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46 Unique Initial Tattoos For Men and Women

A simple letter can be meaningful. These unique initial tattoos will be a timeless symbol of yourself or someone you love.

Initial tattoos are universal. They have been around for a long time, and let’s just say they are not going anywhere. Some may think name tattoos are too literal, too specific. The one or two-letter name tattoos, however, give ambiguity and simplicity.

No wonder initial tattoos are among the most favorable first tattoos. A tattoo of your initial reminds you of your identity and upbringing. Likewise, that of a partner is a permanent gesture of love.

You can also choose different fonts or pair the initial tattoos with different shapes to fit your aesthetics.

So if you are looking for initial tattoos, look no further. This post has some of the best initial ink for men and women on the Internet. From small, simple to unique and eye-catching, you will find your next ink in these initial tattoos.

What is an initial tattoo?

An initial refers to the first letter. It can be that of a name, a word, or a place. Initial tattoos, therefore, symbolize a word that is meaningful to you.

They are primarily single-letter tattoos. But they can also contain two or three letters that combine first and last names or the names of two people.

Why do people get initial tattoos?

It makes sense why people are getting initial tattoos. They are simple, sleek, and can be big or small. But, most importantly, they represent an identity. So, if you consider getting initial tattoos, here are a few reasons to give it a go.

  • Initial tattoos are personal.

For example, the initial of the last name reminds people of their family and their root. The initial of a first name makes a beautiful ornament of one’s identity.

  • They are timeless.

Simple tattoos stand better at the test of time. Unlike a specific pattern, letters always stay the same. They might not be considered trendy. But it’s for the same reason that they last better.

Even if you do regret it later, or the tattoo fails to represent you any longer, it’s easy to cover up with a new design.

  • They are versatile.

Just because they are simple doesn’t mean they are monotone. In fact, the combination of fonts, textures, sizes, and colors creates endless possibilities. A little bit of twist, and you can come up with a unique initial tattoo.

Disclaimer: This tattoo collection is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Unique initial tattoos for men and women

Single-letter initial tattoos

Like one-word tattoos, even simple, one-letter initial tattoos can represent so many different things. Here are some of the most creative ink designs for common initials from A to Z.

Letter A initial tattoo

Initial A tattoo by @noul_tattoo


Flowers, in general, represent beauty and purity. If you want your initial tattooed, adding your favorite flower will make it unique and personal.

A small black and blue letter a

Small simple letter A tattoo by @keenetattoo


Besides names, the letter A can also stand for amazing, adventure, and abundance. With the gradient color, this lower-case letter A is both unique and meaningful.

Golden letter A

Golden letter A tattoo by @jooa_tattoo


This 3-dimensional letter A in gold looks so real as if the letter is floating on the skin. Moreover, metallic colors like golden and silver fit for both men and women, making this tattoo a unisex but extraordinary piece.

Avengers-style letter A hand tattoo

Initial A in bold hand tattoo by @juanlabao


This hand tattoo sets an excellent example of personalizing a simple letter. If you want something like this, let your tattooist know about your preferences to create something exclusively for you.

Tiny letter B initial wrist tattoo

Tiny B initial wrist tattoo by @tivas


Though this wrist tattoo is tiny, you can still see the smoothness of the line. Such curvy calligraphy is elegant and perfect for women.

Small letter D behind the ear

Colored Initial D tattoo by @keenetattoo


One good thing about behind-the-ear tattoos is hiding or showing them as you like. This letter D is small, but its vibrant color gives it a wow effect when you pull your hair back.

Curvy letter E and flower tattoo

Letter E and tulip tattoo by @noul_tattoo


The letter E wraps around the flower like a vine in this small tattoo. The curvy lines add motion to the design and almost make the flower look like dancing.

Small E initial elbow tattoo

Small E initial elbow tattoo by @cococreativetattoo


Fine line script tattoos might fade with time. That’s why if you want a tattoo that lasts, a classic black letter like this one may be a better fit for you.

A tiny F finger tattoo

A tiny F finger tattoo by @wittybutton_tattoo


The inner side of a finger is a discreet tattoo placement. A small letter like this one will go unnoticed. It’s perfect for those who prefer less visible ink on the skin.

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Small H and flower tattoo

Small H and flower tattoo by @noul_tattoo


It’s easy to pair letter or name tattoos with other patterns. But it’s not that easy to make it natural. The tattooist adds the flower to the top of the letter H, turning it into the pedicel and leaves.

The transition is so smooth that you may not even notice it’s an initial tattoo at first glance. Instead, all you see is a beautiful, flowy flower tattoo.

Small heart-shape H tattoo

Small heart-shape H tattoo by @tattoo.choi


A heart-shaped tattoo might be common. Adding your initial will instantly make it personal.

H on the shoulder

Small H on the shoulder by @oohroroc


When it comes to initial tattoos, picking the right font is key. This shoulder tattoo might be small. But there are a lot of thoughts on the choice of font and the scripts. The boldness of the line also makes it perfect for men.

Initial J and flower

Initial J and flower tattoo by @noul_tattoo


Another super cute floral initial tattoo. From afar, it looks like a flower jumping forward cheerfully. Wearing a tattoo like this will bring joy and fun to everyday life.

A gradient blue letter J

J colored initial tattoo by @keenetattoo


Because of the tail, you can do so much with the letter J. This tattoo, however, keeps the most symbol shape and decorates it with beautiful gradient blue.

