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38 Mom Dad Tattoos To Honor Their Love

Mom dad tattoos are a tribute to the love of one’s parents. Simple, intricate, big, or small, these mom dad tattoos will melt your heart.

Each and every one of us was brought to life by our parents. They take care of us, nurture us and teach us how to stand in this world on our own two feet. The love they give us is unconditional and irreplaceable.

And that’s why a lot of people are getting mom dad tattoos to express love and gratitude to their parents, or to honor the relationship. These mom dad tattoos come from the heart and therefore, they remain meaningful for a lifetime.

Mom dad tattoo meanings

In general, the meanings of mom dad tattoos include:

  • Love and gratitude for one’s parents

In most cases, people tattoo “mom and dad” or their parents’ names to express how thankful they are for the love they receive. Or they love their mother and father so much that they want a permanent tribute to them.

  • Remembrance and reminders

For those who have lost one or both of their parents, mom and dad tattoos are a way to commemorate the deceased and to show how much they are missed. These tattoos also carry the hope of the living to grieve and move on.

  • A symbol of a new life chapter

Some say you only understand how hard it is to be a parent when you actually become one. And that rings true for many people with a newborn. 

In this case, mom dad tattoos not only symbolize the love for one’s family. They also mark the beginning of their own parenthood.

Disclaimer: This collection of mom dad tattoos is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Meaningful mom dad tattoos

Most mom dad tattoos are letters tattooed in different fonts and styles. But they can be more than that.
A mom dad tattoo can be anything from a portrait, an illustration inspired by a family photo, name, initial tattoos, and birth years. Anything meaningful or remind you of your parents can become a mom dad tattoo.

And if you are searching for a relatable and personal design, this post is for you. Simple, sophisticated, big or small, you will find something that speaks to you and melt your heart.

Mom dad wrist tattoo

Mom dad wrist tattoo by @royal_tattoostudio


When people get wrist tattoos, most don’t just do it for aesthetic reasons. But, because the ink on the wrist is so visible, it serves as a reminder. And tattooing “mom and dad” on this area shows the ultimate love and respect for the wearer’s parents.

Mom dad bold lettering tattoo on the calf

Mom dad tattoo by @guntur_guns_tattoos


What makes this seemingly simple script tattoo so unique is the twist on the letter “M.” The tattooist turns the letter into a heart shape, creating a smooth silhouette. It also makes the tattoo less literal and more interesting.

Birthyear family tree

Year of birth family tree by @plinaink


What represents a family better than a family tree? The wearer chooses the birthyears and her birthdate to symbolize each family member, keeping the overall design simple and meaningful.

Mom dad forearm tattoo

Mom dad forearm tattoo by @blue_heaven_tattooz


The love between the parents is the best gift for a child. The infinity symbol in this forearm tattoo shows how unbreakable the wearer’s family is.

Mom and dad butterfly arrow tattoo

Mom and dad butterfly tattoo by @spookytattoos_isauraesteves


Arrow tattoos are often a symbol of direction and intuition. By incorporating “mom” and “dad” with the arrow, this tattoo shows how much the wearer looks up to her parents. And the butterfly adds femininity and elegance.

Unique mom dad lettering tattoo

Unique mom dad lettering tattoo by @minie._.chan_


This simple letter tattoo demonstrates how you can create a unique mom dad tattoo by choosing an uncommon font. It also helps the design fit your aesthetics.

Family photo tattoo

Family photo tattoo by @ktattoola


The colors of a printed photo may fade. But a tattoo lasts forever. So if you have a picture that brings back the good old times with your parent, why not turn it into a permanent tattoo?

Abstract family line art

Abstract family line art by @michal_tattoos


Line art tattoos are loved by so many people because they are abstract and sophisticated. For those who want to stay with black tattoos, such a rib tattoo can be a good option.

Cute small hearts

Cute small hearts by @wigstromart_tattoostudio


Hearts often show up in symbolic love tattoos. But they don’t just symbolize romantic love. The love for one’s parents can also be represented by heart shapes.

Adorable mom and dad tattoo

Mom and dad _ tattoo to honor parents by @minie._.chan


Heart and infinity tattoo

Heart and infinity tattoo by @flinktattoos


With a heart shape layered over an infinity symbol, this tattoo describes a pair of parents who love each other and their kid as well. And the love is unconditional and eternal.

Touch of the hands

Touch of the hands by @minimaltattooucyol


A family is bounded by blood. And with time, the bond strengthens. This tattoo marks the beginning of a new family and carries the hope of endless happiness and love.

Photogenic family blackwork tattoo

Photogenic family blackwork tattoo by @ethan_thezoomtattoo


Here’s another family photo tattoo. But unlike the simplified version we’ve seen above, the wearer chooses to go big and realistic. Such a beautiful moment captured is now a permanent tribute to the wearer’s loving family.

