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Must-read Reminders For The Zodiac Signs

What is standing between you and a joyous, fulfilling life? Here are reminders for the zodiac signs that you need to see.

In the ideal world, our life path is a straight line with no twists and turns. All we need to do is to fuel up our tank and go at full speed. But in reality, life is a bumpy car ride into the unknown. Sometimes we think we are going on the right track. But it’s the opposite of where we want to go.

That’s why every now and then, we need to stop and readjust our directions. Each zodiac sign has its own personality traits and weaknesses, along with different challenges and blind spots. So here is the reminder for each zodiac sign. Scroll on to find yours.

Reminders For The Zodiac Signs

Reminders For The Zodiac Signs – Aries

Zodiac sign reminders - Aries

Not everything is a competition. Relax.

Aries is known to be competitive and eager to be at the top of everything. When this personal trait translates into the workplace or school, it helps Arieans excel and thrive. But not so much in other spectrums of life.

For example, Arieans often compare themselves to Internet strangers. They want better shapes and a larger following than anyone they know. They may also stay up through the night watching the latest TV show, just to know more about their friends.

So the reminder for the Aries zodiac sign is to take it easy. You don’t have to be a winner all the time. And not everything is worth your attention.

Most importantly, when you learn to let go of the eagerness to win, you start appreciating the beauty of being a beginner. It’s a mental state where you can learn and grow at your own pace without comparing or judging.

Reminders For The Zodiac Signs – Taurus

Zodiac sign reminders - Taurus

Change can be beautiful. Embrace it.

As a fixed sign, Taurus hates changes. Taureans stick to the same routine, the same mindset, and the same people for an extremely long time.

That’s why they are considered the most loyal and consistent sign.

But Taureans’ tendency to maintain their current state can sometimes be harmful. They are more likely to stay in the familiar, or so to speak, the comfort zone. As a result, it can be hard to urge a Taurean to venture into new territory, costing them opportunities to maximize their potential.

So if you are a Taurean, remember that the new you is on the other side of change. It can be scary to take the first step into the unknown. But you will never know if you don’t try. Sometimes the next chapter is in disguise as uncertainty.

Reminders For The Zodiac Signs – Gemini

Zodiac sign reminders - Gemini

Your time is valuable. Spend it wisely.

Geminis are sometimes all over the place. Unlike Taurus, Geminis have no problem adapting to new situations. They love trying out new technology, restaurant, or investing in a new gadget.

Most people get overwhelmed when they have too much on their plate. But not Geminis. Instead, they add more to their plate even when it’s full. After all, life is short. And you gotta do everything when you can. But this mindset could come back and bite them.

Geminis jiggle among tons of roles, projects, hobbies, and goals that they couldn’t commit to a single one. They could easily spend all their time doing different things with different people, leaving no time for themselves. That could lead to severe burnout.

And most Geminis are not aware of it until they do. And then they get moody, unmotivated, and blame themselves. So as reminders for the zodiac signs, it would be helpful for Gemini to list all the things at hand, prioritize and delegate. And most importantly, give yourself enough time to rest and reflect. Your body and mind will benefit greatly from these empty slots in the schedule.

Reminder For Cancer Zodiac Sign

Zodiac sign reminders  - Cancer

You don’t need to be there for everyone.

Cancerians are often the mom friends. They love taking care of people. Their generosity and loving nature make them attractive. If you have to pick a friend to board the spaceship before the apocalypse, you would want Cancerians by your side.

But being a caring person can be mentally draining. Cancerians see themselves as the carer. And it’s their responsibility to take care of everyone. When you have to answer the calls of a friend in the middle of the night or help a coworker move on the weekend, there’s not much time left for yourself.

So if you are a Cancerian, know that those who genuinely care about you care about your happiness, too. You are as important as everyone else. Make sure you take care of yourself first so you can better help others.

Reminders For The Zodiac Sign – Leo

Zodiac sign reminders - Leo

Be with those who are good for your mental health.

Leos are natural leaders. Whatever setting they are in, they seem to stand out effortlessly. And they enjoy the spotlight and the applause.

As fierce and powerful as they can be, Leos are also trusting, generous and loyal. They believe in the good side of people. And it’s sometimes hard for them to see the true colors of others. That sometimes can lead to them being victims of a fake friendship or a toxic relationship.

When they find themselves mistreated, they give more chances than they should, hoping people will change for the better.

So if you are a Leo, an essential life skill is to identify the ones that are actually good for you. There will be people to love you for who you are. But there will also be those taking advantage of you. If someone falls into the second category, trust your instinct and let them go.

Reminders For The Zodiac Signs – Virgo

Zodiac sign reminders - Virgo

No one can be perfect 24/7. Be kind to yourself.

Virgos are known for their perfectionism. They pay attention to every detail and ensure nothing is messy or unorganized. That’s why Virgos are often good at what they do – they put out the best quality of work and stand behind it.

However, when perfectionism goes extreme, it can damage Virgos’ mental health. They are so used to perfection that they don’t allow themselves to make mistakes. And when they do, they dwell on it and blame themselves constantly.

So a reminder for Virgo, try to give yourself room for error. Know that it’s impossible to be perfect all the time. And if what you’ve done didn’t meet your expectations, it points out the direction for improvement. A mistake is the best lesson.

