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65 Majestic Tiger Tattoos For Men And Women

Tigers represent an untamed power and inner strength. From small to bold, abstract to ultra-realistic, these tiger tattoos will inspire your next ink.

“Everyone needs a dog to adore him, and a tiger to bring him back to reality.” For the longest time, tigers have been the majestic creations of nature that remind us of its untamed power. These captivating felines are a symbol of strength, precision, instincts, and connection to the wild.

And that’s why tigers are an evergreen motif in the tattoo world. People are drawn to tiger tattoos not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for the deeper meanings they convey. For those who want a reminder of their own strength or a visual confidence boost in times of doubt, tiger tattoos will be the perfect option.

And in terms of designs, the possibilities are endless. Whether it’s a realistic portrayal of the tiger or a more stylized, abstract interpretation, everyone can find a tiger tattoo that represents their personal style.

So if you are looking for one, you are at the right place. From small to big, simple to intricate, this massive collection of tiger tattoos will give you limitless inspiration. Join us on this journey, and keep scrolling to get inspired for your next ink.

Disclaimer: This collection of tiger tattoos is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Majestic tiger tattoos

Small but mighty tiger tattoos

Small tattoos can have a huge visual impact. The following tiger tattoos may be tiny in size, but they roar with symbolism and personality. If you’re looking for a tattoo that’s subtle yet powerful, you’re in for a treat.

Half-face tiger tattoo

Half-face tiger tattoo by @m.burguete


Small geometric tiger tattoo

Small geometric tiger tattoo by @black_zada_tattoo


Instead of turning the entire or half of the tiger geometric, this tattoo adds a stained glass effect to a small triangular part of the face. This artistic touch creates a contrast between the two styles, adding to its visual appeal.

Small matching tiger tattoos for best friends

Small matching tiger tattoos for best friends by @mopxistudio


While many people get matching ink on the same placement, these matching best friend tattoos take a different approach. With one tiger on the wrist and one on the hip, they allow each individual to showcase their unique style and personality while celebrating their bond.

Geometric tiger and wolf tattoo

Geometric tiger and wolf tattoo by @nothingwildtattoo


If the tiger is the king of the jungle, wolves will be the rulers of the wilderness. This geometric tiger and wolf tattoo on the wrist beautifully combines these two majestic creatures, showcasing their fierceness in a modern and artistic way.

Baby tiger with planets

Baby tiger with planets tattoo by @dan_tattooer


Unlike adult tigers, a baby tiger often represents youth, innocence, and curiosity for the world around it. This adorable little one in the tattoo is playing with the stars and planets, creating a dreamy scene that reminds us to embrace our inner child.

Cute small tiger ankle tattoo

Cute small tiger ankle tattoo by @minie._.chan


Unlike the previous realistic tiger tattoos, this ankle ink takes a more cartoonish approach. The grumpy look of the tiger makes you chuckle and adds a lighthearted touch to this playful design.

Cat and tiger

Cat and tiger tattoo by @torocsik_daniel


Cats and tigers capture our hearts in different ways. Cats charm us with their playfulness and independence, while tigers awe us with their strength and powerful presence. This half-cat, half-tiger tattoo is a mesmerizing fusion of the two, embodying the qualities we adore in both felines.

One-line tiger tattoo

One-line tiger tattoo by @xenia_tats


One-line tattoos are so captivating because they balance complexity and simplicity. This one-line tiger face tattoo is a perfect example, showcasing the tiger’s fierce side with all the twists and turns of one single stroke.

Tiny realistic tiger tattoo

Tiny realistic tiger tattoo by @erikobi_tattoo


Cute baby tiger tattoo

Cute baby tiger tattoo by @buckk_tattoo


Another baby tiger tattoo that will surely melt hearts. This little guy is on his back, rolling in delight while playing with the butterflies fluttering around him. The innocence and joy captured in this tattoo will bring a smile to the wearer’s face, even on a bad day.

Super cute fine-line baby tiger tattoo

Super cute fine line baby tiger tattoo by @mini_tattooer


Aww, this micro-realism baby tiger is just adorable! It totally changes the stereotype of tiger tattoos and brings out the cute side of the animal. And despite its small size, the details and the perfect portrayal will surely turn heads.

Cute name and tiger side chest tattoo

Cute name and tiger side chest tattoo by @kathy_tattoo


Not all tiger tattoos are masculine and fierce like the animals themselves. Instead, they can be cute, like this single-needle tattoo. Take a closer look, and you’ll see the details of the hair captured perfectly.

With the name “Daisy” on the side, this cute tattoo manages to combine the wearer’s spirit animal with her identity.

Realism white tiger tattoo on the back of shoulder

White tiger tattoo on the back of shoulder by @hansantattoo- Classy black and white shoulder tattoos for women


Tigers are not often seen on shoulder tattoos for women. But who says tigers are only for men? This white tiger tattoo shows the calm and soft side of the animal, making it perfect for females.