Heart-shaped wreath

Heart wreath mom dad tattoo by @elinetattoos


Flower tattoos may have different meanings depending on the species. But in general, flowers symbolize love and beauty. And adding flowers to a mom dad tattoo shows the wearer’s admiration and gratefulness for her parents.

Matching family wrist tattoos

Matching family wrist tattoos by @atomic.sttudio


These matching family tattoos melt hearts. The imagery might be simple. But the pure and unconditional love is translated through the sleek lines.

Creative mom dad script tattoo

Creative mom dad script tattoo by @pegaso_tattoo


Memorial rib tattoo

Memorial rib tattoo by

Initially, this rib tattoo depicts the wearer’s grandfather and mother. However, it will also be an inspiration for those who are seeking a personal memorial tattoo for their parents. And the idea of incorporating their hobbies into the design adds warmth to the tattoo.

Family upper tattoo

Family forearm tattoo by @history_tatt


This is the cutest equation ever. With a few lines, this tattoo depicts a happy family of four that is connected by love.

Cute matching penguin tattoos

Cute matching penguin tattoos for family by @jacklean_inside


If you want a cute family tattoo, consider animals as a representation of each of you. And these matching penguins are hard not to love.

Mom dad memorial tattoo

Mom dad memorial tattoo by @minie._.chan_


Another remembrance tattoo for the wearer’s parents. The style might be girly and dainty. But it shows how much the wearer misses her mom and dad. And they will always be loved and remembered.

Birthday memories

Birthday memories by @vinnitattoostudio


When we are young, our birthdays are usually when the family gathers together. This family photo tattoo takes a sweet moment, simplifies it, and turns it into a black and grey tattoo. It will forever remind the wearer what a loving family she has.

Initial tattoo with an infinity symbol

Initial tattoo with infinity symbol by @_antonio_minenna_


If tattooing “mom and dad” or their names are too literal for you, consider switching to initials. Compared with names, initial tattoos are more abstract. But they are equally meaningful and personal.

Cute animals family tattoo

Cute animals family tattoo by @minie._.chan_"


Mom dad illustration tattoo

Mom dad illustration tattoo by @halil_asuraci_tattooart


Have you ever flipped through the family photo album and realized how adorable your parents used to be? If so, why not take an old photo of them and tattoo it on the skin?

Mom dad tattoo with quote

Mom dad tattoo with quote by @carolnascs


If you want to be more specific in expressing your gratitude, consider adding a quote to a mom dad tattoo, just like this one. The quote means “the luck in my life,” showing the wearer’s gratitude for having such loving parents.

Elephant family tattoo

Symbolic elephant family tattoo by @marked_by_elise


Elephants are loyal to their families and community. Thus elephant tattoos often represent the tight bond of a family. This one is no exception. And the way the tattooist executes the details on such a small scale oozes elegance and sophistication.

Matching mom dad tattoos

Matching mom dad tattoos by @jack_pitroda


Mom dad crown tattoo

Mom dad crown tattoo by @herry_tattoos


Crowns often appear in matching couple tattoos to decorate the king and queen imageries. However, the crown in this forearm tattoo is placed above the heart symbol in the middle. It shows amid challenges and struggles, love conquers all.

Simple mom dad heart shape tattoo

Simple mom dad heart shape tattoo by @blue_heaven_tattooz


Triple flowers family tattoo

Triple flowers family tattoo by @inks_awakening


Besides animals, flowers can also represent each member of a family in tattoos. Even better if it’s their birth flowers.

Cute cartoon portrait tattoo

Cute cartoon portrait tattoo by @denizs7


Mom dad armband tattoo

Mom dad armband tattoo by @the_darkstar_tattoo7


Just like bracelet tattoos, armband tattoos are those that wrap around the arm. And the two bold black lines show that the wearer is not afraid to announce the love for his parents.

Abstract family symbol

Abstract family symbol by @amma_tattoos


If you are a minimalist and opt for something more abstract, this symbol tattoo is for you. Each circle represents a family member, and you can easily customize the number depending on the number of your families.

Family one-word tattoo

Family one-word tattoo by @_honeytattoo__


When you pick the right one, a single word can say a million things. If your family means the world to you, this one-word tattoo will speak to you.

Small upper arm family tattoo

Small upper arm family tattoo by @bagiatattoo


Family of three

Black and grey family photo by @halil_asuraci_tattooart


Simple connected hearts

Simple connected hearts family forearm tattoo by @zowie_tattoo


Love you too

Love you too shoulder tattoo by @shoham.gabayzer


Which of these mom dad tattoos is your favorite?

Leave your thoughts in the comment down below!