Reminders For The Zodiac Signs – Libra

Zodiac sign reminders - Libra

Starve your self-doubts, and you’ll thrive.

Librans are the cautious type. They always weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. People call them indecisive. But that’s how Librans navigate through the chaos in life.

Sometimes, however, Librans can’t make up their mind because they don’t believe they can handle the consequences. When it comes to a new opportunity or a love interest, they may struggle to visualize how they will turn out. And as a result, they hesitate to make a move.

But most of the time, Librans handle all kinds of situations well. They are intelligent, flexible, and creative, giving them the skill set to deal with challenges. All it takes for them to thrive is to stop standing by the pool and getting into the water.

So if you are a Libran, you need to trust yourself more. Know that you have everything in you and are meant to be awesome.

Reminders For The Zodiac Signs – Scorpio

Zodiac sign reminders - Scorpio

You are worthy. Don’t ever settle for less.

Scorpio is a complicated sign. On the one hand, they seem cold and serious, not the type of people you want to mess with. But, on the other hand, when you have Scorpio’s trust, they show you their most innocent and passionate side. Everything Scorpios do is intense. They feel intensely, love intensely and hate intensely.

Scorpio’s tendency to go extreme can sometimes be translated as an obsession. When they have their heart set on someone, they won’t quit easily, even in the presence of red flags.

They may go into a relationship hoping to change their partner. And it blinds them from seeing the damage it is causing. And they may question their worth when their love interest doesn’t treat them as expected.

So if you are a Scorpio, you will benefit from a third-person perspective. Your friends or family can tell if someone is toxic. But you are the one to make the call eventually. So make sure you prioritize your wellbeing and do what’s right for you.

Reminders For The Zodiac Signs – Sagittarius

Zodiac sign reminders - Sagittarius

The best things in life are worth waiting for.

Sagittarius is a mutable sign, meaning they are always looking for the next thing. Unlike fixed signs, Sagittarians have a deep-rooted desire to explore and experiment. They jump from one thing to another, and waiting comes strange to them.

If you ask them to wait in line for an hour for dinner, chances are they will drag you somewhere else instantly. The world of Sagittarius is at full speed.

That’s why it could be hard for Sagittarians to invest time and energy in something they don’t see immediate results. But the best things in life sometimes take time to cultivate.

It can be as small as freshly baked cookies and perfectly brewed coffee. Or it can be true love and a life-changing work opportunity. When Sagittarians stop rushing through decisions or settling for less, truly amazing things happen.

Reminders For The Zodiac Signs – Capricorn

Zodiac sign reminders - Capricorn

It’s ok to embrace your emotion & be vulnerable.

A lot of people misunderstand Capricorn as emotionless and cold. They are like robots tackling task after task. But that’s simply not true.

Capricorns are used to hide their emotions because they believe that emotions don’t help them do the work. Being ruled by Saturn, Capricorns are no strangers to the ups and downs in life. For them, the most efficient way to deal with struggles is to wipe their tears and move on.

That’s why sometimes Capricorns find themselves trapped in traumas from years ago. They never really heal as they continue to hide their wounds under the armor.

So if you are a Capricorn, remember that you can be strong and vulnerable. When you give yourself permission to feel, you allow yourself to heal and grow.

Reminders For The Zodiac Signs – Aquarius

Zodiac sign reminders - Aquarius

It’s ok to be you and not be understood by others.

Weird, detached, eccentric…Aquarians are called a million things. They are the quirky friends who listen to bands that nobody knows. It’s rare for Aquarians to be interested in dramas and gossip because they have bigger things to worry about: art, politics, human rights, animal rights, etc.

Because of the detaching nature of Aquarians, not many people can get close enough to understand them. Therefore, they often find themselves in the spot of an outsider, not being seen or heard. And they sometimes even wonder whether it’s their fault.

Being different is scary, both to the group and the individual. Aquarius is the variant. But sometimes, the variant is the one that brings change and evolvement. So if you are an Aquarian, don’t forget your weirdness is a gift. You are born to stand out, not fit in.

Reminders For The Zodiac Signs – Pisces

Zodiac sign reminders - Pisces

Emotion is not a weakness but a strength。

Ask your therapist or a tarot reader; chances are they may be a Piscean or have Pisces elements in their charts.

Pisces is a mutable water sign. And being the last zodiac sign gives them a bit of each other signs. That’s why Pisces have strong empathy and emotion written in their DNA.

However, being able to feel how others feel is not always a blessing. Pisceans can be easily influenced by people around them or the vibes in the room. That gives them endless mood swings, sometimes even tears. But it doesn’t mean Pisceans are weak.

Many Pisceans learn to use their empathy to their advantage. They translate their emotions into art, music, and other areas they are passionate about. And they often excel in these areas.

So if you are a Piscean, know that empathy is an asset. Your emotion often tells you more about yourself and the people around you. It’s your responsibility to use it to thrive.

So here are the reminders for each zodiac sign. I hope you get something out of this post. Leave your thoughts in the comment or tag me @_OurMindfulLife on Instagram to chat.


Friday 21st of July 2023