Bold and beautiful tiger tattoos

Tiger tattoos are all about making a statement. Just like the animals themselves, tiger tattoos can be big, fierce, and undeniably captivating.

So if you are not afraid to wear your ambition on the skin, the following collection is for you. These larger-than-life tiger ink will celebrate the beauty of these magnificent creatures and your power.

Elegant white tiger half-sleeve tattoo

Elegant white tiger half-sleeve tattoo by

Sleeve tattoos can be overwhelming because of their large coverage. This one, however, achieves the perfect balance between elegance and power with the use of negative space and the red curve that flows through the entire design. Plus, the red color is also on point, giving the design just the right amount of visual impact.

Moon and tiger

Moon and tiger tattoo by @guseul_tattoo


Moon tattoos often represent the cycle of life and changes. And the butterfly is also a symbol of transformation. With the moon in the backdrop, the white tiger walks towards the audience, calm and firm. The three elements together send an empowering message: even in the face of life’s cycles and transformations, we can move forward with calm determination.

Oriental tiger

Oriental tiger tattoo by @daldam__


While most landscape tattoos tend to stretch horizontally, this unique design takes a different approach. It combines the elements of mountains, the sun, and Korean architecture, all in the shape of an arrow.

This creative composition not only adds visual impact to the tattoo but also serves as a symbolic representation of direction and purpose.

Mother-son tiger tattoo

Mother-son tiger tattoo by @tattooist_lilyy


While most tiger tattoos focus on bringing out the fierce side of these majestic animals, this one beautifully captures the gentleness and love between a mother and her son. In this heartwarming tattoo, the two tigers are depicted lying closely together, showcasing their love and bond.

Realistic tiger upper arm tattoo

Realistic tiger upper arm tattoo by @chenjie.newtattoo


Realistic tiger blackwork

Realistic tiger tattoo by @thommesen_ink


Tattooing a realistic tiger on the skin can be a challenge. Capturing the intricate details of its fur, the intensity of its gaze, and its posture demands impeccable skill and meticulous attention to detail.

The tattoo shown above is an excellent example of how a skilled artist can bring these elements to life and create something extraordinary.

Half-geometric tiger

Half-geometric tiger tattoo by @patricetattoo


Flowers and tiger back tattoo

Flowers and tiger back tattoo by @rahee.tt_


While tigers may not be the most traditionally feminine tattoo motifs, the blooming flowers add a touch of elegance to this tiger back tattoo, creating a balance between soft and tough, yin and yang.

Golden moon and tiger

Golden moon and tiger tattoo by @jiro_painter


While this design may be static, the dripping gold from the moon makes it come alive on the skin. The contrast between the golden hues and the entirely black tiger adds to the design a drama effect, capturing the attention of any passerby.

Fierce tiger underboob tattoo

Fierce tiger underboob tattoo by @moon.cheon


Tiger tattoos on the ribcage are not uncommon. What makes this one stand out is that it perfectly complements the natural contour of the body. If you want a tattoo that showcases both your fierce and feminine side, this underboob tattoo may be what you are looking for.

The resting tiger

The resting tiger tattoo by @tattooist_dh


While many tiger tattoos capture the animals’ powerful presence, this one opts for a more serene and chilling scene. Instead of showcasing a tiger in action, it portrays a lion in a state of relaxation, inviting the viewers to savor a moment of peace.

Tiger hand tattoo

Tiger hand tattoo by @banky7_tattooist


Because of the high visibility, hand tattoos are often favored by those who are not afraid to make a bold statement. This captivating tiger hand tattoo showcases the same fearless spirit of the wearer, serving as a permanent reminder of her strength and courage.

Water tiger

Water tiger tattoo by @start.your.line


Most people choose water-inspired tattoos for the sense of fluidity and movement they bring. This tattoo takes a unique approach, blending water symbolism with the fierce presence of a tiger.

By portraying a tiger slowly emerging from a water portal, this tattoo creates a captivating character, a magical creature that is able to traverse between different realms.

Tiger and plum flowers back tattoo

Tiger and plum flowers back tattoo by @buckk_tattoo


Like most flower tattoos, plum flowers come with their own symbolism. In Chinese literature, plum flowers often represent elegance, strength, and integrity as they bloom in the coldest months. With a wreath of plum flowers surrounding the tiger, this shoulder blade tattoo is a combination of grace and strength.

Symmetrical Chinese tigers

Symmetrical Chinese tiger tattoo by @offtattooer


With its extensive coverage, thick black outlines, and the bold use of red, this back tattoo is only for the courageous. The Chinese lanterns and the tigers depicted in oriental style both suggest that this masterpiece is not only a reflection of the wearer’s style but a celebration of her cultural heritage.

