy


Word tattoos are simple and meaningful. What makes this one brilliant is the location. It’s placed on the sternum right over the lung, echoing with the word “breathe” itself.

Rainbow tulip

Rainbow tulip tattoo between boobs by @jessieke_


Like many other flowers, the meaning of a tulip varies from color to color. For example, a red tulip represents true love, while yellow stands for positivity. With a rainbow tattoo like this, the tattooist leaves room for different interpretations.

Floral ornament tattoo between boobs

Floral ornament tattoo between boobs by

Ornamental tattoos are so popular because of their versatility. You decide which shapes and elements to add and how you want to connect them. And this symmetrical tattoo is a good example.

The eye and moon tattoo

Eye and moon between the boobs tattoo by @hellynk


Are you a fan of witchy tattoos? If so, this simple eye tattoo is tailor-made for you. The eye often represents protection against evil energy. The moon, on the other hand, symbolizes feminine power. Together, this simple tattoo will belong to a strong woman who knows her magic.

Black ornament tattoo

Black ornament tattoo by @missvoodooo


A tattoo represents the wearer’s personality and aesthetics. For example, a fine line tattoo may belong to a low-key person. On the contrary, a tribal-style tattoo with solid black lines like this reveals the tough side of a woman.

Ornamental tattoo between boobs

Ornamental tattoo between boobs by @dasha_sumtattoo


This decorative tattoo consists of flowers and a few other simple shapes. Though it’s not an intricate design, the solid outline gives it a visual contrast and makes it pop on the skin.

Bold and beautiful between boob tattoos

Between the boob is a discreet placement. You can show or hide it as you want. So why not go big and choose a design that is not to be ignored? If you are feeling confident, here is a list of bold and beautiful tattoo ideas between the boobs.

Red rose and butterfly

Red rose and butterfly by @nhi.ink_

From afar, this may look like a simple rose tattoo. But on the stem, it says “family”, which makes it a meaningful family tattoo. It reminds us to always cherish the love of our family.

Holy Lance between the boobs tattoo

Holy Lance between the boobs tattoo by @sherstobitovvvv


Bird sternum tattoo

Bird sternum tattoo by @saskiapatrice


If you want something that feels alive on the skin, consider animal tattoos, especially those like birds. The way they spread wings will bring movements to a static tattoo.

Porcelain devil fish tattoo between boobs

Porcelain devil fish tattoo between boobs by @tatuaggidiporcellana


The shape of a devil fish distinguishes it from other ocean wildlife and makes it a good tattoo material. The tattooist goes one step further by painting the devil fish in a porcelain pattern, bringing her style into the design.

Fine line ornaments

Fine line ornaments by @sue.real_


The area between the boobs might not be big enough for a huge tattoo. But you can extend it to the upper chest and under the boobs just like this fine line design. And the results are stunning.

Gorgeous gem sternum tattoo

Gorgeous gem sternum tattoo by @the.hancock.effect


Ornament tattoos can be made with simple lines and shapes. Or they can be as luxurious and intricate as this one. You can also customize it by replacing the gems with your birthstone.

Snake tattoo between boobs

Snake tattoo between boobs by @stuffie.ink_

Snake tattoos are for narrow body parts like the arm or between the boobs. Their curvy, long shape complements the human body and reveals a mysterious charm.

Intricate snake tattoo

Intricate snake tattoo between boobs by @inkedlifemiami


This is another snake tattoo on the sternum. Different than the previous one, the snake is intertwined with vines. And it makes the tattoo even more sophisticated.

Leaves between breast

Leaves between breast tattoo by

Plants grow upward. When you place a plant tattoo on the sternum, it guides people’s attention to the neck, elongating the neck and body line.

Purple flower cover-up tattoo

Purple flower cover up tattoo by @chenjie.newtattoo


If the petals of a flower are too big for the area between the boobs, consider moving it upward. This way, you can place the stem in between the breast. And the flower will look as if it’s blooming from the heart. And because of the dense colors and the size, it works well as a cover-up tattoo.

Shark tattoo between boobs

Shark tattoo between boobs by @prettygoodtattoos


Sharks have the natural body flow of fish but are more fierce and powerful. Such a sleek black shark tattoo would belong to a badass woman.

The Three of Sword

The Three of Sword tattoo between boob by @stuffie.ink_

The imagery of three swords crossing each other comes from tarot cards. In the card Three of Swords, the swords pinch through a heart, symbolizing pain and heartbreak.

