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28 Short Self-love Quotes To Prioritize Your Mental Wellbeing

Self-love isn’t selfish. If you feel guilty about prioritizing yourself, these short self-love quotes will change your mind.

No one was born hating themselves. But when you struggle between work, life and family, it’s easy to put your needs out of the window.

You know you should give yourself more time and love yourself more. And you are aware of the benefits of self-love. But sometimes, you forget to.

Self-love is in the small things. It’s not just a hashtag for selfies. It means knowing what’s best for you and making time for it. It also means that you are still you besides being someone’s child, partner or parent. You fill your needs before filling your responsibilities.

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So here is a list of short self-love quotes. Within a line, they remind you that you matter, too. If you feel guilty about putting yourself first, these quotes will give you every reason not to.

Short self-love quotes that are perfect reminders

Keep choosing you, again and again. - short self love quotes

Keep choosing you, again and again.

What brings calmness and positivity to your life? Keep doing it. Who keeps you company and makes you feel loved? Stay with them. What do you need to do now to make your life better? Do it first.

Choosing yourself doesn’t mean you don’t care about other people or aspects of your life. It means that you choose what’s best for you amid chaos and struggles. And this short self-love quote will keep you reminded.

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. - Coco Chanel

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.
– Coco Chanel

You didn’t come to this world to be someone else. Yes, not everyone has picture-perfect appearances and hourglass shapes. But beauty has more than one look. And confidence will always be the magic factor.

So instead of doubting yourself, look into the mirror and find your glow. You are beautiful the way you are.

Anything that costs you your inner peace is too expensive.

The peace of mind is priceless. Anything or anyone that asks you to sacrifice your mental wellbeing is asking too much.

You deserve the love you so freely give to others.  - short self love quotes

You deserve the love you so freely give to others.
– Unknown

Love yourself before you love someone else. When you love others with a self-love deficit, you will always look outwards to compensate for the lack. And that dependence may put you at a vulnerable place of heartbreaks and manipulation.

When you love yourself first, you know how you should be treated. And you shut down the doors that lead you to nowhere. The power that starts within you – that’s the magic of self-love. And I hope the short self-love quotes in this post will help you find that power.

Treat yourself a bit better. Talk to yourself a little nicer.

Self-talk lurks in your subconsciousness. Therefore, you can be your own therapist by talking to yourself kindly.

Allow yourself to make mistakes. Believe in your power to get back up when life lets you down. And you will find peace even in the most challenging time.

Make yourself a priority.

Prioritizing yourself not only means scheduling your tasks on top of your to-do list. It also means knowing what you need to do for your mental wellness. So whether it’s self-care or a hobby, if it makes you feel good, try your best to make time for it.

You are not alive just to pay bills and lose weight. - short self love quotes

You are not alive just to pay bills and lose weight.
– Unknown

You are worth so much more than that. Love your body, cultivate your mind and always be patient with your growth.

If it’s out of your hands, it deserves freedom from your mind, too.
– Ivan Nuru

Worrying about what might happen consumes your energy but does little for the situation. But you can’t just flip the switch and turn off your negative thoughts.

Instead, try writing your worries down and list the work you need to do. This way, you dump your mental baggage on paper instead of carrying it around.

If no one is there for you, be there for yourself.

Because what you need from others, you already have in you.

You glow differently when you are smiling.

Joy is contagious. Kindness is contagious. Maybe you can’t change your imperfections in one day. But you can always look at the bright side and see the good in today.

Self-love is the greatest middle finger of all time.
– Unknown

When you love yourself enough, you don’t rely on others to feel accepted. And this way, you have the power to walk away from haters, narcissists, and fake friends because you know it’s their loss, not yours.

You are not a doormat. Stop allowing others to treat you like one.

Love yourself enough to know your worth. You are not born to be a dumpster for someone else’s negativity, lies, and excuses. When people show you their true colors, believe them and walk away.

You can't change how they treat you. But you can decide whom to keep in your life. - short self love quotes

You can’t change how they treat you. But you can decide whom to keep in your life.

This short self-love quote sends an important message: people should earn their spots in your circle, not you begging them to stay. You don’t need those who do you more damage than favors. And you will be better off alone than with someone who undermines you.

Turn your wounds into wisdom.
Oprah Winfrey

Every loss, mistake, or failure is a lesson to learn. And next time you try to start again, love again, or trust again, you won’t be starting from scratch. The experience and knowledge you gain from these lessons will guide you further.

The old you would be so proud of who you have become.

It’s easy to blame yourself when your goals fall short. But this short self-love quote reminds you that when you feel discouraged, look back to the first day you started. Count the steps you’ve made so far, and you’ll see how far you’ve come. Be proud of your progress.

You can be a masterpiece and also a work in progress. - short self love quotes

You can be a masterpiece and also a work in progress.
– Unknown

You are not where you want to be yet. But that shouldn’t stop you from loving yourself.

An unachieved goal means you have room for improvement. Imperfections can make you unique.

When you look at the process with a growth mindset, you focus on the action you need to take. And that momentum will take you to the next level.

How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.
– Rupi Kaur

Listen to your heart, and set boundaries. Don’t sacrifice your inner peace to please others. When you treat yourself with kindness and respect, others will follow.

Be a better you, for you.
– Unknown

Making yourself proud is the best and only reason you need to keep going.

Do not bother to hold on to that thing that does not want you.
– Rupi Kaur

When you let go of someone who doesn’t deserve you, you free up the space in your life for someone who does.

You are so much more than what they say about you.

Believe in yourself, not hatred and gossip that come out of others’ mouths. And the best way to beat haters is to walk away. You don’t need to respond to those who don’t deserve your attention.

Your energy is magnetic. So stop making yourself small.

If you are unique, own it. If you have a kind heart, embrace it. Self-love is powerful not because it hides your flaws. It’s because it helps you find your shine and make it shine brighter.

Better single than taken for granted - short self love quotes

Better single than taken for granted.
– Unknown

Never settle for less because you feel lonely. Instead, learn to date yourself, and to enjoy the time alone. You can have so much more fun by yourself than with a toxic lover.

We accept the love we think we deserve. - short self love quotes

We accept the love we think we deserve.
– Stephen Chbosky

And if you are wondering whether you deserve better, you do.

Life is easier when you become your best friend.

Talk to yourself like your best friend. When you make a mistake, cheer yourself up instead of calling yourself stupid. When you have a bad day, hug yourself, not call yourself weak.

If you are reading these short self-love quotes to find what’s lovable about yourself, see yourself from the angle of those who love you.

If you have the ability to love, love yourself first.
– Charles Bukowski

Self-love is the first and best love because you will be your own first and last soulmate.

Nothing is too good for you.

When you love yourself enough, you believe in your power to create a better life. So instead of saying saying “this won’t happen. It’s too good for me,” you embrace life as it unfolds. You make plans to grow, and you become more prepared for opportunities.

In short, self-love turns self-denial into motivation. And that’s why it can be a game-changer not only in your relationships but also at work or school.

A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.
– Mark Twain

Accept yourself. Be your best friend. Then you won’t need to compromise your happiness in exchange for others’ approval.

Know your worth. Then add tax.  - short self love quotes

Know your worth. Then add tax.
– Unknown

Because you are worth more than what you think.

Which of these short self-love quotes brings you power?

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