Chinese tiger and sun tattoo

Chinese tiger and sun tattoo by @start.your.line


Tigers and the sun are two common elements in oriental paintings. Most of these paintings depict landscapes, trees, and animals, creating a sense of harmony and balance.

This tiger and sun tattoo is inspired by this art style. The burning red hues of the sun add a pop of color that makes the design impossible to ignore.

Fiery tiger

Fiery tiger tattoo by @wilwang_tatt


Fire represents passion, intensity, and burning desires. With the red flames as a backdrop, this tiger thigh tattoo is not only a sneak peek into the inner power of the wearer but also symbolizes his determination to crush his goals.

Intricate tiger forearm tattoo

Intricate tiger bicep tattoo by @wallerray_tattoo


While the tiger may be the center of attention in this forearm tattoo, the Oriental architecture and symbols surrounding it all contribute to its uniqueness.

Horse and tiger tattoo

Horse and tiger tattoo by @start.your.line


In the world of body art, horses often represent freedom, strength, and endurance. Tigers, on the other hand, embody power, courage, and ferocity.

While most of the time, the two animals represent predators and prey, reminding you of nature’s cruelty. This realistic tattoo, however, brings these two majestic creatures together and blends their symbolisms into a single, captivating design.

Whimsical tiger tattoo

Whimsical tiger tattoo by @77.9tattoo


Tribal tiger tattoo

Tribal tiger tattoo by @scratchy.moon


While most tribal tattoos typically feature tribal patterns in various shapes, this unique design incorporates the signature pattern into the tiger’s fur. This creative twist seamlessly blends the two elements, paying homage to the wearer’s roots while showcasing his bold spirit.

Traditional tiger tattoo

Traditional tiger tattoo by

Traditional tattoos are hard to ignore due to their bold lines and contrasting colors. In this half-sleeve tattoo, the black ink contrasts the wearer’s natural skin tone. It not only draws attention but also embraces the classic artistry of traditional tattoos.

Fierce tiger foot tattoo for women

Fierce tiger foot tattoo for women by @sir.edwardtattoo


Tigers are not just a symbol of masculinity. This foot tattoo is hyper-detailed and sleek, making it a powerful representation of a strong woman.

White tiger forearm tattoo

White tiger forearm tattoo by @indigo.yh


Because white tigers are a rare species, they symbolize the wearer’s unique and precious qualities. And the restrained use of colors and sophisticated details all make this design perfect for women.

Tiger and dragonfly

Tiger and dragonfly tattoo by @kimshine_tattoos


It’s not easy to tattoo animals in detail and make them look real. However, the artist of this tiger and dragonfly tattoo captures both creatures beautifully, giving them life and energy.

Eyes of tiger

Eyes of tiger ankle tattoo by @angel.s_tatt


Badass tiger hip tattoo

Badass tiger hip tattoo by @tattooist.bejby


The hip is a great placement for tiger tattoos. It is discreet, so you can make your statement to the selected few. Or you can extend it to the thigh and make it bold. This way, when you wear shorts or a bikini, the tiger tattoo will become an announcement of your ambition.

Adorable baby tiger

Adorable baby tiger by @fluffy_tattoo.jpg


Unique tiger ink wash tattoo

Unique tiger ink wash tattoo by @vanzotattoo


Tigers have various meanings in Eastern cultures. In China, it represents strength and leadership. In Japan, it is believed to be a symbol of peace and the samurai. This black tiger tattoo vividly captures the feisty spirit of the beast, making it a perfect representation of one’s willpower.

Creative tiger tattoo ideas

Size and details aren’t the only elements that make a tattoo stand out. With a creative twist, even the most classic designs can take on a whole new life. If you’re in search of a tiger tattoo that’s not only bold but also packed with creativity and imagination, don’t miss out on the next collection.

Cute tiger with a swimming ring

Cute tiger with a swimming ring tattoo by @non_lee_ink


Tattooist Nonlee is an expert in using whimsical colors in realistic tattoos. This one is no exception. The vivid and playful hues of the tiger and swimming ring breathe life into the tattoo, making it playful and fun.

Lion tiger shoulder tattoo

Lion tiger shoulder tattoo by @_nico.nic


Lions and tigers, often considered the kings of the animal kingdom, demand respect both in real life and as a tattoo.

This unique half-lion, half-tiger shoulder tattoo beautifully combines the majesty of both creatures, merging their features into one single empowering image.

Dragon and tiger tattoo

Dragon and tiger tattoo by @bium_tattoo


One on the ground and one in the sky, tigers and dragons are two forces to reckon with in different realms. In this tattoo, these two powerful symbols are seamlessly intertwined.

However, what makes this design truly captivating is the distinct color schemes of each creature, allowing them to remain identifiable within such an intricate composition.