And the three swords tattoo inherits the same meaning, revealing a painful experience of the wearer. It can be a breakup or the betrayal of a loved one. Either way, it’s also a reminder to heal and move on.

Sword and moon chest tattoo

Sword and moon chest tattoo by @choiyun_tattoo


A sword is often a representation of one’s strength. The moon, on the other hand, symbolizes femininity and calmness. Putting the two elements together is a way to let people know you are soft but strong.

Beetle tattoo between boobs

Beetle tattoo between boobs by @choiyun_tattoo


A beetle may be a small bug. But it holds a cultural significance. For example, in ancient Egypt, it represents the formation of life. It then becomes the symbol of a life cycle.

Tattooist Choiyun modifies the beetle’s wings and turns them into simple curvy shapes. Matching real and abstract creates a visual contrast for the tattoo.

Ornamental tattoo between boobs

Ornamental tattoo between boobs by

This ornamental tattoo is so unique because it plays with the placement nicely. By stretching the leaves towards both sides, the tattoo highlights the silhouette of the breast, making it more luring.

Dagger through the heart

Dagger through the heart by @xiso_ink


A sword through the heart may suggest a painful heartbreak in the past. But it can also be a reminder to never fall for lies and traps again. Such a tattoo not only shows the vulnerability of the wearer. It’s also proof of strength to get back up again.

Dragonfly tattoo between boob

Dragonfly tattoo between boobs by @colette.ink_


Dragonflies are a symbol of rebirth and transformation. And because of its long, slim body, it’s perfect for the area between the boobs.

Lotus outline tattoo

Lotus outline between breast tattoo by @dasha_sumtattoo


The lotus flower holds significance in Buddhism and Hinduism. It represents calmness and zen; thus, a lotus tattoo shares the same meaning. The way it blooms on the sternum is elegant and beautiful.

Lotus symbol sternum tattoo

Lotus symbol sternum tattoo by @crownandglorytattoo


This is another lotus flower tattoo on the chest. But different from the previous one, this tattoo stretches from below the neck to the sternum.

The unalome symbol at the bottom reveals the wearer’s life philosophy – life is a journey with twists and turns. Only with a calm mind can we navigate through the chaos.

Creative sternum tattoo ideas

Two-color dragons

Two-color dragons by @brunavargasink


Dragons are seen as disastrous in the west but divine in the east. Either way, they are powerful creatures that look stunning as ink. These red and black dragons perfectly represent good and evil. And the way they intertwine adds elegance to the design.

Plum blossom between boobs

Plum blossom between boobs by @mooho.oriental


Plum blossoms are often seen as a symbol of honesty and integrity in Chinese literature. This tattoo extends from the rib all the way to the chest. By mimicking a real plum tree, this tattoo is not only unique but also poetic.

Floral mandala tattoo

Floral mandala tattoo between boob by @brunorua.ink_


Mandala tattoos are loved by many people because of their meaning and look. Most mandala tattoos are a symbol of perfection and balance. The tattooist adapts the shape of a regular mandala to the placement and matches the silhouette of the boobs perfectly.

Double snakes

Double snakes by @fluffy_tattoo


In western culture, snakes are seen as a symbol of greed and temptation. In the east, however, it means protection and fertility. Tattooist Fluffy designed this between-the-boobs tattoo as two snakes reaching in opposite directions. The transition from white to black and the floral pattern represent both beauty and strength.

Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley by @inkflow_franky


The flower language of the lily of the valley is youth and purity, a great symbolism for women. But unlike traditional flower tattoos, the tattooist twists it to follow the placement flow. Such a thoughtful and elegant piece will be perfect for girls.

Planet tattoo between boobs

Planet tattoo between boobs by @newtattoo_gogo


Black tattoos can be as gorgeous as colored ones. Take this planet tattoo as an example. The tattooist uses different shades of black to create a gradient effect. With the smoke flowing around, the tattoo looks whimsical.

Sword and flowers

Sword and flowers by @yerae_tt


Sword tattoos have always been popular, and it’s not hard to see why. The sword symbolizes strength and the ability to fight for oneself. And its straight, slim shape makes it a perfect object to pair with flowers, snakes, or anything curvy.

Sword upper body tattoo

Sword  upper body tattoo by @thrifty.jules


A dagger on the upper body might not be a common tattoo idea for women, especially in this size. But if you identify yourself as a strong woman, this badass tattoo would be a token of your courage and power.

Which of these tattoos between boobs is your favorite?

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