Letter J floral tattoo

Initial J floral tattoo by @handitrip


For those who love floral tattoos, this one shows how to corporate them with an initial. By adding leaves and tiny flower buds, the letter J becomes a tree full of life.

J initial and small heart tattoo

J initial and small heart tattoo by @wittybutton_tattoo


Another initial heart-shaped tattoo. If you have someone you love whose name starts with J, this tat can be a gesture of love to him.

J and branch tattoo

J and branch tattoo by @asj.tattoos


It’s hard for an initial tattoo to cover more space without enlarging it. This tattoo shows that with creativity, you can expand a letter tattoo elegantly.

Small J and star nape tattoo

Small J and star nape tattoo by @olive_forestink


If the letter represents your name, the star will be your uniqueness. Such a small nape tattoo reminds you how special and beautiful you are. When you remember your worth, you shine from within.

K and purple sky flower

K and purple sky flower tattoo by @noul_tattoo


K is a beautiful letter, especially in cursive handwriting. This tattoo makes it even more feminine by adding three petals of flowers on the side as if the wind has blown them away.

Behind the ear M initial tattoo

Behind the ear M initial tattoo by @mrktattoozone


Cursive handwritten letters are not just for women. This behind-the-ear tattoo makes the initial intricate with the big curvy lines on both sides. And they also create symmetry, strengthening its visual appeal.

M and Red sky flower

Initial M and Red sky flower tattoo by @noul_tattoo


How to make an initial tattoo special? Break it apart.

This tattoo divides the letter m into two parts and adds a flower on one of them. Because of the smooth lines, you can still recognize the letter at first sight.

Floral N initial wrist tattoo

Floral N initial wrist tattoo by @handitrip


This small wrist tattoo reminds me of the fairy lights hanging on a Christmas tree. Such a festive and lively tattoo must belong to someone with a bubbly personality.

Letter N

N initial tattoo by @olive_forestink


This small initial tattoo is impressive not only because of the font but also the color. Unlike most letter tattoos, the shape of the letter N is rough. With the rusty red color, it almost feels like an unhealed wound. It makes you curious about the story of the wearer.

Small hollow P

Small hollow P initial tattoo by @jhtattoostudio


If you don’t want color tattoos and blackwork feels too heavy for you, try to make your design hollow.

Red letter Q arm tattoo

Red letter Q arm tattoo by @tattoo.mou


When a tattoo is red, it instantly becomes more intense. Moreover, Q can stand for queen. And this small initial tattoo may belong to a badass woman that is not to be messed with.

R and rose tattoo

R and rose tattoo by @noul_tattoo


R may be short for romance or rose. This tattoo combines the letter with a rose, making it both romantic and attractive.

Beautiful letter S tattoo

Beautiful letter S tattoo by @noul_tattoo


S is such a beautiful letter. This tattoo turns the S into a girl waving her dress. The petals on top may be her hat. It’s so elegant and cute.

Floral letter S shoulder tattoo

Floral S shoulder tattoo by

When adding flowers to a letter, the color of the petals largely decides the tone of the tattoo. This one chooses white and light blue as its base palette. Compared to vibrant colors like red or pink, it’s more low-key and minimalist.

Small S on the back

Small S on the back by @tattoo.umg


Want something classic? You can not go wrong with a black letter tattoo like this one.

Small letter U behind the ear

Small letter U behind the ear by @noul_tattoo


U might not necessarily be the acronym of a name. It may represent You or Unique. Such a cute behind-the-ear tattoo celebrates one’s unique and authentic self.

A simple Y on the shoulder

A simple Y on the shoulder by @seoul.poke


Minimalist and sleek, this small shoulder tattoo reminds us that simplicity is timeless.

Simple Y floral initial tattoo

Simple Y floral initial tattoo by

Letter Z and flower

Z initial and flower tattoo by @noul_tattoo


Two-letters initial tattoos

If one-letter initial mostly represent a name, two-letter ones may mean something more. They can be both initials of a couple, best friends, children, or parents. Or it can be the acronym of a full name, a place, and more. Scroll on for two-letters initial tattoo ideas.

CL in gold

LC in gold by @jooa_tattoonload


S and A name tattoo

S and A name tattoo by @_nono_tattoo



Letter A tattoo for adventurers by @sonia_ink_


RE geometric name tattoo

RE geometric name tattoo by @mcrozatti


Initials and crown tattoo

Initials and crown tattoo by @airo_tattoo


MK letters tattoo

MK letters tattoo by @angiehandpokes


Double letters Disney tattoo

Double letters Disney tattoo by @mcrozatti


Matching initial tattoos

Matching tattoos represent the love between couples, best friends, or family. Patterns like flowers and butterflies are great. But if you are looking for something simpler, don’t miss these matching initial tattoo ideas.

A pair of J for best friends

A pair of J initial tattoos by @handitrip


Letter K family matching tattoos

Letter K family matching tattoos by @nadoo_tattoo


A and S matching finger tattoos

A and S finger tattoo by @helenalloretart


J and B

J and B matching tattoos by @ziixuu_tatt


Matching best friend initial tattoos

Matching best friend initial tattoos by @romanordtattoo


Matching ring finger tattoos

Matching ring finger tattoos for couples by @sinbar_tattoo


Which of these initial tattoos is your favorite?

Or do you have a meaningful initial tattoo? Share in the comment!