The zen tiger

The zen tiger by @erickdavid19


If you’re looking for a tiger tattoo that is cute but not childish, this design offers an alternative to baby tiger tattoos.

The artist has emphasized the tiger’s head, making it larger than its body, creating a playful and somewhat comical effect. This unique approach transforms a typically fierce tiger into an endearing and adorable character.

Butterfly and white baby tiger

Butterfly and white baby tiger tattoo by @jannabi_tatt


The unique colors of a white tiger set it apart, making white tiger tattoos a symbol of uniqueness and rarity. Depicting a white baby tiger sleeping by flowers and a butterfly, this tattoo will belong to someone who knows her unique qualities and worth.

Butterfly tiger

Butterfly tiger tattoo by @chriscalibur


While we’ve explored tiger tattoos that incorporate butterflies, this one takes a step further by seamlessly merging the two elements, giving the tiger wings of its own.

Baby tiger and sun and moon

Baby tiger and sun and moon tattoo by @tattooist_hoji


The sun and moon are two celestial bodies rarely seen together in the sky. What this tattoo does is challenge the norm and break free from convention.

Swirl tiger

Swirl tiger tattoo by @kayatatt


With half of the tiger’s face distorted into swirls, the tattoo exudes an air of surrealism. The whimsical twist sparks curiosity and inspires us to explore the endless possibilities of artistic expression.

Tiger feather tattoo

Tiger feather tattoo by @alextreze13


Feather tattoos are linked to freedom and lightness, just like bird tattoos. In this particular design, the image of the tiger is integrated into the feather, merging grace and strength in one tattoo.

Landscape and tiger back tattoo

Landscape and tiger back tattoo by @forest__tt


Unlike typical landscape tattoos where the tiger is integrated into the scenery, this artwork divides the canvas equally between the majestic tiger and a serene landscape.

Stunning blue tiger

Stunning blue tiger tattoo by @tattooist_irae2


Is this a real tiger or something that only exists in mythologies? We don’t know. But the golden chains, teeth, and jaw all hint that this is a creature from another world unbeknownst to us, waiting for us to unveil.

Artistic tiger tattoo

Artistic tiger tattoo by @9room_tattoo


Though the coloring and the splashes in the background seem arbitrary, they add dynamic energy and movement to the design. All these elements, along with the bold choice of colors, turn this tiger illustration into an artistic tattoo.

Cute cartoon tiger

Cute cartoon tiger tattoo by @xinamon_tattoo


Gorgeous tiger arm tattoo

Gorgeous tiger arm tattoo by

Girl and tiger

Girl and tiger tattoo by @bium_tattoo


An animal as fierce as a tiger also has a soft side. In this tattoo, a girl is depicted lying closely beside the tiger, highlighting the gentle and affectionate aspect of this powerful creature.

Street-inspired tiger

Street-inspired tiger by @orot_tattoo


The calligraphy, the drips of paint, and the stunning array of colors successfully infuse the spirit of graffiti art into a tiger tattoo. Dynamic, vibrant, and daring, this realistic tiger is a hybrid of classic sophistication and street art.

Two-faced tiger

Two-faced tiger tattoo by @shu_tattooart


One tiger, two different emotions. By depicting half of the tiger roaring and half in a calmer stance, this chest tattoo represents the contrasting emotions and characteristics that exist within all of us.

Tiger and Kitsune mask

Tiger and Kitsune mask by @chen.tattooer


Kitsune is a character in Japanese folklore and mythology. Often depicted as a fox, Kitsune possesses intelligence and magical abilities. This tattoo takes a creative twist by transforming the face behind a Kitsune mask into a tiger, refreshing its traditional image.

Tiger leaf

Tiger leaf tattoo by @heeyajenny


This may look like a colorful leaf from afar. But observe more closely, and you’ll discover the clever incorporation of a hidden tiger. This unexpected twist makes this design even more captivating and visually striking.

Tiger astronaut tattoo

Tiger astronaut tattoo by @kiera_tattoo


This tiger astronaut tattoo is purely adorable. The grin on the tiger’s face, the outer space elements, and those paws all come together to create a delightful and imaginative design.

Cat or tiger?

Cat or tiger creative cat tattoo by @pt78tattoo


Tiger of tree tattoo

Tiger of tree tattoo by @mind.your_.bones_


Tigers and trees are not rare pairs in tattoos. However, this tree tattoo blends the two elements in an organic way rather than just putting them side by side. The creative twist accentuates the tiger’s fierceness while infusing the strength of the tree into its character.

Eyes of a tiger – badass tattoo between boobs

Eyes of a tiger moth tattoo by @tritoan_7th - badass tattoo for women


Moths are a symbol of transformation and rebirth. With the pattern of a tiger, this between-the-boobs tattoo will belong to a woman who has been through tough times but comes back stronger than ever.

Which of these tiger tattoos is your favorite?

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